THE LEMON DIPS – Who’s Gonna Buy? [1969. UK Psych]



”Psychedelic rock beat library music composed by Johnny Hawksworth and Peter Reno, played by The Lemon Dips in vocal and instrumental versions featuring heavy drums, electric guitar and organ.”

”Recorded by an anonymous studio band, musically 1969’s “Who’s Gonna Buy?” was a major curiosity. The album was divided into a side featuring six vocal performances and a side with seven instrumentals. Five of the side two instrumentals were apparently the same songs without the vocal tracks. Missing in action from the instrumental side was ‘I Am the Man’- though there were two ‘new’ tracks – ‘Wild Types’ and ‘Leather People’. Assuming J. Hawksworth and P. Reno were the main members (they were given writing credits for all 14 selections), the album offered up a wonderful selection of garage rock and psych moves. Tracks such as ‘I Am the Man’, ‘Who’s Gonna Buy?’ and ‘Unpack Your Bags’ offered up great tunes, excellent snarling vocals, all punched up with tons of feedback guitar and walls of keyboards. Always loved the brief descriptions that accompanied each track, e.g. ”Winter Song’ was described as a ‘strongly melodic lament’.”




Labeled under “library music” this rare psych Lp is pretty cool surprise to the fans and connoisseurs of UK psych. Three of the tracks were used in the soundtrack to the forgotten film “The Haunted House of Horror” (released as “The Dark” in the States). Vinyl rip. Who’s Gonna… Dig!!!