PRIMAL SCREAM – S/T [1989.Vinyl Rip!]

Primal Scream_1

”Ivy you’re a girl that I can never taste
I get violent feelings when I see your face
You’re so warm and beautiful and soft and kind
I close my eyes but you’re still shining in my head”

”Primal Scream is the second album by Scottish indie rock band Primal Scream. Released on 4 September 1989 through Creation and Mercenary Records, it took a harder rock approach than their debut album Sonic Flower Groove. The song “I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have” was later remixed to provide the breakthrough single “Loaded” that appeared on their much celebrated third album Screamadelica.” [wiki]


Primal Scream_3

”You’ve got a heart of gold
You can’t be bought or sold
You’ve got a heart of gold baby
I got the blues for you
I give myself to you
I got the blues for you, baby”

This is my favorite PS slab and the most rocking one. Always remind me on real cool fall of ’89. No electronica or dance/house shit here, just high energy MC5, Stooges, Ramones influenced rockers – Ivy Ivy Ivy, Sweet Pretty Thing, She Power,Gimme Gimme Teenage Head, Lone Star Girl, and Stonesy/Velvet Underground style ballads – You’re Just Dead Skin To Me, Kill The King, You’re Just Too Dark To Care and personal fav Jesus Can’t Save Me. ”I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have” was a prequel to legendary “Loaded” single. Vinyl rip by Surfadelic. Gimme Teenage Head, Dig !!!



Primal Scream_2