THE BREAKAWAYS – Time Surfin’ [2004]


From southern California, The Breakaways have been around for over a decade. Playing Fender instruments, they perform old school 60’s style surf instrumentals, in the tradition of The Ventures, The Challengers, and Dick Dale, but with a more modern production. Time Surfin’ (2004) features twenty surf-rock instrumentals, thirteen of which are original compositions by the band, and seven covers of surf rock classics.

While it is nice to hear another tightly executed version of standards like Apache, Out Of Limits, Diamond Head, Baja, Hotdoggin’, or Penetration, The Breakaways are most interesting doing their own music, as the guys deliver some really cool tunes, much in the traditional style of the 60’s. The best of their faster numbers include North Shore Rumble, Surfin’ Sam, Pray For Surf, Storm Surf, Percussionator, and The Curl’s Revenge. No Surf, The Crush, Shark’s Breath, and Longboard Lesson, are really cool atmospheric mid-tempo tunes. Like The Ventures, they also explore some slower, soft, easy-going, spacey stuff that is kind reminiscent of some of the music on The Ventures In Space (1964), or Surfing (1963) albums. [Amazon Reviews]