PEBBLES vol.5 (B-Sides)

Pebbles Vol.5 (B-Sides)


Volume 5 was one of the better volumes in Pebbles series and another with many classic 60’s punkers as The 5 Canadians ”Writing On The Wall”, The Gentlemen ‘‘It’s A Cry’n Shame”, The Dirty Wurds ”Why”, The Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2 ”I Wanna Come Back (From The World Of LSD)”, The Tree ”No Good Woman”, The Plague ”Go Away” and other cool tunes later covered by legions of garage revival groups.

As with previous post, here is a collection of tunes, mostly B-sides by the same groups. It’s not spectacular as original volume 5, ’cause there are many slow tunes (couple of ’em a bit drag) but nevertheless interesting for Pebbles and 60’s garage rock aficionados. Check it out !






PEBBLES vol.2 (B-Sides)

Pebbles Vol.2 (B-Sides) a


As I said before… If I have to choose only one among 1000’s of 60’s garage comps, it would be 1979. ‘Pebbles volume 2’ lp collection. Why? ‘Cause, it has such garage punk jewels as99th Floor” by The Moving Sidewalks, ”Feathered Fish” by The Sons Of Adam, ”Makin’ Deals” by The Satans, ”Lost Innocence” by The Buddhas, ”Green Fuz” by Randy Alvey, ”Go Ahead” by The Squires, ”I Must Run” by Phil & The Frantics, ”It’s Cold Outside” by The Choir,”I’m A Man” by The Litter, ”So What!” by The Lyrics, ”Bad Girl” by Zakary Thaks, The Electric Prunes ”Vox Wah-Wah Pedal Commercial”… LEGENDARY!!!

Now, if you ever wondered what’s on the other side, here’s the answer in “Pebbles vol.2 (B-Sides)”. It’s a Surfadelic made comp. with 14 trax by your favorite 60’s punks. Check out some favs down below ‘n’ Dig!!!


Pebbles Vol.2 (B-Sides) b2a