IGGY POP – Live Chicken At The Waves [1980]

live chicken at the waves_front

Great vinyl bootleg of live show recorded at the Waves Club Chicago 1st October 1980. It was “Soldier” tour concert where Iggy perform rare tune “Lonely As Hell“. Raw & furious as it should be. Sound check by Mr.Eliminator. One For My Baby, Dig !!!

live chicken at the waves_front2



IGGY POP – Real Wild Child [Live in Volkshaus, Zürich, 1986]



Another live recording from Volkshaus, Zürich, Switzerland issued on The Swingin’ Pig label , specialized in bootlegs. Iggy was on “Blah Blah Blah” tour to promote his brand new hit album, so it’s interesting to hear fresh variations of his older, and classic stuff. Sound quality is great, so gimme danger ‘n’ Dig !!!




IGGY POP – Garden Of Evil (1987)

Iggy Pop - Garden Of Evil-9368.jpeg


’80s Unofficial Release on limited vinyl [in various colors], mostly with “Zombie Birdhouse”, “New Values”, “Soldier” outtakes, live trax and radio show appearances. Pretty interesting stuff from his new wave phase as Warrior TribeFire Engine, Old Mule Skinner, Popper World, cover of Fortune Teller and ballads One For My Baby [Sinatra] or Pretty Flamingo. Well ya know Iggy, what should I say. Vinyl Rip, Dig

Track details as detailed on back cover:
A1: IG The Pig – [Recorded in a Montreux church in ’86 during the “BLAH-BLAH” Sessions]
A2: Repo Man – [An ’83 studio outtake – later used in the soundtrack]
A3: Warrior Tribe – [“ZOMBIE” outtake]
A4: 96 Tears – [A very rare ’83 live version]
A5: The Idiot – [Should have been the title track to the ’77 Pop/Bowie lp]
A6: One For My Baby – [A ’78 live rarity – James Osterberg meets Frank Sinatra]
B1: Fire Engine – [“ZOMBIE” outtake]
B2: Fortune Teller – [recorded during rehearsal to “SOLDIER” in spring ’79.]
B3: Search & Destroy – [This version was recorded during the ’77 Mantra sessions]
B4: Driftin’ From Town To Town – [This bizarre little piece was done in ’74 on a FLO & EDDIE radio-show]
B5: From The Inside – [This is the original ’77 recording]
B6: Old Mule Skinner – [“ZOMBIE” outtake]
B7: Pretty Flamingo – [“NEW VALUES” outtake]
B8: Speak To Me – [“NEW VALUES” outtake]
B9: Popper World – [Taken from the “ZOMBIE” rehearsals live on tour]


Iggy Pop - Garden Of Evil-1718.jpeg


TINA PEEL – Pajama Party! [Rudi’s pre-Fuzztones new wave/punk band]

Tina Peel 1

”Bubblegum-Punk band, formed in 1976. Rudi says, that this band was heavily influenced by The Monkees, Cryan’ Shames, 1910 Fruitgum Company and Dave Clark 5.[1] It is also Rudi’s first band, where he performed as frontman. Rudi wrote or co-wrote the majority of the original material recorded by Tina Peel with then members Deb O’Nair, Jim Nastix and Jackson Plugs. Dave U. Hall (ex-bassist from Birdland with Lester Bangs) replaced Jim Nastix after his tenure with the band. Dave went under the name Rick O’Shea. Soon, they became a popular NYC attraction, often headlining the major clubs of the time (Hurrah, Irving Plaza, Ritz, CBGB), as well as appearing on several television shows, including the cult favorite, The Uncle Floyd Show. Even though the band was courted by major labels, and enjoyed frequent press, Tina Peel broke up when members Rudi Protrudi and Deb O’Nair went on to form The Fuzztones in 1980.”

Tina Peel x300

Rudi’s pre-Fuzztones, Garage/New Wave band that reminds pretty much on UK’s The Revillos, 60’s influenced trash-punk rockers, which is pretty cool. Anyways interesting stuff for Rudi’s fans. Dig!

Tina Peel-3758.jpeg


RUDI – Big Time, The Best Of Rudi

R-3521316-1Northern Ireland 70’s new wave punkers ”famed” for their ’78. single Big Time.

”Building up a fearsome live reputation round Belfast through 77 the classic line up was Brian Young Vocals & Guitar, Ronnie Mathews Vocals/Guitar, Graham Marshall Drums and Gordon Blair (Ex Highway Star with Jake Burns !!) on Bass. Songs in the set included the infamous ‘Cops’ featuring the chant SSRUC. On one of their live occasions they were witnessed by Terri Hooley who owned the record shop Good Vibrations and who stumped up the money for the single ‘Big Time’ in April 78 and so the Good Vibrations label was born. It sold by the bucket load and received a unanimous thumbs up from all quarters of the music press and radio.”… Rudi-The Story


As you can see they shared stage with The Undertones so you got the picture. Half of this comp is solid pop punk you gotta check out. Dig!


!!! LOLITAS !!!

“Lolitas were a French-German rock band influenced by Punk, Rockabilly, U.S. Garage, French 60s Ye-Ye Music and Pop. Founded by Françoise Cactus and Coco Neubauer…” [from stereocandies.blogspot]
What we got here are four slabs by this real cool French singing Punk/New Wave group, influenced by Johnny Thunders, The Cramps, Tav Falco, Rolling Stones, Bo Diddley, 60’s Garage & French 60’s Pop. On their 3rd Lp “Fusée d’amour”, they even collaboratedwith legends as Alex Chilton and Jim Dickinson.First stumbled upon this stuff on fine Stereocandies blog, so these great Vinyl Rips [except “Fusée d’amour”] are executed by The Candyman. Rare stuff, Enjoy!

BIZARROS – Complete Collection 1976-1980 + Sordide Sentimental 7″

Already posted BIZARROS sole lp and split with Rubber City Rebels but now, here are complete stuff of these overlooked Acron, Ohio New Wave Punkers heavily influenced by Richard Hell, Television, Modern Lovers and The Velvet Underground. This comp. also brings some pretty solid unissued demo & live recordings and there’s an interesting rare French 1980. 7″The Cube/Underground on Sordide Sentimental as well. Some solid punkers mixed with some so so stuff, but it’s a mondo bizarro alright!

Surfadelic Presents: LET’S GET PUNKED-OUT!

Alright punks! Surfadelic Presents this, Surfadelic Presents that… but now! Surfadelic Presents [not necessary, but inevitable] thee BEST Punk Rock collection for 21st century! Mostly consist of some of my fav U.K. & U.S. groups and acts from 70’s & 80’s, there are few from Australia [The Victims, Fun Things] and one from EU [The Kids from Belgium]. Some of these stuff are more high-octane rock’n’roll than punk [anyway, the attitude is right] but that’s the way I like it and that’s the way it is. As ya know “It’s My Way Or The Highway”. Feel Lucky Punk?
This is SURFADELIC PUNK ROCK! Sooooooo, You Better Dig!!!


THE NUNS – The Nuns [1980]

The Nuns were a punk rock/new wave and gothic rock band in San Francisco. Best known as one of the founding acts of the early San Francisco punk scene, the band went through a number of hiatuses and periodic reunions, lineup changes, and changes in style. Overall, The Nuns performed and recorded on and off from the mid-1970s into the 2000s. While the band was centered on Jennifer Miro and Jeff Olener through its various incarnations, Alejandro Escovedo, who went on to later success as an Americana and alternative country musician, was also a key member during its years of fame in late 1970s San Francisco. [wiki]

Despite the likes of the Ramones, Dead Kennedys and X receiving all the hype when it comes to American punk, San Francisco’s The Nuns delivered one of the classics with their eponymous debut (actually the material dates from 1977).

The Nuns featured three powerful personalities, each leaving his unique stamp on the material. Alejandro Escovedo is the musician of the group (later a member of Rank and File), but most dominant is Jennifer Miro, both night-life diva and teenage tramp, her glacial keyboards and supreme voice contrasting the sleazy Lou Reed-like monotone of Jeff Olener.
Decadence, rebellion, S&M, street-life, junk, nihilism, laziness, and depravity abound in this exuberant set of songs, ranging from perfect punk-pop that would give Deborah Harry a run for her money (“Savage”, “You Think You’re The Best”), to amphetamine-driven punk oozing charm and attitude (“Media Control”, “World War 3”, “Confused”), to theatrical brilliance (“Wild”, “Getting Straight”, “Suicide Child”) etc.

You could hear their Blondie-like single “Wild” on Bomp! EXPERIMENTS IN DESTINY, and  now here’s San Francisco punk pioneers debut slab on Butt records. If you dig new wave stuff like The Rezillos or Blondie you probably like this. Dig… the Butt!




REAL COOL double LP set of BOMP! Rec. ace late 70’s stuff. Here you gotta deal with New Wave, Power Pop & Punk tunes by some well known BOMP! names as Stiv Bators, The Real Kids, Paul Collins, The Sonics, The Weirdos, The Last, Dead Boys, The Crawdaddys, The Zantees, Nikki & The Corvettes and some lesser known but cool acts as The MnMs, Blake Xolton & The Martians, The Nuns, The Dadistics, Lipstick Killers, Pete Holly & The Looks, Rainbow Red Oxidizer… say BOMP!