LINK PROTRUDI & THE JAYMEN – Slow Grind! [1992]

A collection of burlesque instrumentals, brimming with lascivious guitar riffs that linger sexily on many a flirtatious roll. What with the honky-tonk rollick of “Last Call” and the throbbing, mournful take on the classic “Summertime,” you’ll have a hard time keeping your clothes on when Slow Grind is cranked up.
-Natalie Nichols, NIGHTLIFE

Take It Off!!!
1 Beaver Shot
2 The Strip
3 Swingin’ Sheperd
4 Summertime
5 Groovy
6 Camel Walk
7 The Stripper
8 Stewed Onions
9 Last Call
10 Hey Big Spender
11 Harlem Nocturne
12 Night Train
13 Jaywalk
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