KENNY AND THE KASUALS – Teen Dreams / The Impact Sound Of [60’s Garage Rock]



All meaning faded away
A journey to tyme
Nobody cares if I ever return
It’ll be a quick trip that never end…”


”Kenny and the Kasuals were an American garage rock band formed in Dallas, Texas in 1964. They played at various venues, including the Studio Club, with a repertoire that consisted of material taken from the British Invasion and R&B standards. Over time the band began experimenting with early elements of psychedelic music and are often cited as one of the first groups to play in such a style. Kenny and the Kasuals released several singles including their best-known song, “Journey to Tyme”.” [wiki]



The Impact Sound Of… was their first LP recorded in 1966. It’s a ”fake live” album with covers of popular R&B and British Invasion tunes, that ranks among the most collectable LPs of the ’60s,

Teen Dreams is their second album recorded in 1966-67 but not released until 1978 as a private press of 400 copies on MLP (Mark Lee Productions) on red vinyl. This is their best lp, a cool collection of original tunes [and only one cover of Al Kooper’s tune], a mix of ballads and garage rockers with touch of psychedelia.


Nothing Better To Do 600


French label Eva released a couple of compilations with their 60’s recordings, ”Nothing Better To Do” and ”Things Gettin’ Better” in 80s.

Kenny and the Kasuals are one of the finest US 60’s punk bands, with their brand of garage/pop/psych influenced by the acts as The Kinks, Stones, The Zombies, Dave Clark Five and stuff. Fav trax: See-Saw Ride, Things Gettin’ Better, Revelations, Raindrops To Teardrops, I’m Gonna Make It, Journey To Tyme… Here you have vinyl rips of their two slabs + bonus trax. Reach your destiny, Dig!!!

I’ve reached my destiny
To be
Trapped in the walls of time
Held a captive
I can’t turn back
I won’t turn back…”


Kenny & The Kasuals-1a1Kenny & The Kasuals-2