GIRL TROUBLE – Surfadelic Collection !!!



Garage punk band from Tacoma, Washington, formed in 1983. From 1987. to 2003. they released five albums and bunch of singles on different independent labels. Their style is heavily influenced by The Cramps and acts like Link Wray or The Sonics. Girl Trouble is one of my fav garage punkers from 90’s next to Swingin’ Neckbreakers, Boss Martians, Devil Dogs, The Gories, or Blues Explosion! Although I’ve already posted their whole catalogue, I think they deserve a special Surfadelic tribute. This is kinda best of collection, a selection of favorite trax from their LPs and singles. If you ain’t familiar with GP this comp will be a fine introduction. Check out some fav tunes down there ‘n’ Dig!!!






Holly Shit!!! A total re-post of this Tacoma, Washington garage-punk wig-out monsters stuff.

“In their contrary way, Girl Trouble may be the ultimate Pacific Northwest rock band; their purposefully lo-fi attack and primitive sound make them one of the few acts that boasts a musical kinship with both Mudhoney and Beat Happening, but they’re clearly influenced by the vintage garage-era sounds of the Sonics, the Wailers, and the Raiders, and their swaggering, snotty outlook is timeless in its own flip-the-bird way. Rough, echo-laden guitar work from Kahuna, simple but hard-hitting drumming by Bon Von Wheelie, subsonic bass work courtesy of Dale Philips, and attitudinal vocals from Kurt P. Kendall that split the difference between Gerry Roslie and Lux Interior. Fold in muscular tunes about cage dancing, alluring but dangerous gals, treacherous men of the cloth, biker gangs, new dance sensations, and all sorts of crazed good times.” [Mark Deming]

A Must for The Cramps, A-Bones, Raunch Hands fans. Dig!!!

Girl Trouble h1BenQ DC S1410 Girltrouble Thrillsphere1  BenQ DC S1410Girl Trouble - TuesdaysIllusion