Wildberry !!! SHAKE !!! All Night

Two of the most interesting beat revival groups in last 10 years. The Outta Sites from L.A. with members of Los Straitjackets [Chris “Sugarballs” Sprague and Pete Curry] sound like mid 60’s Garage/Beat attraction “British Invasion” style. Their 2013. debut slab features cool retro-beat originals and covers of “One Track Mind”, “Jezebel”, “Just A Litte Bit”, “What a Girl Can’t Do,”…
In the other corner are MerseyBeat gang from Norway, influenced by famous bands like THE SHADOWS, THE SWINGING BLUE JEANS, SHANE FENTON & THE FENTONES, BILLY J. KRAMER & THE DAKOTAS. This is their 2005 debut + some 7″ EP added for a good measure. If you adore THE KAISERS, THE RAPIERS and stuff, ya know… Dig!
!!! SHAKE Baby SHAKE !!!

THE NEATBEATS – Neat-At-Best [2004]

Collection of 45’s by these Japanese Garage/Beat attraction from Osaka. Their adoration for The Beatles Hamburg-era Rock’n’Roll Beat is quiteobvious and infectious. Maybe you won’t understand their lyrics but you’ll feel that crazy kamikaze beat for sure.
So punks… if you dig stuff like The Kaisers or The Milkshakes then ya know whatcha gonna do. Be prepared for The Japanese R’n’R Attack! 汚れたを掘る!



The King Normals, Trashy R-billy/Beat UK band formed in early 1990, the name deriving from a phrase used in The Dave Clark Five Film ”Catch Us If You Can” Joe liked the name as the phrase in the film, refered to Squares. The line-up consisted of Heath Murphy guitar and lead vocals, Joe Blanchet guitar and backing vocals, Tony Ames guitar, Mark “Soap” Chambers” bass guitar and backing vocals, Stuart “Peck” Perry drums. Here are their four 7″EPs recorded from 1994-1999 for Hillsdale Records.
In the other corner we have Lord Rochester “Scotland’s best sounding and best looking rock and roll show” with their roots stucked in 50’s as well, influenced by R&B/R’n’R of Bo Diddley & Chuck Berry. 

Well now, it looks like it’s… Two For The Price Of One, Dig!

THE WAILERS – Wailers Wailers Everywhere [1965]

In the summer of 1964, the Wailers were adapting to the British Invasion. This was no more evident than on their fourth LP, “Wailers Wailers Everywhere,” one of the earliest American attempts at British-styled beat.
“This was a time that found the Wailers adjusting awkwardly to the changes wrought by the British Invasion, placing far more emphasis on vocal numbers and original material, with mixed results. For Wailers Wailers Everywhere, their first LP recorded after the onset of the British Invasion, the group members wrote most of the songs themselves. It was a change from previous Wailers efforts, as the sound usually reflected the influences of the Beatles and other early British Invasion stars like the Dave Clark Five, as well as some of the harmony rock of the Beach Boys and the Four Seasons.” [AMG]
Solid British flavoured garage/beat slab by these North-West 60’s punk legends. Fav tunes: The Wailer, Hold Back The Dawn, Tomorrow’s Another Day, Since You Been Gone You Better Believe It, Dig!!!