EL VAMPIRO – (Border Town Rock N’ Roll 1963-64)

El Paso Rock Vol. 8 - El Vampiro


More El Paso rockers in this all surf-instro comp. This special volume features seventeen roaring 1963-64 surf instrumentals, eight of them previously unissued! Ride the wild sand with the Monarcs, Torquetts, Los Vampiranos and more. Dig !!!


El Paso Rock Vol. 8 - El Vampiro b



SAND SURFIN’ (Border Town Rock N’ Roll 1964-67)

Sand Surfin-9578.jpeg


“Down in the wastelands of New Mexico,
where there’s a definite lack of H2o
The kids get their kicks on this barren land,
when they go surfing on pure white sand
Sand Surfing Sand Surfing”
[The Four Dimensions]


Cool collection 60’s garage & surf rock rarities from El Paso, Texas. 1964-67 set equally divided between surf stomps and garage monsters including rarities from the Suemi, goldust and Frog Death labels! Let’s go Sand Surfin’!!!


Sand Surfin b