THEE MIDNITERS – In Thee Midnight Hour!!! [60’s Garage]

Thee Midnighters


And now!… Back to thee garage. Pounding East LA rock n’ roll! Original Whittier recordings of this legendary group’s mid sixties stompers, collected together in one mad set for the first time! NO BALLADS!! Killer after killer of loud, tense, massively attitudinal teenage howlers- prime cut slammers that ram the Stones into a hot, crowded bullpen wearing long red capes and little else! For the first time, the universe outside East LA can dig the majestic slam of THEE MIDNITERS! Instant party never had it so good!

”Indisputably the greatest Latino rock band of the ’60s, Thee Midniters took their inspiration from both the British Invasion sound of the Rolling Stones and the more traditional R&B that they were weaned on in their native Los Angeles. Hugely popular in East Los Angeles, the group, featuring both guitars and horns, had a local hit (and a small national one) with their storming version of “Land of a Thousand Dances” in 1965. Much of their repertoire featured driving, slightly punkish rock/R&B…” [allmusic]


Thee Midnighters 2


You could hear rippin’ ”Jump, Jive & Harmonize” and hilarious I Found A Peanut” on Teenage Shutdown! comps, ”Never Knew I Had It So Bad” on A Journey To Tyme, and now you can check out other cool originals as ‘‘Love Special Delivery”, ”Whittier Blvd.”, ”Welcome Home Darling”, ”Looking Out A Window” and fine covers as ”Everybody Needs Somebody” or ”Empty Heart”. Feel the Chicano Power!