THE SQUIRES vs THE DOVERS [60’s Garage Rock]

”I’m going all the way, pretty baby
Before my time is through, yeah
I’m going all the way, pretty baby
To see what I can do…”

Kinda like a battle of the bands at Surfadelic. The Squires [from Bristol, Connecticut] and The Dovers [from Santa Barbara, California] became “famous” after first two Pebbles volumes. I first heard ’em on now legendary Pebbles vol.2 [by far my favorite garage comp.] among such 60’s punk acts as The Moving Sidewalks, Zakary Thaks, The Litter, Phil & The Frantics, The Lyrics, The Buddhas, Little Boy Blues, Randy Alvey & The Green Fuzz… They sounded somethin’ like garage versions of The Byrds, a perfect amalgam of jangle pop and garage rock. The Differences is that The Squires are more “punk” [great version of “Gloria”] with touches of surf, while The Dovers are more pop with ‘the blink’ of psycedelia [”The Third Eye”].  You could hear ’em on various garage comps as Sixties Rebellion, Highs In The Mid Sixties, Psychedelic Unknowns, Nuggets…  Shame they never managed to release any Lp during the 60’s, so these cool collections of ’65/’66 singles & demos are all we have. The Squires and The Dovers are some of the finest examples of 60’s garage-folk rock. Vinyl rip by Surfadelic. They’re Not Just Anybody, Dig!!!


”I’ll see the towns from the north to the south
From the east to the west, yeah
All the cities, all the countries
Before that long, long rest, yeah”