!!! KOOKIE COOK !!! [60’s Wacko Garage]

“Kookie Cook, second only to Dean Carter as a rock screamer of no small dementia, was a drummer and played in local bands with Carter and Miller, before cutting a bizarre version of Roy Orbison’s Sun-era rocker Ooby Dooby in late 1965. The following year he returned to Midnite Sound to lay down a batch of self-penned material brimming with feverish excitement and reckless abandon, every song punctuated by thumping drums, piercing guitar and tortured screams. One listen to stupendous selections like Workin’ Man, Misery and the bloodcurdling Revenge should make a gibbering convert of any non-believer.”

And finally, after all these years of straight pop rock, comes a time to post some really wacko garage stuff. Sometimes in the mid 60’s KOOKIE COOK [as he was known to his friends & family :-)] takes a hostage at ‘The Midnite Sound” studio in Danville, Illinois, to record what [he was thinking] should-a-be a string of hits to shook the world. Well, if you have close relations with Dean Carter [studio owner and founder of Milky Way Records, famed for the crazy cover of “Jailhouse Rock”] everything’s possible right!…or maybe no.
Now seriously, this here is some real COOL & CRAZY [serial killer garage!] shit that reminds me on some of the wildest sides of Hasil Adkins & Dean Carter, so don’t be square ‘n dig! You’ll thank me later. And remember… Don’t Lie To Meeee!!! Dig!!!
“Measuring the songs in terms of their manic value, Kookie Cook’s “Revenge” has to be combing the lunatic fringe while his instrumental “Space Monster” is just a crazed jam punctuated by screams and alien voices. How everyone managed to get through the latter without bursting into hysterics or ending up in a straitjacket is forever lost in the mists of a very loopy time. And the way he beats the hell out of the eponymous instrument on closer “Drums” makes me question the common sense of anyone living in close proximity to the studio.”


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