“Daughter Told Her Mommy, I Wanna Be A Headcoat Girl”
“Formed in 1991, in Kent, as a backing band for Billy Childish’s band The Headcoats, The Headcoatees soon began releasing material of their own. Featuring Holly Golightly, Ludella Black, Kyra LaRubia and Debbie Green, the all girl outfit were active throughout the 90’s, industriously releasing a plethora of albums and singles.”
Straight from [whose else but] the Billy Childish kitchen came thee best girl garage punk band in the world. Surfadelic is pleased to finaly give a treat to Thee Headcoatees LP discography. From their ’91. debut slab “Girlsville” to the real cool ’99 singles collection “The Sisters Of Suave”, you gotta dance, dance, dance to the raw beat of these legendary ”Headcoat” PUNK GIRLS!!!
Their sexy & funny treat of classic Headcoats tunes as well as covers of Bo Diddley, Jimmy Reed, 60’s garage/freakbeat, Sonics, Shadows Of Knight, Troggs, Beatles, Ramones, Undertones, Plastic Bertrand and stuff gonna have you on yer knees.
With one of the most ridiculous 45’s titles ”We Got 7 Inches, But We Wanted Twelve!” and cover of Billy’s tune turned into all-out, full blown fellatio anthem ”Cum Into My Mouth” you know, they’re more than just another girl group. Welcome to the Girlsville!
“Treat Yourself With Respect Be A Headcoat Girl”