TONY JOE WHITE – Voodoo Village [Surfadelic Collection]

TONY JOE WHITE - Surfadelic Collection !!! 1

”They say your village lies
In the western part of town
And that evil spirits are lurking all around
But I’m not scared of you
For evil can be found
Looking almost anywhere not just in voodoo town…”

”Tony Joe White is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist, best known for his 1969 hit “Polk Salad Annie” and for “Rainy Night in Georgia”, which he wrote but was first made popular by Brook Benton in 1970. Dusty Springfield reached the charts with White’s “Willie and Laura Mae Jones”. He also wrote “Steamy Windows” and “Undercover Agent for the Blues”, both hits for Tina Turner in 1989; those two songs came by way of Turner’s producer at the time, Mark Knopfler, who is a friend of White. “Polk Salad Annie” was also recorded by Elvis Presley and Tom Jones.” [wiki]

This is a Surfadelic tribute to favorite swamp rock maestro from bayous of Oak Grove, Louisiana. With powerful Elvis like baritone voise and wyld wah-wah guitar playin’, Tony made his own brand of voodoo/funky/soul music. Just check out tunes as Stud Spider, Even Trolls Love Rock And Roll, Don’t Steal My Love, Elements And Things, Soul Francisco or Voodoo Village and you’ll know what I’m talking about. He also did some great covers of Reddings ‘‘Hard To Handle”, Dale Hawkin’s ”Susie Q” and Johnnie Taylor’s ”Who’s Making Love”. This collection covers White’s recordings from 1968 to 1976 for Monument and Warner Bros. records. Surfadelic got soul! Dig!!!


”Down in Louisiana, where the alligators grow so mean
There lived a girl, that I swear to the world
Made the alligators look tame…”
[Polk salad Annie]

TONY JOE WHITE - Surfadelic Collection !!! 2





PRIMAL SCREAM – S/T [1989.Vinyl Rip!]

Primal Scream_1

”Ivy you’re a girl that I can never taste
I get violent feelings when I see your face
You’re so warm and beautiful and soft and kind
I close my eyes but you’re still shining in my head”

”Primal Scream is the second album by Scottish indie rock band Primal Scream. Released on 4 September 1989 through Creation and Mercenary Records, it took a harder rock approach than their debut album Sonic Flower Groove. The song “I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have” was later remixed to provide the breakthrough single “Loaded” that appeared on their much celebrated third album Screamadelica.” [wiki]


Primal Scream_3

”You’ve got a heart of gold
You can’t be bought or sold
You’ve got a heart of gold baby
I got the blues for you
I give myself to you
I got the blues for you, baby”

This is my favorite PS slab and the most rocking one. Always remind me on real cool fall of ’89. No electronica or dance/house shit here, just high energy MC5, Stooges, Ramones influenced rockers – Ivy Ivy Ivy, Sweet Pretty Thing, She Power,Gimme Gimme Teenage Head, Lone Star Girl, and Stonesy/Velvet Underground style ballads – You’re Just Dead Skin To Me, Kill The King, You’re Just Too Dark To Care and personal fav Jesus Can’t Save Me. ”I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have” was a prequel to legendary “Loaded” single. Vinyl rip by Surfadelic. Gimme Teenage Head, Dig !!!



Primal Scream_2







Rare Italian electro lounge with twangin’ guitar from Luis Enriquez Bacalov (famous for his soundtracks ). Interesting all-instro slab with some vintage electronic effects, clavichord, organs and surfin’ guitars mostly evident on cool trax like ”Fender With Anger”, great covers of classics ”Walk Don’t Run” and ”Tequila”, ”Riguel 1” and ”Montemario By Night”. Euro-Electro-Twang, check it out!






MC5 – Rehearsals

MC5 Rehearsals 1


This collection of rarities and outtakes from 1969-1972 [from Wayne Kramer’s private tapes] is almost similar to ROIR 80s comp. ”Babes in Arms”, except for some not so important instrumental versions and exclusion of three early single trax. Most of the cuts are alternate versions of songs from the band’s studio albums, with great outtakes from ”High Time” LP – Skunk, Poison, Gotta Keep Movin, Baby Wont Ya, Sister Ann, Future Now. Then you got psychedelizied wah-wah jam Train Music [originally intended to be used for film ”Gold”], fine instros The Pledge Song and Power Trip [actually ”Skunk” instro version] and bunch of trax from debut LP with cool version of Tonight [great intro!] and delightful acoustic mix of Shakin’ Street. To make it complete I’ve added Looking At You / Borderline ’68 single plus three trax from ”Babes in Arms”, a ’67 single I Can Only Give You Everything / One Of The Guys and ’69 single B-side ”I Just Don’t Know”. Join the high-octane Detroit r’n’r’ revolution. ”…Order is my attitude, Beauty and perfection Are my attack”… Dig!!!



Muro do Classic Rock




MC5 – Back In The USA [Vinyl Rip!]

BenQ DC S1410

”They told you in school about freedom
But when you try to be free they never let ya
They said “it’s easy , nothing to it”
And now the army’s out to get ya”

I know many of you have everything by these Detroit high-energy, proto-punk gang, all those Rhino, Sundazed or Japanese reissues. Anyways, here is a ’77 French reissue Lp rip of their legendary studio debut. Tonight, Teenage Lust, Looking at You, The American Ruse, Shakin’ Street I give you a testimonium: the MC5! Dig!!!

”Ok, kids, it’s rockin’ time!”

BenQ DC S1410




BenQ DC S1410

”The moment was there
Electrochemicals were filling the air
The pastured substance of emotional glue
Was at its best a faded blue…”
[Astrologically Incompatible]

”The Bonniwell Music Machine is the second and final album by the American garage rock band, The Music Machine, recorded under the renamed moniker, The Bonniwell Music Machine, and released on Warner Bros. Records, on February 10, 1968. As with their debut LP, the album again saw the band blending garage and psychedelic rock influences, albeit with a greater emphasis on psychedelia than on their previous album release. Prior to completing its recording, all of the group’s original members, except for its creative force, Sean Bonniwell, departed, though they would still appear on some of the album’s tracks. The album was preceded by two singles, “Double Yellow Line” and “The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly”, released 1967. respectively, but both releases were also commercially unsuccessful.” [wiki]


BenQ DC S1410

”The eagle never hunts the fly
Listen and I’ll tell you why
He lives on the bottom of the sky
And that’s why and that’s why”

This is one of those Surfadelic favs already have been posted several times, but now it’s a vinyl rip from an unofficial release from early 90’s. Your favourite ”Talk Talk, Black-gloved Gang” teamed up with producer Brian Ross for another 60s  psych-punk masterpiece. Recorded on 8 channels, at time a state of art, this album have pretty high tech standards up there with The Beach Boys or The Beatles slabs. It’s an ingenious mix of garage-psych/soul influenced rockers and ballads, with fuzzed-out killer stuff as ”Bottom Of The Soul”, “The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly”, “Absolutely Positively”, “Double Yellow Line”, “I’ve Loved You”, “Me, Myself, And I”… Just one look at the cool cover pic and you know… ”so mechanical… so machine-like. Sort of a music machine. Very much like Sean Bonniwell’s Music Machine”. This is one of the top 60’s garage/psych records, a real Surfadelic favorite. And remember… Don’t cross, the double yellow line… Dig !!!


BenQ DC S1410




THE TROGGS – The Vintage Years [Vinyl Rip!]

The Troggs a


”A classic British Invasion group formed in Andover, Hampshire in 1964. remembered chiefly as proto-punkers who reached the top of the charts with the “caveman rock” of “Wild Thing” (1966). They were signed by Larry Page, manager of the Kinks, in 1965. They recorded on Page’s Page One Records.”

Here is a vinyl rip of this ’76. 2LP comp. on Sire records. It’s a pretty solid 28 trax collection of hits and singles from 1966-72, with style range from garage/proto-punk [Wild Thing, Lost Girl, Give It To Me ,Say Darlin’, I Want You, Gonna Make You, I Can’t Control Myself, From Home, I Can Only Give You Everything], proto-glam rock [Come Now, Lover, The Raver] to slices of baroque pop [Love Is All Around, Any Way That You Want Me,Cousin Jane, You Can Cry If You Want To] and psychedelia [Night Of The Long Grass, Purple Shades, Maybe The Madman] or all-out riot of ”Feels Like A Woman”. They were an important influence for bands like the Ramones, DMZ or (earlier) the MC5. So… Come Now… Dig!!!


BenQ DC S1410




JAYNE/WAYNE COUNTY & THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS – Let Your Backbone Slip / Rock ‘n Roll Cleopatra [Transgender Punk Rock]


Jimi played guitar with rock and roll cool.
You wanna dirty sound you’ve got to treat your guitar cruel.
Manic depresssion’s gonna take you higher.
If you wanna make hot love you’ve gotta stand next to your fire.
[”Rock & Roll Resurrection” 1978]”

Jayne County was the John Waters of rock music, crafting blatantly offensive and goofy music that delivered mean-spirited entertainment and a hilarious freak show. Bragging up her own importance on virtually every other song, some of County’s best music can be found on this compilation. “Storm the Gates of Heaven” is one of the most silly, offensive, angry, and campy songs to grace the punk movement, delivering a disdain for Christianity with tongue firmly in cheek and middle finger proudly raised. Elsewhere she chastises those who won’t take her home (“Fuck Off”), celebrates the twisted men who go through her life (“Mean Muthafuckin’ Man”), and sings a tribute to filthy bathroom affairs (“Toilet Love”). Vile, nasty, and hilarious, County is obviously not for everyone. In fact, as the years go by, the audience who would enjoy her routine seems to get narrower and narrower. But this is a document of an important performance artist; in the ’70s her live shows couldn’t be touched for sheer energy and entertainment. And these songs were the backbone of those shows; even if they weren’t always good, they at least had the charismatic snarl of County delivering their hideous message. For anyone curious about the New York punk scene, this is high-priority stuff even if it contains some of the least-important music of the period. County, like many punk musicians, has overcome her talents to become a personality, and that personality is strong enough to make this a recommended collection. [Bradley Torreano]

”Rock me Jesus, roll me lord. Wash me in the blood of rock and roll”


”Jim was the master of show and tell.
You wanna go to heaven you gotta raise some hell.
The crystal ship is sinking. The ocean waves are rough.
If you wanna get down you’ve got to learn to get it up.”


Ambitious, eclectic, and absolutely contagious, Let Your Backbone Slip is the successor to the dynamite Rock ‘N Roll Cleopatra, a compilation that trawls a back catalog that too many people overlook — but which most would certainly enjoy. Image and reputation notwithstanding, Jayne County’s songwriting and performance evince an understanding of pop at its purest, one long series of electrifying jolts that evoke memories of a golden era as readily as they pinpoint the purpose of the modern age. That the modern age was usually too busy contemplating other charms at the time is its own problem. Chronologically, Let Your Backbone Slip opens by rounding up material from the first two Electric Chairs albums that was omitted from the earlier set; the avoidance of the group’s third LP, the sensational Things Your Mother Never Told You, meanwhile, is at least partially remedied by the inclusion of three tracks from a 1979 BBC session. In truth, the performances are nowhere near as great as the originals — “Berlin” is too fast, “Waiting for the Marines” is too straight — but they’re a fine inclusion regardless. The heart of Let Your Backbone Slip, however, delves into County’s 1980s material, a period that received precious little attention at the time and allowed two excellent albums, Betty Grable’s Legs and Private Oyster, to pass by unnoticed. Six tracks from the latter include the anthemic “Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl?,” the Cossack-themed “I Fell in Love With a Russian Soldier,” and the exquisite ’60s girl group pastiche “The Lady Dye Twist” (chorus: “I want a wedding just like Lady Diana”), all three of which insist that County’s grasp of rock & trash/kitsch & roll is as tight as it ever was at the height of her earlier, New York-centric fame. County’s true appeal, however, exceeds whatever parameters that description might lay out. Great pop music should be sexy, fun, moving, and motivating. From the deifying “Max’s” to the cruel “Bad in Bed,” from the mocking “Mr Normal” to the moving “Love Lives on Lies,” Let Your Backbone Slip is all four — and then some. [Dave Thompson]


”Speed demon, Hell is for heroes, I’m told
Speed demon, Lake of fire and brimestone
World War I, World War II,
World War III, that’s me and you


Collections of recordings from the first transsexual star of Punk rock which is definitively not for the faint of heart. Wayne started out doing impersonations of Cher, Dusty Springfield and Janis Joplin before finding his way with the Electric Chairs and spearheading the Punk movement of the mid-west. She shocked, she outraged, she pulled no punches. Her in-your-face attitude empowered her followers and helped usher the late ’70s Punk movement into the mainstream. These two comps feature 2 x 20 tracks from albums, singles and rare EP’s. Jayne/Wayne’s is one of the greatest unsung heroes of the early N.Y. punk scene. I’ve already posted his/hers entire catalogue but these are great best of collections, a MUST HAVE for punkers and other r’n’r’ faces. It’s a ”Transgender Rock ‘n Roll” alright! Dig!!!


”If you wanna rock and roll resurrection
you gotta have a rock and roll reformation.”


Rock'n Roll Cleopatra2let_cd_tray_950