NICK RIFF – From The Heart Of Oblivion [1989]

Nick Riff, America’s secret, psychedelic son, has always been in or around Rock & Roll in one form or another. Appearing at times as a studio musician, stage crew member, backing musician, or leader of one of Cleveland’s more successful local bands of the mis-eighties, The Attitude he has always tried to maintain the original essence of Rock & Roll in a predominantly middle of the road society.
Throughout his various incarnations as a musician, he has released or contributed musically to vinyl EPs, 7″ singles and cassette LP projects. A five song EP released in 1986 by The Attitude, on an independant Cleveland label, was well received on targeted college radio stations, nationwide and in Europe.
Over the course of his performing career, in various bands, he has appeared on concert billings with such diverse acts as D.O.A., The Replacements, R.E.M., Human Switchboard, Brian Adamas, Greg Kihn, The Feelies, Guadalcanal Diary, Chesterfield Kings, The Saints, Faith No More, The Ramones, Daevid Allen and Kevin Ayers.
1989 saw the release of his first solo project, for which he played, recorded and produced all sounds human and otherwise, on a six song cassette entitled “From The Heart of Oblivion”. While receiving positive reviews in the United States and Europe from specialist publications like Factsheet Five, Unhinged, Freakbeat, Crohinga Well and CMJ Report, two songs from the “Oblivion” tape found their way onto compilation releases.[Delirium records]
Cool & rare, Neo-Psych in the style of Bevis Frond. Surfadelic goes Psychedelic… again. Lost and Wild, Dig!