60’s SURF comps

Boss Drag ’64
Burnin’ Rubber
Get a Board!
Everybody’s Goin’ Surfin’
Diggin’ Out!
Lost Legends Of The Surf Guitar Vol.1
Lost Legends Of The Surf Guitar Vol.2
Lost Legends Of The Surf Guitar Vol.3
Lost Legends Of The Surf Guitar Vol.4
Pebbles Vol.4 [Summer Means Fun]
Sleazy Surf 1&2
Blunderbuss [Scattershot Sleaze 58-67]
Son Of Blunderbuss [More Scattershot Sleaze ’58-’67]
Dancehall Stringbusters!
Del-Fi Rarities
Surfin On Wave Nine [1962]
Some Kinda Fun (Songs We Taught The Untamed Youth)
Surf Guitars Rumble Vol.1
Surf Guitars Rumble Vol.2
Surf Guitars Rumble Vol.3
Surf Legends And Rumors 1961-1964
Surfin’ In The Midwest Vol.1
Surfin’ In The Midwest Vol.2
Surfin’ In The Midwest Vol.3
Surfin’ In The Midwest Vol.4
Wail On The Beach
Wax Em Down!
Surfer’s Mood Vol. 1
Surfer’s Mood Vol. 2
Surfer’s Mood Vol. 3
Surfer’s Mood Vol. 4
The Surf Creature Vol. 1
The Surf Creature Vol. 2
The Surf Creature Vol. 3
Strummin’ Mental pt.1
Strummin’ Mental pt.2
Strummin’ Mental pt.3
Scandinavian Instrumental & Beat Vol.1
Instrumental Madness!
New Wave Surf Party
Frantic Early Rock Instrumentals
Elemental Instrumentals!!

El Paso Rock Vol. 8 – El Vampiro
El Paso Rock Vol. 9 – Sand Surfin’

That’s Swift

Twist And Frit – Belgian Guitar Groups Of The Sixties

Infamous Instro-Monsters Vol.1
Infamous Instro-Monsters Vol.2
Infamous Instro-Monsters Vol.3

Guitar Mood 1
Guitar Mood 2

Strictly Instrumental Vol.1
Strictly Instrumental Vol.2
Strictly Instrumental Vol.3
Strictly Instrumental Vol.4
Strictly Instrumental Vol.5
Strictly Instrumental Vol.6
Strictly Instrumental Vol.7
Strictly Instrumental Vol.8
Strictly Instrumental Vol.9
Strictly Instrumental Vol.10
Strictly Instrumental Vol.11

War Of The Surf Guitars! [Surf Revival]
For A Few Guitars More [Surf Revival]


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