Rare CD compilation of mostly lesser known 60’s surf & hot rod songs and some sunshine pop. Many real cool tunes previously uncomped as The Dolphins “Surfing-East Coast”, The Casuals “Mustang 2+2”, The Four Wheels “Sneaky Little Sleeper”, Tony Harris With The Woodys “Go Go Little Scrambler”, The Four Wheels “Sneaky Little Sleeper”, The Four Wheels “Sneaky Little Sleeper”, Good Vibrations “Mary Anne”, The Racers “Skateboard”, The Excels “California On My Mind” Girls, cars, sun, fun, … Enjoy!!!

*Track missing: Gary & The Wombats “Summer’s Over”

  1. Good Vibrations – Weekend
  2. The Dolphins – Surfing-East Coast
  3. The Quads – Surfin’ Hearse
  4. Gary Usher – Jody
  5. The Rip Chords – Wah-Wahini
  6. Bob Sled & The Toboggans – Here We Go (The Surfer Boys Are Going Skiing)
  7. The Sidewalk Surfers – Fun Last Summer
  8. Good Vibrations – Mary Anne
  9. California Suns – Little Bit Of Heaven
  10. The Racers – Skateboard
  11. The Excels – California On My Mind
  12. Gary & The Wombats – Summer’s Over
  13. The G.T.O.’s – She Rides With Me
  14. The Reveres – Big T
  15. The Pyramids – Custom Caravan
  16. The Upsetters – Draggin’ The Main
  17. The Four Wheels – Sneaky Little Sleeper
  18. The Hondells – Little Sidewalk Surfer Girl
  19. Tony Harris With The Woodys – Go Go Little Scrambler
  20. Jan Berry – Skateboard Surfin’
  21. The Tigers – Geeto Tiger
  22. The Zip-Codes – Run, Little Mustang!
  23. The Casuals – Mustang 2+2
  24. Paul Revere & The Raiders – SS 396
  25. The Cyrkle – Camaro



Loud Pipes & Long Boards [60’s Surf/Hot Rod Instros!]


Oh yeah! And this one really kicks ass. Brand new limited edition vinyl only compilation of rare 60’s surfin’, draggin’ and rockin’ instro action. Pretty ace stuff indeed. Say… Dig!!!




HAVOC FROM HOLLAND (15 boss beat trax from the sixties!!!)

Havoc From Holland a


One of those cool oldschool garage comps from 80’s. This Lp was issued in US in ’89 on Cryptovision record. oh yeah! It’s a great collection of dutch mid 60’s freakbeat/garage with some well known acts as The Outsiders, The Motions or The Scorpions but mostly with lesser known bands. Check some favs down below ‘n’ dig!!!


Havoc From Holland bHavoc From Holland c










Buzz Buzz Buzzzzzz vol. 1 & 2 [60’s Garage/Psych Instros]

“The High Art of Groovy ’60s Psychedelic Instrumental”

“Packed to the hilt with go-go and acid trip freak-outs, a combination of session men and garage bands perform fuzzy-guitar mantras and shimmering soundscapes. Mellow 12-strings, jazzy electric piano, and Arabic-sounding Farfisas keep up the tunes as Moogs squeak and bongos pummel away creating the kind of incidental music to be heard during the trip scene of drug-ploitation flicks and no-budget sci-fi. It is a more than an adequate soundtrack for wacky home movies or parties.” [allmusic]

Real cool comps of rare mid 60’s garage & acid instro grooves. Say… Buzz Buzz Buzzzzzzz !!!


More psych-out 60’s instros in Everything You Always Wanted To Know…





THE CHALLENGERS – Killer Surf! The Best Of The Challengers

Killer Surf - The Best Of The Challengers (Front)


“One of the most popular of the early Southern Californian surf bands, the Challengers were formed by drummer Richard Delvy after he left the Bel-Airs, who had recorded one of the very first surf singles, “Mr. Moto.” Their debut LP, Surfbeat (early 1963), was one of the very first all-instrumental surf albums and sold 200,000 copies, an astronomical number for a regional act. Recording several albums over the next couple of years, most of their repertoire consisted of covers of popular rock and surf tunes; undeniably exciting at the time, their lack of originality can make their work generic to wade through. The moody “K-39,” also available on surf compilations, is their most famous cut.”

“Clocking in at 30 tracks, this is a top-heavy collection of surf sides the Challengers cut for the GNP/Crescendo label. As the group never really had a hit, this is arguably all the Challengers you might ever need for the collection. But it is grade-A surf music, extremely well played with various session ringers like Hal Blaine, Jim Keltner, Steve Douglas, and Paul Johnson brought in on various numbers.”[AMG]

Interesting collection of instro surfin’ by this well known L.A. surf band. There are some different versions of tunes from their early albums as “Surfbeat”, “K-39” and “Go Sidewalk Surfing!” which is strange but OK. Also, there is entire 1964. “Sidewalk Surfing!” LP by The Good Guys, studio band project with Art Fisher, Hal Blaine, Paul Johnson and Steve Douglas.


Killer Surf - The Best Of The Challengers (Inside)Killer Surf - The Best Of The Challengers (Back)


THE DAVE BRIDGE TRIO – Surfin’ Down Under [1963]



“The Dave Bridge Trio were an Australian group that got their start when the lead guitarist of the Joy Boys quit to form his own band. This is their only album.

‘Surfin’ Down Under’ is a moody track that features an unidentified pipe-like percussion instrument that starts the album out in a drowsy low-fi vibe. ‘Bondi Stomp’ picks the tempo up quite a bit and is a great little rocker full of guitar slides. ‘Cat Bay’ is another fast rocker with tremendous amounts of reverb while ‘Gold Coast stomp’ boasts some excellent low string picking. ‘Cottesloe Stomp’ has some interesting banter between guitars and ‘Rainbow Bay’ again falls into low-fi mood music. One of the best more interesting tracks on the album, ‘Ridin’ the Bower’ falls into Les Paul territory. ‘Boomer Beach’ features the drummer. ‘The Tide’ has some ghostly backing female vocals though doesn’t exactly fall comfortably into the surf umbrella. The oddly-titled ‘Winkiepop’ has a nice bass line while Bridge’s guitar twangs up high on the fret board. Years before the Disney film, ‘Moana’ feels more like a jam session than an actual song. A bass heavy ‘Gallows’ closes the album on a strong note.

Extremely chill, extremely relaxed; the Dave Bridge Trio’s Surfin’ Down Under is a breath of fresh air from the continent in the Pacific ocean. Never re-released on CD r cassette, original copies often fetch upwards of $300 so if you are able locate a copy, grab it quick!” [Surfroute101]

Sydney based 60’s Instrumental band sole LP + singles trax and live. Rare stuff indeed. Just fer ya surfin’ cats! don’t miss it, Dig!!!





SCRATCH MY BACK – New Rubble Vol.5 [UK 60’s Girls Garage/Mod/Beat]



UK 60’s girls in garage-mod-beat action! This is for my money the best volume in the New Rubble series. Loadsa cool stuff like fuzzed-out ”Scratch My Back” by Jan Panter, The Martells ”Time To Say Goodbye”, Glenda Collins ”Thou Shalt Not Steal”, cover of Hollies tune ”You Know He Did” by Mary Mccarthy, cool take on The Sorrows ”Baby” by Tracy Rogers… Girls 60’s FUN FUZZ & HAMMOND, Check some favs down there ‘n’ dig!!!







BIG BOY PETE – Return To Catatonia [1967-69 Pop/Psych]


“Funny what acid can do to you…”

“This is the third of four collections of previously unreleased material by this U.K. space cadet. Funny what acid can do to you. In this case it was kind of like the elixir that transformed Jekyll into Hyde (an observation taken directly from the liner notes to this LP). Pete Miller was previously known for his contributions on guitar to a couple of relatively undistinguished British pop groups from the early ’60s. After a brief solo career under sober conditions, he discover acid about the middle of the decade, which promptly transformed him into his alter ego: Big Boy Pete. This new and mentally unshackled artist, with the aid of his own in-home studio, went about recording some truly odd, strange, weird, and any other adjective along these lines you can think of – some recorded while the artist was actually tripping. “
“Return to Catatonia has some truly trippy material. A couple of songs are obviously influenced by other artists like the Kinks and the Beatles. It also relies heavely on studio effects…”

The further PSYCHEDELIC adventures of Pete Miller, Uk’s best kept secret of the 60’s! Following the ‘Homage To Catatonia’, this release ransacks BIG BOY PETE’s 1967-1969 vaults to present another 14 tracks of previously UNAVAILABLE homegrown PSYCHEDELIA.