THE CRAMPS – Live At Clutch Cargo’s 1982. [Bootleg Vinyl Rip!]

Live At Clutch Cargo1

… And when ya think you know it all you’re dead wrong baby.

Here’s somethin’ you couldn’t even dream of. Grrrreeat sounding bootleg of unreleased ’82 live show from Clutch Cargo’s Detroit, featuring Terry Graham of The Gun Club on drums.  The Cramps are on top of their game with psychotic interplanetary perfomance of infamous garage punk-a-billy underground hits as New Kind Of Kick, Goo Goo Muck, Potentate Of Love, You Got Good Taste, Five Years Ahead Of My Time, Zombie Dance, Mystery Plane, Sunglasses After Dark, Garbage Man, The Way I Walk… 18 trax of de Lux extravaganza. Hey baby say… Dig!!!

”I got somethin’ to say to you and you better listen
I’m’a tell ya how to be cool in one easy lesson…”


[Special thanx to JP STOOGES for this supercool vinyl rip!!!]

Live At Clutch Cargo3

Live At Clutch Cargo2


THE CRAMPS – Surfadelic Jungle!

the cramps -poison1b2jk

“Gonna take a week off, Gonna go to Hell
Send ya a postcard, Hey I’m doin’ swell!
Wish you were here, Aloha from Hell…”


Hell yeah! This Surfadelic collection is dedicated to my favorite band and 30th anniversary of being ‘Cramped’. The story goes somethin’ like this: Way back in 1988. my then girlfriend gave me an audio casette of some new wave/punk comp. with Joy Division, Dead Kennedys, Killing Joke and stuff, but baby… When “Human Fly” buzz blasted outta speakers I was knocked out & down. As a huge fan of horror, b movies and punk rock, I was won over by The CRAMPS and they soon became my fav band next to Ramones.
First lp I heard was “A Date With Elvis” with legendary killer tunes as ‘Can Your Pussy Do The Dog’, ‘What’s Inside A Girl’, ‘How Far Can Too Far Go’, ‘Aloha From Hell’… but the first album I owned was now a classic “Stay Sick!” ’89 lp. ‘God Damn Rock & Roll’, ‘Bikini Girls With Machine Guns’, ‘All Women Are Bad’, ‘The Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon’ were the hit tunes for the ‘New Cramped Generation’. This comp. gathers my favorite Cramps tunes from their more glamorous second [‘bass phase’] period from 1986. to 2003. and their final album “Fiends Of Dope Island”. I know you already have everything by The Cramps but hey… This is ‘Surfadelic Jungle’, alright! Let’s Get F*cked Up, Dig!!!


the cramps - Surfadelic 2a1







THE CRAMPS – Sex & Cramps & Rock’N Roll! [Live in Switzerland, 1986]



One of those legendary Cramps bootlegs recorded live at Volkshaus Zurich, Switzerland, 21 April 1986. It was great “A Date With Elvis” era tour and The Cramps rumble real hard this time with female bass player. Sound quality is real cool, so you gotta ask yourself one question, How Far Can Too Far Go? “Shake that thing I’ll buy you a diamond ring” Dig !!!


A1 Heartbreak Hotel
A2 Chicken
A3 How Far Can Too Far Go?
A4 The Hot Pearl Snatch
A5 People Ain’t No Good
A6 Cornfed Dames
B1 What’s Inside A Girl?
B2 Blue Moon Baby
B3 Georgia Lee Brown
B4 Lonesome Town
B5 Do The Clam
B6 Aloha From Hell
B7 (Hot Pool Of) Womanneed
C1 Love Me / The Most Exhalted Potentate Of Love
C2 You Got Good Taste
C3 T.V. Set
C4 Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?
D1 Surfin’ Bird
D2 Human Fly / Sunglasses After Dark
D3 It’s Just That Song


Cramps Sex & Cramps & Rock 'N' Roll

Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?

THE CRAMPS – 4 Trax [’96 Rehearsals!]



Hey kids, I wanna share with ya some really rare stuff snatched somewhere on the net long time ago. This thing shoulda be the mighty Cramps rehearsals for “Big Beat From Badsville” circa ’96. What’s interesting, one track is pretty unknown never heard before, I entitled it “A Place To Die” [pretty  creepy ha !?!] ’cause just couldn’t understand whatta hell Lux sings about [some weird shit for sure]. Anyways, there’s never enough of The Cramps stuff. So here you are Dig !!!


THE CRAMPS – Trash Is Neat [1977 – 1984]

Raw-ass rare Live & Demo stuff from the best Garage-Billy band in the world.
These tracks are taken from rare tapes that were traded back in the day and have been cleaned up and remastered for this release. Also has cool soundbites and radio spots for some choice drive-in/exploitation mvies in between tracks.
Already released as bootleg Lp “Trash Is Neat #5: The Band That Time Forgot”, but this version has more trax. Oo Wee Baby! Dig!!!
01 Problem Child
02 Weekend On Mars
03 Louie Louie
04 Baby Blue Rock
05 Everybody’s Movin’
06 Rocket In My Pocket
07 Oo Wee Baby
08 Hanky Panky
09 Five Years Ahead Of My Time
10 Hungry
11 The Lowdown
12 Sinners
13 Hurricane Fighter Plane
14 Blue Moon Baby
15 Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White
16 Rumble
17 O Ma Liddy
18 Devil With A Blue Dress On
19 You’ll Never Change Me
20 The Bacon Fat
21 What’s Inside A Girl
cramp x.

THE CRAMPS – A Date With Elvis [1986]


“Stick em up baby reach for the sky
Here’s somethin’ new you might like to try
I know a place that’s far from here
where the squares they won’t come near…”

After Psychedelic Jungle, the Cramps experienced personnel and record label difficulties; they would not release another studio album until this one, four years later. Gone here are the tinny sound quality and horror-flick-based lyrics of prior releases, replaced by clearer sonics and an often hilarious obsession with sex (examples of the latter can be found on “What’s Inside a Girl?,””The Hot Pearl Snatch,””Cornfed Dames,””(Hot Pool of) Womanneed,””How Far Can Too Far Go?,” and the uproarious single “Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?”).
There are numerous sly references in the verses to high and low cultural icons, including “Shake it one time for me” (a line from Jerry Lee Lewis'”Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”), “I’ll be dancing through the flames/Like a devil in disguise” (a nod to the Elvis Presley hit), and “Now there’s more things in Tennessee/Than is dreamed of in your philosophy” (a paraphrase of a line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet).
Most of the songs here are in various rockabilly-derived styles featuring either garage rock fuzz or Duane Eddy twanging guitar from Poison Ivy. Vocalist Lux Interior is in excellent form here, exhibiting a fair bit of variety within his usual 1950s-derived approach. “Kizmiaz” is unique in the band’s oeuvre, being a smarmy parody of 1960s hippie feel-good music; Ivy joins Interior on vocals here. Intonation is off in a few numbers (notably on “Kizmiaz,””The Hot Pearl Snatch,” and “Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?”), but this is not enough to detract from the overall excellence. This rollicking and energetic platter in particular is the equal of any in their canon, and an essential listen. [David Cleary]

Cramps D-2

“People ain’t no good.
They never do what I think they should.
So people ain’t no good”

“A Date With Elvis” marks a turning point in The Cramps style & sound. With addition of Bass and Candy Del Mar [actualy Ivy played bass on this record] they swung their image in more glamorous and sex oriented direction than before. Just one look at cover art [one of the sexiest in r’n’r history] and you know this ain’t place for the squares. The Cramps slide through a Rockabilly influenced Garage Punk with some surfin’ tones tossed in for a pretty cool measure. “Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?”is a question of the day. Here kitty kitty… Dig!!!


“Whoa…there’s some things baby I just can’t swallow.
Mama told me that girls are hollow.
Uh-uh…What’s inside a girl?
Somethin’s tellin’ me there’s a whole nuther world”


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