THE GURUS – Are Hear! [US 60’s Garage]

The Gurus Are Hear!

The Gurus Are Hear! was actually advertised in Billboard and Cashbox in 1967, but the album was canceled only a few weeks before its projected release. More than 35 years later, it finally emerged as this Sundazed CD, augmented naturally by five bonus cuts. So is it just as mysterious and exotic as psychedelic collectors suspected? Not exactly, but it’s a pretty interesting if slightly contrived and kitschy hybrid of psychedelic rock and Middle Eastern music. As it turns out, the best of their demented anguished-psychedelia-in-a-falafel-restaurant-bellydancing-room had already been issued on their two singles (both sides of which are included on the album). From those 45s, “Come Girl,” “Blue Snow Night,” and “Everybody’s Got to Be Alone Sometime” are genuinely fine and rather ahead-of-their-time songs. Singer John Lieto howls like a pained cantor while the band plays psychedelia fit for a harem, with oud trills, raga-rock electric guitar, bent notes, and tortured minor keys aplenty, though not bereft of some garage rock energy and hooks. The other songs aren’t quite up to that level, aren’t terribly varied, and are sometimes quite a bit more pop-oriented and normal-sounding, with “Contact” penned by the Bonner-Gordon team of “Happy Together” fame. But not all of those extra cuts are unmemorable, the band totally overhauling “Louie Louie” into a dervish-swirling dance that must rank as one of the weirdest covers of this covered-to-death song. And you’ve gotta love a song (“Shaker Life”) with the line “Come life eternal, shake it out of me, all that is carnal,” set to a tune and beat like “Twist and Shout” gone to temple. The less essential bonus tracks include another Bonner-Gordon tune, “They All Got Carried Away,” and alternate versions (one of them wholly instrumental) of four songs from the album. [AllMusic Review by Richie Unterberge]

”This cd basically rocks from start to finish but there are a couple of throwaways. The ones that aren’t strong are the more polished mainstream pop efforts which don’t bare much of a resemblance to their sound. But otherwise this band had a very innovative and interesting early psychedelic sound, which occasionally reminds me of The Music Machine. Their sound is characterized by banging bongos, fuzzed out guitar solos, Yelping vocals, strange middle-eastern instruments, and a hypnotizing overall vibe. THis is a nice breath of fresh air for all you garage/psych heads that have already bought everything else from 66-69. enjoy!” [Amazon Customer Reviews]



Holidays In Serbia: Instrummentón En La Cuadra Vol. 4

Front 4

Hola muchachos! Summer’s almost gone… but hey!… not before I put some fine instro comp. This here is a real cool collection of mostly 60’s instros gathered by my dear friend Jose from famous Tommentonenlacuadra blogspot. Here you gotta deal with wide spectre of genres, from R&B, Exotica, Lounge to Surf, R’n’R, Garage & Soundtrack tunes. A pretty tasty mix of some well and some less known acts for your wyld summer vacation. Hey hombre, say dig!!!

01 – Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – Night Train
02 – Los Shains – Shains A-Go-Go
03 – Big Bo & The Arrows – Bog Bo’s Iron Horse
04 – The Dakotas – Magic Carpet
05 – Al Garcia & The Rhythm Kings – Latin Twist
06 – The Rolling Stones – 2120 South Michigan Avenue
07 – Link Wray And His Ray Men – Jack The Ripper
08 – The Sounds Incorporated – Tarzan
09 – The Ventures – Comin Home Baby
10 – Brian Fahey & His Orchestra – At The Sign Of The Swingin’ Cymbal
11 – Cyril Davies & His Rhythm & Blues All Stars – Country Line Special
12 – Renato E Seus Blue Caps – We Like Birdland
13 – Los Flecos – Distinta (Instrumental)
14 – Johnny Clark – Jungle Stomp
15 – Ennio Morricone – Per Qualche Dollari In Piu
16 – Hal Blaine – The Phantom Drive
17 – The Purple Canteen – If You Like it That Way
18 – The Cords – Ghost Power
19 – The Frantics – The Whip
20 – The Sounds Incorporated – Last Night
21 – Farewell


Sleazerama! 15 Tassle Twizzlin’ Titty Shakers!!!


More 50′ & 60s Titty Twisters! Sax driven R&B instros for eye poppin’ burlesque action.

01. Jesse Price – Pizza Beat
02. The Fifty Milers – The Grunt
03. The Starlighters – Creepin’
04. The Nobelman – Dragon Walk
05. Dick D’Agostin – Night Walk
06. The Nobles – Black Widow
07. The Rockin’ R’s – The Mix
08. Dave Hamilton and His Peppers – Cooter Bug
09. J.C. Davis – The Splib, Pt. I
10. Porky Harris and His Fantabulous 5 – Pig Pen
11. Jake Porter – Way Out East
12. Tony March and Bill David’s Roomates – Show Down
13. Dick Dixon and The Roomates – The Catrepillar Crawl
14. The Lincolns – Night Drag
15. The Escapades – Tomcat


Spoonful R&B/Exotica vol.1-8

Enjoy amazing and danceable tunes from the late 50s and early 60s – a handful of popcorn dancefloor smashes, a few grinding tittyshakers, awesome rhythm & blues – most of them with an exotic twist! 12 trax on each volume. Only on Surfadelic, Dig!

[Warning! : Katanga LP volume is different than CD version I’ve posted before]

Chop Chop Gibble Gobble1 Kan-Gu-Wa Katanga! SadabaAhbe Casabe Boom-A-LayChug-A-Lug



Ohhhh baby!!! With Katanga! Another potent mixture of sweet Popcorn, wild Tittyshakers, hip Exotica (non-Muzak-style )and Rhythm & Blues Mambo-style! This is finger snappin’, toe tappin’, hip jigglin’, booty shakin’ madness of the highest order! This is one greasy, sweat soaked, sexy dance party! Move to the groove, baby!!!

01. Lecuona Cuban Boys – Tabu 
02. The Altecs – Gorilla Hunt 
03. Johnny McBee – Nothing But Love 
04. The Finger Cymbals – Prowl 
05. Eddie Baxter – Fortune Cookie Pt. 1 
06. Artie Barsamin & His Orchestra – Nene Aman 
07. Bill Haley & The Comets – Hawk
08. Billy Ball – African Surprise 
09. The Nomads – Icky Poo 
10. The Dootones – Ay Si Si (Mambo) 
11. Lord Creator – Big Bamboo
12. Kai Winding – Comin’ Home Baby 
13. George Allan – Come On Home
14. Otis Blackwell – Let The Daddy Hold You 
15. The Sheiks – Bagdad Rock 
16. Ray Smith – Makes Me Feel Good
17. The Valiants – Serpents & Spiders
18. Vernon Green & The Medaillions – A Lover’s Prayer
19. Johnny Wells – Lonely Moon
20. Jerry Reed – Rockin’ In Bagdad 
21. Little Willie John – Katanga 
22. Bob Ridgeley – She Was A Mau Mau 
23. Sil Austin – Hey Eula 
24. The Calvanes – Anna Macora 
25. Gene Summers – Taboo
26. Big Maybelle – Going Home Baby
27. Buddy Ace – True Love Money Can’t Buy
28. Ronnie Hawkins – Hey Boba Lu 
29. The Invictas – Samoa 
30. Piney Brown – Cream In My Coffee (Sugar In My Tea) 
31. Gabriel And The Angels – Hey 
32. Sounds Incorporated – Taboo 


Fuzz-Filled Dreams & Sitar Things

The Pluto Walkers

The Pluto Walkers and their alter-ego companion El Futuro Sonidos are the brainchild of guitarist Bob Irwin, who is better-known as the founder and producer of the esteemed reissue label Sundazed. This is a fake ’60s B-movie soundtrack with some cool exotica/lounge/surf influenced instro utopia and some biker fuzz-tones Davie Allan style. Fuzz-Filled your Dreams, Dig!

Pluto Walkers2


OMAR KHORSHID – Guitar El Chark (Guitar Of The Orient) [1973-1977]

“Guitar player from Egypt. Born in 1945, he was tragically killed in a car accident in 1981.
After a few years of playing parties and small clubs, he was invited by Abdel Halim Hafez to play electric guitar with his Oriental Orchestra. He then hooked up with Oum Kalsoum and her orchestra. In 1973 he moved to Lebanon where he began making his own records and this continued until 1981.
He was also an actor, starring in several Egyptian, Lebanese, and Syrian films in the 1970s and early 1980s. It is believed that he composed music for over 40 films.”
“Omar Khorshid was a massive figure in the musical movements of Egypt in the 1970s, adding his guitar to a series of bands and solo excursions ranging from the now-classic Oum Kalthoum to his own brands of psychedelic experimentation.
As he flies through these recordings, all from the 1973-1977 period, the sound is immediately striking. The chaos of a stereotypical Middle Eastern bazaar is inherent in every track, with tiny clashes, small and large thumps of a darbukkah, and jangling percussion everywhere. With that, though, there’s an organ that roves into true psychedelic territory à la Ray Manzarek more often than it stays as basic accompaniment. And there’s Khorshid himself, powering his guitar through odd mixes of rhythmic exploration, of traditional scales, and of acid jazz noodling all at once. The resulting sound is simultaneously exotic, ageless, and retro-modern. But all elements are entrancing. This is nostalgic ethnic music at its finest.” [Adam Greenberg]
And now for something completely different – Electrified Belly Dance Psych/Surf Exotica. Usually, I don’t dig ethno stuff, but this collection has some vibes related to surf and Dick Dale Middle East influences. Anyways, pretty interesting stuff to shake your jelly belly, baby. Rock The Casbah!

MONDO INFERNO Vol.1,2,3 [60’s & 70’s Worldwide Lounge/Exotica/R&B]

More and EVEN MORE 60’s & 70’s worldwide Lounge/Exotica/R&B rare grooves, compiled by DJs from an out-of-this-world Vegas-style supper club in Australia called Devilles Pad!

Lots of Hammond organ here, but also plenty of vocals too – served up over the kind of jerk and twist rhythms that can make a keyboard sound so great! Most numbers here appear to be of mid 60s vintage – and the set definitely lives up to the global sources promised in the title as lyrics are in French and Spanish on some cuts, and in swinging English on others.
Me Big Man
Me Nice Man…”

  Vol.1                         Vol.2                        Vol.3