JARVIS HUMBY – Straighten Your Mind [New Album!]


“There are but four Jarvis Humbys.That’s right, four. And Jarvis Humby fuse a fast-paced mix of British R&B, Power Pop and Mod Garage with crashing guitar, firing vocals and a joyous boost of wailing Hammond, bringing ’64 to the present day.

Back in 2003, the band released their first album ‘Assume The Position It’s……….’ on Acid Jazz Records, then 2004 with Hard Soul Records, and re-issued in 2007 on Wicked Cool Record Co. Previous to this ‘Get On Board My Train / Gwen Stacy’ was released on Detour Records in ‘98, and the ‘Garage Rock 4 Stereo’ EP was released in 2004 on Acid Jazz Records, along with additions to various compilations. Following these outputs, the band were invited to the States and played gigs in New York, Los Angeles and San Diego following support from cult DJ Little Steven (better known as a nightclub manager in TV drama The Sopranos).

A long time ago, in a studio far, far away, the four members of Jarvis Humby found themselves in Ranscombe Studios, Rochester, Kent, with Jim Riley at the controls, and Graham Day (The Prisoners, The Prime Movers, The Solarflares, etc) on producer duties. This was the Summer of 2006. These recordings were placed in a time capsule, and fourteen years later, they have now found the light of day, with much delight.

The album opens up with ‘Who’s Gonna Pick Up The Pieces?’ (a very good question), with the following thirteen tracks also securing the band as one of the best Mod Garage/BossR&B bands to have existed. Release date – 23rd of October 2020.”

UK Garage/Mod revival in style of legendary brit gang THE PRISONERS. Little Steven likes ’em, Austin Powers likes ’em, Mr.Eliminator likes ’em… Check ’em out!


JARVIS HUMBY – Assume The Position It’s… [2003/7]

Try as we might, no one here can think of a name more British sounding than Jarvis Humby. He clearly must be the king of mod-swingers, this Humby character. What you say? Jarvis Humby is actually four blokes? Well then, they’ve set themselves up to quite a task with a name like that. They even put images of Keith Richards, the Who, the Beatles and a friggin’ Union Jack on their album cover.
Fortunately, these Humby boys deliver everything they promise. Pure liquid adrenalin R&B, complete with fuzzed guitars, white-boy blues vocals and an omnipresent Hammond that coats everything with a 1964 flavor. “99 Steps to the Sun” could be the official follow-up to ? & the Mysterians'”96 Tears,” but they don’t leave it at that. Opener “We Say Yeah!” is excellent if typical garage rock until the closing holler of “Yeah, yeah yeah” that you can imagine soundtracking the toga party scene in Animal House (originally filled by Lloyd Williams'”Shout”). “These Eyes” sounds like R.E.M. sounding like the Byrds, with it’s antique 12-string tumble and “The 4th Man” is pure spy show/surf guitar goodness. Coming complete with white pants and Fender reverb, Jarvis Humby will make you want to grow your bangs, pop a couple of pep pills and head on down to Brighton to dance around and fight with the rockers. Vintage! [Joshua Glazer]

REAL COOL! UK Garage/Mod revival crew sole lp in the style of another legendary Brit gang THE PRISONERS. Little Steven likes ’em, Austin Powers likes ’em, Mr.Eliminator likes ’em… Check ’em out!

“A bunch of white guys trying to play black rhythm and blues and failing miserably. Thank God!”
[Little Steven]