HAVOC FROM HOLLAND (15 boss beat trax from the sixties!!!)

Havoc From Holland a


One of those cool oldschool garage comps from 80’s. This Lp was issued in US in ’89 on Cryptovision record. oh yeah! It’s a great collection of dutch mid 60’s freakbeat/garage with some well known acts as The Outsiders, The Motions or The Scorpions but mostly with lesser known bands. Check some favs down below ‘n’ dig!!!


Havoc From Holland bHavoc From Holland c










THE SCORPIONS – Rem!nd [1964-1966]

This ain’t no heavy metal band from Germany [God forbid!] but 60’s beat combo from Manchester, England. They proved far more successful in Holland than in their home country, and are often believed to be a ’Nederbeat’ band alongside The Outsiders and Q65, all falling into a category of so-called ’freakbeat’, a term invented two decades later to describe a certain type of wild, raw-sounding beat music.
First heard ’em on superfine garage/beat comp. Trans-World Punk Rave-Up!Vol.1 with frantic “Just Like Me” and now here they are with solid retrospective of their 60’s recordings. Mostly upbeat covers of classics by Chuck Berry, Little Richard and others, with touch of Downliners Sect style. Rip It Up!