REAL GONE GARBAGE [50’s & 60’s Trash]


“One man’s garbage is another man’s gold”

”Or as the world’s greatest Rock’n’Roll band puts it, “Your Trash, My Treasure”. Here is a goldmine of garbage dug deep from the dump. Unwanted one-non-hit blunders from the bowels of the 50s & 60s. Put on your gloves, clamp a clothespin on your nose and prepare for a VISIT TO HECK!”

Yo peoples! Here are some real funny and sick shit for a change. Check out some stoopeed dance hits as Steve & The Holidays ”Unemployment”, ”Irving Gluck Twist” or suicide hit single Ralph Smedley’s Suffocate/Drown – ”You feel great when you suffocate, You lose weight when you suffocate…” Dig!!!







v.a. FORBIDDEN CITY DOG FOOD [50s & 60s Instro/R&B/Trash/Exotica + Movie Trailers]

Forbidden City Dogfood-1


”Uhoh Baby ! Legendary…One of the very first of Lux Interior’s Vip Vop Tapes to make it onto vinyl way back in the late 1980’s…..This is a limited edition pressing from the USA, the original 1st pressings say Australia (Like the Born Bad series)…..Crazed mix of Rockabilly, Surf, movie clips and a dash of R&B !….Just what the good Dr ordered! Get it while you can!”

Lux’s warm up tape, similar concept to ”Wavy Gravy” with great ridiculous horror & trash flics trailers between [mostly instro tittyshakin’] trax. Don’t miss it! Do The Pig! Dig!!!


Forbidden City Dogfood-1_b




!!! KOOKIE COOK !!! [60’s Wacko Garage]

“Kookie Cook, second only to Dean Carter as a rock screamer of no small dementia, was a drummer and played in local bands with Carter and Miller, before cutting a bizarre version of Roy Orbison’s Sun-era rocker Ooby Dooby in late 1965. The following year he returned to Midnite Sound to lay down a batch of self-penned material brimming with feverish excitement and reckless abandon, every song punctuated by thumping drums, piercing guitar and tortured screams. One listen to stupendous selections like Workin’ Man, Misery and the bloodcurdling Revenge should make a gibbering convert of any non-believer.”

And finally, after all these years of straight pop rock, comes a time to post some really wacko garage stuff. Sometimes in the mid 60’s KOOKIE COOK [as he was known to his friends & family :-)] takes a hostage at ‘The Midnite Sound” studio in Danville, Illinois, to record what [he was thinking] should-a-be a string of hits to shook the world. Well, if you have close relations with Dean Carter [studio owner and founder of Milky Way Records, famed for the crazy cover of “Jailhouse Rock”] everything’s possible right!…or maybe no.
Now seriously, this here is some real COOL & CRAZY [serial killer garage!] shit that reminds me on some of the wildest sides of Hasil Adkins & Dean Carter, so don’t be square ‘n dig! You’ll thank me later. And remember… Don’t Lie To Meeee!!! Dig!!!
“Measuring the songs in terms of their manic value, Kookie Cook’s “Revenge” has to be combing the lunatic fringe while his instrumental “Space Monster” is just a crazed jam punctuated by screams and alien voices. How everyone managed to get through the latter without bursting into hysterics or ending up in a straitjacket is forever lost in the mists of a very loopy time. And the way he beats the hell out of the eponymous instrument on closer “Drums” makes me question the common sense of anyone living in close proximity to the studio.”

MILTON DELUGG / THE VAMPIRES – At The Monster Ball / Music For Monsters, Mummies And Other Tv Fiends [1964]

Two 60’s novelty/lounge/horror slabs by arranger, and composer, Milton Delugg, best-remembered for score of the cult kiddie movie, ”Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”and his bandleading on Chuck Barris’ notorious game show, “The Gong Show.”
”At The Monster Ball” [as THE VAMPIRES] is in the R&B/Surf/Lounge instro style with funny horror dialogues [similar to Frankie Stein & His Ghouls], while ”Music For Monsters…” is more in Lounge/Jazz/Film score mode.
Calling all Munsters… Dig!!!

BEAT, BEAT, BEATSVILLE!: Beatnik Rock ‘N’ Roll

“Some people like to rock. Some people like to roll.
But me, I like to sit around to satisfy my soul.
I like my women short. I like my women tall.
And that’s about the only thing I really dig at all.”
“Hey Daddy-O! Don’t hand me one of that Kerouac and Ginsberg jive. That’s Drag-City! These are the sides I wanna hear. So what if they’re all a put on?! Big Deal. The whole Beat Generation was a put on right from the beginning anyway. Man, I’ll take Maynard G. over Jack K. any day. Or the Wild Man of Wildsville (Lord Buckley guesting on Beany & Cecil dig?!). Those cats know where life’s at. Get Hip. This is the real score, the platter that puts the beat back into beatnik. Endsville!” A crazy set of cool ’50s & ’60s rock & roll, free-garageish sounds, beatnik poetry, hip-jazz and a whole lotta wacky weirdness. A few familiar tracks plus lots of really hard-to-find stuff, compiled into a set of instant party mashers! Absolutely staggering array of sounds, from Herman Munster opening off reading “Beat” poetry to Lord Buckley providing the voice of “Go Man Van Go” as The Wild Man of Wildsville and lots and lots of hipness in between.”

“I belong to the beat generation.
I don’t let anything trouble my mind.
I belong to the beat generation.
And everything’s goin’ just fine.”
[Bob Mcfadden & Dor “The Beat Generation“]


THE SILLY SURFERS & THE WEIRD-OHS – Music To Make Models By / The Sounds Of… [1964]


What we got here are two hot rod/surfin’/novelty slabs created by Roger Christian, Nick Venet, Jimmie Haskell, David Weiss, Gary Usher and producer Reuben Klamer, based on the hugely successful early sixties “Silly Surfer” and “Weird-ohs” model car assembly kits from The Hawk Model Co. The Weird-ohs model kits were introduced in 1963. The initial three-kit batch of Weird-ohs consisted of Digger, a dragster; Daddy, a commuter; and Davey, a biker. These were soon joined by other releases that went on to become one of the most popular and successful series of model kits in plastic hot rod history. Similar to the drag monsters and toy model kits that Ed “Big Daddy” Roth and Stanley Mouse were creating the Weird-ohs were the creation of William Campbell.
If you like Mr. Gasser & The Weirdos stuff already posted here, this is for you Funny, Silly & Weird. Dig!





Music To Make Models By / The Sounds Of

LOOK WHAT I HAVE FOUND vol.14 “Stampede!”


“What a good time that was, the late 50s and early 60s. If you couldn’t sing, don’t bother; just start an instrumental band and make some great songs. Now everyone thinks he can sing and we have to listen to it day after day. Write your own lyrics to these tunes, daddy-o. and sing along under the cold shower…”

So many compilations so little time…What we got here is unofficial collection from the series of over 200 !!! rare singles comps made by fictitious In The Trash Can Records. You gotta deal with some early surfin’, rockin’, sci-fi and novelty instros and couple of vocal tunes [and few Cramps favs too] from rare 45’s. Read the original story here. Composed by Mr.Eliminator, cover Art by SURFADELIC.