THE GURUS – Are Hear! [US 60’s Garage]

The Gurus Are Hear!

The Gurus Are Hear! was actually advertised in Billboard and Cashbox in 1967, but the album was canceled only a few weeks before its projected release. More than 35 years later, it finally emerged as this Sundazed CD, augmented naturally by five bonus cuts. So is it just as mysterious and exotic as psychedelic collectors suspected? Not exactly, but it’s a pretty interesting if slightly contrived and kitschy hybrid of psychedelic rock and Middle Eastern music. As it turns out, the best of their demented anguished-psychedelia-in-a-falafel-restaurant-bellydancing-room had already been issued on their two singles (both sides of which are included on the album). From those 45s, “Come Girl,” “Blue Snow Night,” and “Everybody’s Got to Be Alone Sometime” are genuinely fine and rather ahead-of-their-time songs. Singer John Lieto howls like a pained cantor while the band plays psychedelia fit for a harem, with oud trills, raga-rock electric guitar, bent notes, and tortured minor keys aplenty, though not bereft of some garage rock energy and hooks. The other songs aren’t quite up to that level, aren’t terribly varied, and are sometimes quite a bit more pop-oriented and normal-sounding, with “Contact” penned by the Bonner-Gordon team of “Happy Together” fame. But not all of those extra cuts are unmemorable, the band totally overhauling “Louie Louie” into a dervish-swirling dance that must rank as one of the weirdest covers of this covered-to-death song. And you’ve gotta love a song (“Shaker Life”) with the line “Come life eternal, shake it out of me, all that is carnal,” set to a tune and beat like “Twist and Shout” gone to temple. The less essential bonus tracks include another Bonner-Gordon tune, “They All Got Carried Away,” and alternate versions (one of them wholly instrumental) of four songs from the album. [AllMusic Review by Richie Unterberge]

”This cd basically rocks from start to finish but there are a couple of throwaways. The ones that aren’t strong are the more polished mainstream pop efforts which don’t bare much of a resemblance to their sound. But otherwise this band had a very innovative and interesting early psychedelic sound, which occasionally reminds me of The Music Machine. Their sound is characterized by banging bongos, fuzzed out guitar solos, Yelping vocals, strange middle-eastern instruments, and a hypnotizing overall vibe. THis is a nice breath of fresh air for all you garage/psych heads that have already bought everything else from 66-69. enjoy!” [Amazon Customer Reviews]



SOUL, INC. [US 60’s Garage]

Soul Inc1

”The Louisville, Kentucky band which released 7 great 45s between 1966-1969 which just ring out with great fuzz guitar, Hammond Organ, Mellotrons, and hard-driving vocals. 20 tracks including unreleased material and a great Psychedelic sampler track from their later incarnation The Elysian Field. They take a tour named ”caravan of stars tour” with The Byrds, We Five, Paul Revere & The Raiders and Bo Diddly.”

”Soul. Inc, although displaying a magnitude of soul influences, diverged into practically every other mid-60s genre. Their name was not entirely apt! The 20 featured tracks trace the Louisville band’s musical journey from 1965 until ’69 via a number of 45s released on local labels, alternate takes and previously unreleased songs. “Stronger Than Dirt” (later covered by fellow garage bands the Daybreakers and Us Four) is a fuzz laden tune, with a soul tinged verse, a wild solo, pounding drums and a comical lyric, apparently inspired by an Ajax advert from the TV. Danceable 60s garage punk just doesn’t come any better! A few months later when the Byrds startled every young band with “Eight Miles High” Soul Inc’s reaction was to write “60 Miles High” on which they nearly managed to achieve the psychedelic zest of the Byrds. “UFO” which is so influenced by Dylan that it might as well be fellow imitators Mouse & The Traps, is another excellent example of garage band parody. The magnificent moog segment is uncannily like the whacky sounds on the Osmond’s hit “Crazy Horses”. Soul Inc an influence on the Osmonds? Maybe! Finally, the later proto-punk number “I Hate You” blends hard rock fret abuse with nihilistic singing. By the end of the decade the soul influence had completely gone.” [Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills]


Ultimate Bonehead! vol.3&4

Ultimate Bonehead3 Ultimate Bonehead4

Yeah right, you’re not hallucinate, your wildest, wettest dream is commin’ true. Here are more Boneheads for yer ever hungry hard rockin’ soul. They just keep gettin’ better and better. Brutalising heavy garage proto-punk fever across USA ’69-76. Ripped from very limited [only 300] vinyl just fer ya. It’s Ultimate, Dig!!!

70's biker chick1



Ultimate Bonehead vol.1&2 [USA Biker Hard-Rock Garage 1969-76]

Ultimate Bonehead1a Ultimate Bonehead2a

Hot Damn! Here are more REAL COOL garage-biker-hard-rockin’ boogie fuzzed-up loosers, in the same vein as ”Bonehead Crunchers”. Prepare yourself for more rare late 60’s/mid 70’s fuzz-munchin’, teeth-gnashing workouts from USA. If you dig stuff like Ron Asheton’s New Order, MC 5 or Blue Cheer, this is fer ya. Ripped from very limited vinyl elpees. Hard & Heavy, get down ‘n’ Dig!!!


VISIONS OF THE PAST vol.1-4 [German & UK 60’s Freakbeat/Psych]

Early 90’s comp. series of mostly German & UK 60’s & early 70’s garage, freakbeat, mod & psych.

Volumes 1 & 4 are focused on obscure German Psych/Freakbeat with couple of trax from Belgium & Netherlands. Featuring in vol.1 – Dom, Ooze, Sub, Klan, United Five, Petards Rackers, Untouchables… vol.4 –  The Safaris, The Desperates, Mersey Kings, Dischas, Phantom Brothers, The Sad Sack Set, The Ricketts, Vanguards, Kenny, The Freed, The Jailbirds, The Chosen Few, The Subjects… Pretty RARE & GREAT stuff!

Volumes 2 & 3 consist of mostly cool UK Mod/Freakbeat/Psych, among obscures featuring some well known 60’s undergrond acts as Big Boy Pete, Mickey Finn, Accent, Arthur Brown, The End, Sharon Tandy & Fleur De Lys… Dig!!!

visions of the past-1 visionsofpast2 visions of the past-3 visions of the past-4

PAINTED FACES – Anxious Color [1966-68]


Originally known as The Dimension, Painted Faces were formed in 1965 in Florida. They recorded the classic title track featured on the legendary ”Acid Dreams” comp. This is a ’94 Distortions rec. collection of mostly unreleased tunes recorded between 1966 and 1968, when the band split due to miltary call-ups. Solid mix of garage, folk rock, psych & pop including fine covers of Strawberry Alarm Clock, Rolling Stones, Byrds, Beau Brummels, and cool originals as Hard Life, I Lost You In My Mind, Girl You’re Growing Up, Black-Hearted Susan… Sound execution by Surfadelic. Dig!




Cool Intro riff for COME ON NOW, B-side of classic Kinks ’65 single Tired of… is a point of collision between these 60’s garage legends. 
As you know, borrow & steal is a common practice in Rock’n’Roll history, so this is a luscious example of how “the same” instro theme can be used in three different tunes with terrific results. 
KENNY AND THE KASUALS used it for their classic ’66 garage nugget Journey To Tyme, THE 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS psychedelizied it in great Tried to Hide. Come on now, Check it out!



THE PRETTY THINGS – Defecting Grey/Talkin’ About the Good Times [67/68]

By 1967. everybody went psychedelic so did the Pretties. There are a drastic changes in their sound from raw R&B punk to trippy side of rockin’ spectre. The Pretty Things signed to EMI’s Columbia label and recorded these two psych 7″ jewels that marked the beginning of SF Sorrow era of sound. Comparing to the Who or Stones adventures in psych, from my point of view The Pretty Things are way more trippier, natural and succesful inchange of their basicsound. Furthermore, these two 45’s are some of the best examples of 60’s UK psych.
…Trip Trip Trippin’…

NICK RIFF – From The Heart Of Oblivion [1989]

Nick Riff, America’s secret, psychedelic son, has always been in or around Rock & Roll in one form or another. Appearing at times as a studio musician, stage crew member, backing musician, or leader of one of Cleveland’s more successful local bands of the mis-eighties, The Attitude he has always tried to maintain the original essence of Rock & Roll in a predominantly middle of the road society.
Throughout his various incarnations as a musician, he has released or contributed musically to vinyl EPs, 7″ singles and cassette LP projects. A five song EP released in 1986 by The Attitude, on an independant Cleveland label, was well received on targeted college radio stations, nationwide and in Europe.
Over the course of his performing career, in various bands, he has appeared on concert billings with such diverse acts as D.O.A., The Replacements, R.E.M., Human Switchboard, Brian Adamas, Greg Kihn, The Feelies, Guadalcanal Diary, Chesterfield Kings, The Saints, Faith No More, The Ramones, Daevid Allen and Kevin Ayers.
1989 saw the release of his first solo project, for which he played, recorded and produced all sounds human and otherwise, on a six song cassette entitled “From The Heart of Oblivion”. While receiving positive reviews in the United States and Europe from specialist publications like Factsheet Five, Unhinged, Freakbeat, Crohinga Well and CMJ Report, two songs from the “Oblivion” tape found their way onto compilation releases.[Delirium records]
Cool & rare, Neo-Psych in the style of Bevis Frond. Surfadelic goes Psychedelic… again. Lost and Wild, Dig!


WIMPLE WINCH – Atmospheres [1965-68]

British Freakbeat/Pop/Psych group famous for their ’66/’67 tunes Save My Soul, Atmospheres and Rumble On Mersey Square South that were included in numerous comps as Chocolate Soup for Diabetics, Rubble, Maximum Freakbeat, Nuggets II… This unofficial Surfadelic collection includes pre Wimple Winch ’65 beat band The Four Just Men. Save Your Soul, Dig!