(1958) Bo Diddley
(1959) Go Bo Diddley
(1959) Have Guitar, Will Travel
(1960) In The Spotlight
(1961) Bo Diddley Is A Lover

(1961) Is A Gunslinger
(1962) Bo Diddley ’62

(1962) Bo Diddley & Company

(1963) Surfin’ With Bo Diddley
(1963) Bo Diddley’s Beach Party
(1965) 500% More Man

(1965) Hey, Good Lookin’
(1966) The Originator

(1970) The Black Gladiator

(1971) Another Dimension
(1972) Where It All Began
(1974) Big Bad Bo

Bo Diddley Is Loose

Bo Diddley Is Outlaw

Bo Diddley – Rare And Well Done

Bo Diddley – Got My Own Bag Of Tricks

Bo Diddley – Profile

Bo Diddley Surfadelic Collection

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