Surfadelic Presents – COLOURS OF MY MIND [60’s Mod/Psych]

Colours Of My Mind 1


60’s Mod story continues in the new volume of ‘Surfadelic presents’ collection with title inspired by this 60’s chick body painting and song ”Colour Of My Mind” by my favorite mod/psych gang The Attack. Here I’ve managed to gather some of my alltime mod psychedelic tunes mostly by UK bands as The Action, John’s Children, The Creation, The Open Mind, The Smoke, The Electric Banana (Pretty Things), The Factory, The Longboatmen, you could find on legendary comps as Chocolate Soup for Diabetics, Rubble series or Electric Sugarcube Flashbacks and others. Also there are trax by classic acts as The Troggs, The Who or The Yardbirds and some lesser known losers. This stuff is more on psychedelic side of mod genre than on previous freakbeat collection. And yeah, attention! There’s one real cool tune not from the 60’s but by an modern band, so you could guess who it is and you can win my respect.  The cover model is famous 60’s boobastic chick Michelle Angelo. Take Her Any Time, Dig!


Colours Of My Mind 2


Turds On A Bum Ride vol.1 (revisited)

turds on a bum ride 1x


Here’s another revisited version of an old and now a classic garage/psych comp. “Turds On A Bum Ride” 1 issued in 1991. as 29 trax 2LP set [Cd version has 25] is best in the series of 6 volumes made by some italian collectors. Opening up with killer single B-side “I Just Don’t Know” by the MC5 followed by Sean Bonniwell’s intro to The Music Machine fuzzed-out gem “No Girl Gonna Cry” (two favorite bands) and you know it’s gonna be a rollercoaster garage punk ride. Then there’s notorious “Boil The Kettle, Mother” by The ID, an obscure Jerry Cole band-project, Von Ruden‘s cool psychedelizied version of The Stones’ “The Spider And The Fly”, killer garage/psych tunes by Silk Winged Alliance, Northwest Company and The Happy Return. One of my alltime favs is ’69. psych tune “Tendency To Be Free” by Rabbit Mackay. There are more fine garage stuff with The Sparkles “I Want To Be Free”, Terry Knight And The Pack “Numbers” fuzz killer, wacky “Complication” by The Monks and The Shadows Of Knight “I’m Gonna Make You Mine”. You got loadsa great rare late 60’s psych as Capt. Groovy & His Bubblegum Army, The Animated Egg, Magic Swirling Ship, Orphan Egg, Lite Storm and exotic middle eastern influenced “For A Moment” by Orient Express. All in all, this collection is an unforgetable garage/acid ride to the center of a mind, allright!  🙂
Here is Surfadelic HQ 360 sound version of this legendary compilation. Acid, Fuzz & no Flowers! Don’t miss it, dig!!!


turds on a bum ride 1b




THE LEFT BANKE – And Suddenly It’s… (Vinyl Rip!)

BenQ DC S1410


“Baroque pop is a style of Pop that emerged in the mid 1960s when several Pop Rock recording artists began incorporating elements of Western Classical Music into their music. Many pop songs by then had already made use of instruments previously associated with classical music, such as harpsichord and strings, but baroque pop was distinguished for its majestic, melancholic sound that was more reminiscent of the Baroque Music of the 17th-18th century.” [RYM]



Inspired by Brit invasion bands, The Beatles, Stones, The Zombies and stuff like “Lady Jane” and “Eleanor Rigby”, NY group The Left Banke create their world of perfect melancholic pop sounds and became top US 60’s baroque pop act. They are famous for ’66 hit singles “Walk Away Renee” and “Pretty Ballerina” which charted in US and find their way on many 60’s comps as Nuggets. They recorded two fine Lp’s and few singles in ’67/’68.  This Bam Caruso LP collection from 1988. is probably the best overwiev of their 60’s recordings. 18 trax of heavenly vocals, arrangements, harpsichord and strings dominated sounds. Vinyl rip by Surfadelic!


BenQ DC S1410







Real COOL 14 trax Lp collection of this San Jose, Ca. legendary 60’s punkers, issued by Rhino rec in 1983. Already have posted their CD ”best of” but this have more punchy sound. Classic original stuff as ‘Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love In)’, ‘No Way Out’, ‘Sweet Young Thing’, ‘Don’t Need Your Lovin’, ‘Misty Lane’, great garage/psych instro ‘Expo 2000‘ and cool covers of The Grodes ‘Let’s Talk About Girls’, Dylan ‘Baby Blue’, The Kinks ‘I’m Not Like Everybody Else‘, The Brogues ‘I Ain’t No Miracle Worker’ and We The People ‘In The Past’. Ya know, there’s No Way Out… Dig!!!




COUNT FIVE – Psychotic Reaction, The Complete Count Five [Vinyl Rip!]

BenQ DC S1410

“I feel depressed, I feel so bad
‘Cause you’re the best girl that I ever had
I can’t get your love, I can’t get a fraction
Uh-oh, little girl, psychotic reaction
And it feels like this!…”


…It feels like a top 10 garage rock tune of all time. You’re already familiar with Count Five, famous 60’s punk band from San Jose, California, and their psych-punk hit “Psychotic Reaction” that reached the US Top 5 in 1966. This here is vinyl rip of 1994. compilation consist of Count’s entire ’66 LP + ’67/’68 singles. Cool 60’s garage stuff all the way and all around. Double-Decker Bus, Pretty Big Mouth, Peace Of Mind, The Morning After, Teeny Bopper, Can’t Get Your Loving, Revelation In Slow Motion… This is A MUST!!!


BenQ DC S1410




PEBBLES VOL. 11 & 13 (revisited !!!)


Milan “The Leather Boy”, is a star of Pebbles vol.11, with three outstanding garage/psych trax “I’m a Leather Boy”, “Shadows” and “You Gotta Have Soul” from his 1967. singles. He was also an excellent songwriter and producer who has credits on many other records released throughout the decade [I’ve alredy posted his collection on this site]. Other strong tunes are unusual psychedelizied cover of a Rolling Stones song, “The Spider and the Fly” by Von Ruden and the superb psych “Visions” by The Looking Glasses. Demented garage punkers by Modds and Barking Spyders are among the sparest garage rock tracks available; the former features only a guitar and tambourine plus growling vocals about a relationship breaking up, while the melody of the latter song — three notes up, three notes down — could scarcely be simpler. Then there are Aardvarks “I’m Higher Than I’m Down”, cool cover off the Pretty Things “LSD” named “E.S.P.” by The Beaver Patrol and classic 60’s frat/garage “Gone Gone Gone” by Third Evolution.
This LP would be even better if The Galaxies IV ‘Don’t Lose Your Mind’ was actually on the thing as advertised. In fact, if you look at the record label it says ‘Piccadilly Circus’ which is the correct track – an instrumental in a R Stones 2120 S Michigan Ave vein (and the original b-side of the 45). Anyways I’ve included it as a bonus track!


Pebbles Vol. 11bPebbles Vol. 11c

Volume 13 of this series shows some decline in quality of material but still has some strong garage stuff on side A, Rock Garden “Super Stuff”, The Apollos “Target Love”, Les Sinners “Nice Try”, on side B primitive garage of Knight Riders “I”, Cole & The Embers “Hey Girl”, again The Apollos with classic “That’s The Breaks” and Canuck teenage rebels Les Lutins “Laissez-Nous Vivre”. Well, that’s about it folks! Now check out the HQ garage sound, Dig!!!


Pebbles - Volume 13b

Pebbles - Volume 13c

THE OUTSIDERS – Thinking About Today, Their Complete Works



Legendary 60’s Dutch garage beat band from Amsterdam influenced by raw r&b sounds of The Pretty Things and The Kinks. They recorded wyld bunch of 45’s and two albums, ’67. eponymous debut and famous psychedelic “CQ” LP in “68. All this and more you can find on this 2CD compilation “Thinking About Today”. Check out ace garage/R&B, folk punkers like You Mistreat Me, Sun’s Going Down, Felt Like I Wanted To Cry, I Love Her Still, I Always Will Lying All The Time, Keep On Trying, That’s Your Problem, Touch, What’s Wrong With You, Teach Me To Forget You, Filthy Rich, Don’t You Cry, Misfit, Zsarrahh, Happyville, Do You Feel Alright… Some of their songs were covered by several garage revival bands as Lyres, The Tell-Tale Hearts, The Morlock… The Outsiders were one of the best 60’s Euro freakbeat groups. Don’t miss this, dig!






THE PRETTY THINGS – The Electric Banana Blows Your Mind + Defecting Grey / Talkin’ About The Good Times

The Electric Banana 1


By the late ’67 The Pretty Things change their style from raw R&B freakbeat to psychedelia. In November 1967 they released “Defecting Grey” single produced by Norman”Piper”Smith, “An intense hallucinogenic roller coaster ride, with backwards sitars, fairground organs, pastoral trippiness and industrial strength corrosion fuzz blasts, all in the space of around 4 apocalyptic life-changing minutes. And the acid dazzled lyrics veer from playful to surreal to darkly disturbed without batting a heavily stoned eyelid.” This was followed three months later by a double A-side single, “Talking About the Good Times” / “Walking Through My Dreams” which marked the beginning of sessions for the S.F. Sorrow album. Released in December 1968.

“Blows Your Mind” is a compilation of recordings made for the De Wolfe sound library under the name The Electric Banana from 1967-1969. Here you can find some KILLER ace psych stuff as Eagle’s Son, Grey Skies, It’ll Never Be Me, Alexander, Love Dance & Sing, Blow Your Mind… If ya dig ”S.F. Sorrow” kinda psych then this is for you. Blow your mind !!!


The Pretty Things Back




MAX FROST & THE TROOPERS – Shape of Things to Come [1968] + Bonus Trax


”There’s a new sun rising up angry in the sky
There’s a new voice crying but not afraid to die
Let the old world make believe it’s blind and deaf and dumb
But nothing can change the shape of things to come…”

“Max Frost and the Troopers were a fictional rock music group created for the exploitation film Wild in the Streets, released in 1968. The film featured Christopher Jones as the highly influential singer Max Frost. The songs performed by Frost and his band, a group that was never formally named in the film, were credited to Max Frost and the Troopers in the subsequent singles and album. The band name “Troopers” is based on the term “troops,” the designation Frost used in the film to refer to his friends and followers.

A studio group appeared on the soundtrack album for the film, along with incidental music penned by Cynthia Weil and Barry Mann and composed by Les Baxter; however, the songs were not originally credited to Max Frost and the Troopers, but rather to The 13th Power.

Owing to the success of the song “Shape of Things To Come” as a single, an accompanying album by Max Frost and The Troopers, Shape of Things to Come, was issued on the Tower record label in 1968. Musicians playing on the album are believed to include members of Davie Allan and The Arrows (who also released the “Shapes of Things to Come” without lyrics) with lead vocals by Paul Wibier (who also wrote a majority of the songs on the album). The music is high-energy rock with some psychedelic touches.

The group was produced by Harley Hatcher and Eddie Beram for Mike Curb Productions. Their first single was recorded with Curb’s Tower subsidiary Sidewalk Records. Subsequent singles were taken from their album.” [wiki]



Garage-heads are already familiar with the title track but there are more real cool garage/psych tunes on this great LP as Lonely Man, Shine it on, A Change Is Gonna Come, Captain Hassel, Let Your Mind Run Free… + 9 bonus trax. Fourteen Or Fight… Dig!!!






BLUE CHEER – Louder Than God! The Best Of [Vinyl Rip!]

louder than god front

“Punks before you were a punk.”
“Hell’s Angels with instruments instead of motorcycles.”
“The band that played so loud they turned the air into cottage cheese.”


One of The hardest rockin’ US bands from the 60’s next to MC5, The Stooges or The Litter. First time I heard of Blue Cheer in an late 80’s interview with Mudhoney when they spoke about their influeces, garage rock, the Sonics and stuff. Later on I realised that Mudhoney are “the modern day Blue Cheer” [they stole almost everything from them].

Blue Cheer was blues based, hard rock/psych band influenced by The Cream and Hedrix, famous for their cover of “Summertime Blues”, predecessors to heavy metal and grunge. This lp collection issued in 1986. on Rhino Records [in the line of cool Rhino ”best of” comps of 60’s garage bands as The Standells, The Music Machine, Nazz, Bobby Fuller Four, Love, etc] gathers tunes from Blue Cheer’s first four albums, mostly from their legendary ’68 LPs ‘Vincebus Eruptum” and “Outside inside”. Personally, I’m not into HM but hey, this band is louder than god! Dig!!!


“Critics hated them, my parents hated them,
my girlfriend hated them, and even Hendrix hated them.”


louder than god back xx

louder than god back x

louder than god back4