THE MAU MAUS – Scorched Earth Policies Then & Now

scorched earth policies

“The Mau Maus have a reputation as one of the baddest of Hollywood’s bad-boy bands- and it’s no hype.” Los Angeles Times

“The ones that impressed us in look had bad attitudes, like the Mau Maus. They were great. They were really hard… and that totally impressed me.” Spit Stix – FEAR

“Can we just tell the world what incredible groundbreakers the Mau Maus were?! I first saw them in the late 70’s and I’ve been a fan ever since. Back in the day when everyone was trying to be “cool,” the Mau Maus had everybody beat, hands down. No question, they were the absolute coolest.” – Penelope Spheeris (Decline of Western Civilization)


“This release features the only 1970’s Los Angeles punk rock band not to put an album out, and this one really delivers. It has 6 songs recorded back in 1983 with Doors guitarist Robby Krieger producing, and 8 songs recorded in 2011 with punk legend Geza X at the controls. It is hard to tell the difference between the two groups of songs, as the newer songs were recorded by the 1981 line up of the Mau Maus: the infamous Rick Wilder on vocals, Scott ‘Chopper’ Franklin (the Cramps, Joneses) on bass, Michael Livingston on guitar and Paul ‘Black’ Mars (LA Guns) on drums. If you want a true taste of the 1970’s punk scene this is a must-get.” [Randall Crawford]


More KILLER PUNK on Surfadelic! Dig these 70’s L.A. punksters NY Dolls/J.Thunders high-energy/trash punk rock blast! Cause… This is A MUST!!!




The Volcanics-The Lonely One

”The Volcanics are a high energy, “Dance and Show Combo” from the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California. Their dynamic sound (along with their sweaty mismatched blue cardigan sweaters), draws from a wide variety of influences: early 1960′s rippin’ surf instrumentals to stompin’ frat rock and roll dance tunes. The Volcanics represent good ol’ fashioned youth, fun and excitement for all thrill seeking crowds alike. Along with their first full length album “Girls, Girls, Girls”, The Volcanics just recently put out their new full length album “The Lonely One” on Double Crown Records. Like “Girls, Girls, Girls”, “The Lonely One” captures the high energy instrumentals, fun vocals, and melodic ballads that define The Volcanics. So get ready to erupt into a dancing frenzy and stomp your feet to the thunderous sounds of The Volcanic beat!”

Real cool 2nd reverb-drenched instro slab by this Southern California surf n’ stomp combo. Led by guitarist/vocalist Frankie De La Torre, So Cal surf combo The Volcanics are quickly becoming one of the most popular live acts in the scene. Influenced by 60’s instro surf acts as The Fender IV, The Crossfires, P.J. & The Galaxies, The Journeymen as well as guitar aces as Dick Dale and Eddie Bertrand, they just go for a kill with this 2013. surfin’ attack. Say… dig!!!



THE ILLUMIGNARLY – Apocalypse Gnar [2015]

The Illumignarly

Hey surfers, guess what time it is ?

It’s a Apocalypse Gnar time… alright!

Brand new stuff hot off the press [officially come out October 30, 2015 on Don’t Look Down Records], The Illumignarly, Northern California based surf rock quartet gonna kick serious ass with their mix of surf/punk/metal, inluenced by Dick Dale, Slacktone, Man or Astroman, Messer Chups, Agent Orange as well as with Fugazi, Faith No More, Reverend Horton Heat and atmosphere akin to a David Lynch movies. So you gotta picture? It’s gonna be some real hard power-surf kick-ass ride. Check ’em out!

The Illumignarly press


dale-rocka-cd-midnight-ball spo-dee-o-dee the many sides of

More real fine R-billy from Rhythm Bomb Records. This time we have Sicilian rockers Dale Rocka & The Volcanoes and their ”The Midnight Ball” 2014. album vs SPO-DEE-O-DEE from Germany with their 2006. slab ”The Many Sides Of”. It’s gonna be a real rockabilly showdown ain’t it ? All wild 50s style Rockabilly , greasy Rhythm & Blues Boppers and jivin´Rockers… Dig!!!

The Rockets vs The Bird Doggin’ Daddies

Bird Doggin' Daddies 1 rockets nail polish lies and gasoline1

Are you in need for some Rockabilly? I mean REAL Rockabilly, the one that grabs you, moves you and sends shivers down your spine, the one that was played back in the fifties. Don’t look no further…

Here are two bands on Rhythm Bomb Records [COOL label specialized in 1950s music, Rockabilly, Rhythm and Blues, Hillbilly, Country, Western Swing] The Rockets from Switzerland and The Bird Doggin’ Daddies from the south of Germany with their 2013. slabs full of r-billy tunes [recorded analogue] as they came from some lost 50’s Sun studios sessions. No shit! These guys sound as they have shared stages with Johnny Burnette, Elvis, Carl Perkins or Charlie Feathers in their heydays.

”They got the bug but it’s just a question of time for you to get it too.

Now guys, about this time machine, could we find an arrangement? I’d really like to see Buddy Holly on stage…” [Fred “Virgil” Turgis]

MYSTERY ACTION (Boss Martians) – Here’s To Another Year [2000]


“Seattle’s Evan Foster just keeps getting BETTER as he goes. 5 BOSS MARTIANS albums down (with another on the way) and he finds time to start a 2nd band dedicated to the late 60’s to supplement all that early-60’s surf & hot rod stuff. WOW! I played this almost NON-STOP for a month after getting it! Hard-driving 60s-style ROCK & ROLL with tons of Hammond Organ work and even some horn sections tossed in for good measure make this an exciting package. And your eyes will be knocked out by the HOT electric PINK they used in the packaging. Anyone who digs Philly’s MONDO TOPLESS absolutely NEEDS a copy of this! A fab cover of the Sam Cooke song “Shake” rounds out a collection of powerful originals. DON’T wait! Get it NOW!”

Hey Hey! Yeah Yeah! A REAL COOL  but overlooked transition album for Boss Martians. Here they try new, harder rockin’ sound [which was later fully developed on ”Making The  Rounds” and ”The Set-Up”] influenced by 60’s Mod of Small Faces and 70’s power pop/punk sound of Elvis Costello, Cheap Trick, Ramones and MC5. Great stuff: Conspiracy, Trade Publication, He’ll Be Around [later re-recorded for ”The Set-Up”], Shake, Ten Years Time, Some Kids Will Riot, I Believe… Dig!!!



THE BREAKAWAYS – Time Surfin’ [2004]


From southern California, The Breakaways have been around for over a decade. Playing Fender instruments, they perform old school 60’s style surf instrumentals, in the tradition of The Ventures, The Challengers, and Dick Dale, but with a more modern production. Time Surfin’ (2004) features twenty surf-rock instrumentals, thirteen of which are original compositions by the band, and seven covers of surf rock classics.

While it is nice to hear another tightly executed version of standards like Apache, Out Of Limits, Diamond Head, Baja, Hotdoggin’, or Penetration, The Breakaways are most interesting doing their own music, as the guys deliver some really cool tunes, much in the traditional style of the 60’s. The best of their faster numbers include North Shore Rumble, Surfin’ Sam, Pray For Surf, Storm Surf, Percussionator, and The Curl’s Revenge. No Surf, The Crush, Shark’s Breath, and Longboard Lesson, are really cool atmospheric mid-tempo tunes. Like The Ventures, they also explore some slower, soft, easy-going, spacey stuff that is kind reminiscent of some of the music on The Ventures In Space (1964), or Surfing (1963) albums. [Amazon Reviews]



Evan Foster – Instrumentals [2004]

EVAN FOSTER-Instrumentals

“A side project from his full-time job as singer/guitarist/songwriter for garage punk revivalists the Boss Martians, Evan Foster’s debut solo release is a textbook example of instrumental roots rock & roll six-string slinging. Heavily influenced by surf in general and Dick Dale in particular — especially on the raging “Glass Packed & Fully Stacked” — there are also more atmospheric moments to offset the rockers that dominate this set. “Venice, Late Night” is a dusky, low-key piece that incorporates elements of jazz and Spaghetti Western-style reverb, as does the lazy, windswept “Embrujada.” As their titles indicate, both “Mouthbreather” and “Meanstreak” are more directly rock-oriented. The latter is a tribute to Rory Gallagher, whose terse, tensile style also influenced Foster’s frills-free approach. No instrumental guitar album would be complete without a Venture tribute, and “Slidin'” fills the bill. EVAN FOSTER“Spy on Me” adds cheap keyboards to the mix and sounds like the soundtrack to a grade B, 1960’s James Bond rip-off flick. Foster also handles bass overdubs, but some tracks don’t even utilize the instrument, and with all the frantic riffing it isn’t missed. Dave Davies’ “All Day and All of the Night” lick gets a workout on the opening to “Where Do I Stand” but the tune then transforms into a raging rocker. Foster blasts off into sci-fi territory on the spacey “Sequence Array” and “I.D. Crisis,” two of three four-track demos that sound only slightly more raw than the rest of the disc. There is even one (negligible) vocal as Foster repeatedly shouts out the title line to “I Want Some Sex” between Link Wray-styled power chords. A minor complaint is that although Foster is a remarkable stylist, he doesn’t have a sound of his own, preferring to raid the technique books of those guitarists who have walked before him. Regardless, this is a terrific and wonderfully played album, that shows Foster to be a talented, even electrifying musician, with more than one trick up his sleeve.” [Hal Horowitz]

Boss Martians guitar-man with drummer Dusty Watson by his side.

I’ve reposted this 1000 times cause…

This is A MUST! Dig!!!

EVAN FOSTER-Instrumentals2