Surfadelic Presents: LIKE NO OTHER MEN! (The Sonics tribute)


If any garage band deserves a tribute then it’s The Sonics, the premier 60’s punkers. This Northwest wild bunch inspired loads of garage punk & revival bands from 80’s to these very days. Groups like DMZ, Fuzztones, The Headcoats, The Mummies, Swingin’ Neckbreakers or the hitmakers like The Hives, owe much to The Sonics raw rock’n’roll style. And yeah, there are loads of covers of Sonics tunes done by new generations of garage punkers.
This Surfadelic compilation is a testimonial of that worship through the decades, it gathers most of the finest cover versions of Sonics classics as Strychnine, Cinderella, Boss Hoss, He’s Waiting, The Witch, Psycho and others. Although there is an ’89. comp. “Here Ain’t The Sonics” you already have heard for sure, this one is more complete and way better I guess, cause it’s made by Mr.Eliminator himself ya know. 26 trax of explosive garage punk action Sonics style done by new psycho generations . “Like no other men”, dig!!!




Surfadelic Presents: Punks In Thee Garage!

punk garage 1a1x


This Surfadelic compilation is dedicated to 70’s & 80’s punk and new wave bands those who dared to cover some of their 60’s heroes like The Sonics, The Seeds, the Standells, The Wailers, The Kingsmen, The Music Machine, Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Chocolate Watchband, The Shadows of Knight, The Doors… 

As you know many 70’s punkers were fans of 60’s mod & garage rock bands. Boston garage punkers DMZ were one of the first to dig into 60’s punk legacy. Wayne County of The Electric Chairs is a big fan of sixties garage bands, Nuggets and stuff and made maybe the definitive version of The Electric Prunes ’67 classic “I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night”. The Cramps create their whole style and career around the covers of 50’s & 60’s r-billy, trash and garage loosers. Some bands like UK The Inmates, a pub rockers which were not expected to dig US garage rock but did just that with cool cover of The Standells hit “Dirty Water”. You’re already familiar with Johnny Thunders & Patti Palladin silky cover of the Seeds “Can’t Seem To Make You Mine”. NY proto-punkers The Dictators covered “California Sun” well before their neighbors the Ramones. Bebe Buell [ya know Bebe?] sings “My Little Red Book” anyone cares? There’s an really cool cover of “I Never Loved Her” [originaly by The Starfires from Pebbles 8] by The Vogue, little known new wave group from Vienna. Todd Clark Group did a great job with Paul Revere & The Raiders hit “Hungry”. Also you can hear Hollywood Brats doin’ The Kinks’ “I Need You”, The Undertones cover of CWB classic “Let’s Talk About Girls”, Pagans with “Little Black Egg” etc. The most recent cover is from 1990. by my fav garage punkers The Devil Dogs doin’ great cover of The Shadows of Knight classic “I’m Gonna Make You Mine”. 26 trax of supercool garage-punk-new wave action Surfadelic style! Enjoy!


punk garage 2b


THE SONICS – The Jerden Years [1966-69]

The Sonics - The Jerden Years 1


After their third album (Introducing The Sonics), the original line-up split, and a band that was The Sonics in name only kept on going for the rest of the 1960s. This is a great collection that contains all of ”Introducing The Sonics” era (tracks 1-15)  and then everything else that “The Sonics” recorded after Gerry Roslie was replaced by new vocalist Jim Brady.

If you thought that only first two Sonics slabs are the real deal that matters, you gotta check this collection of Jerden rec. recordings. On their 3rd lp recorded at famous ‘Gold Star’ studios, L.A. and produced by Jerry Denon [The Kingsmen producer and owner of the Jerden label] The Sonics upgraded their raw sound to a brand new fresh & crisp garage punk audio assault. With killer original punkers as ”High Time” [who said MC5 ?], ”I’m Going Home”, ”Like No Other Man”, ”You’ve Got Your Head On Backwards”, soul influenced garage tunes ”Maintaining My Cool” and ”I’m A Rolling Stone”, plus bunch of cool covers as ”On The Road Again’‘, Diddy Wah Diddy”, I’m A Man” or ”Bama Lama Lu”, The Sonics showed they have much more up their sleeves. And than, there are other fine trax as the last ’67 single with Gerry Roslie ”Anyway The Wind Blows” [a cover of Frank Zappa tune] and some solid stuff as ”Loveitis”, ”Always Love Her” and ”Lost Love” featuring Jim Brady on vocals. Unfortunately that’s about all, ’cause last 9 cuts don’t ”look” and sound as [and aren’t] The ‘original’ Sonics. That leaves you with 20 trax of kick-ass, wyld Northwest 60’s punk. Say… Dig!!!


The Sonics - The Jerden Years 1966-69 - Back



THE SONICS – Here Are / Boom [Fan Club ’86 Vinyl Reissues]

Killer…   Legendary…   Northwest…   60’s Punk…   

In ’86. French label Fan Club [A Division Of New Rose Records] reissued these two classic 60’s punk records on vinyl in stereo with different cover art. Comparing to 90’s Norton records reissues I think Fan Club versions have better sound, closer to original Etiquette Records. Just check out difference in echo on some trax from “Boom” lp [Norton has little or no echo on vocals, etc]. I know you know but anyway… Vinyl rip in Surfadelic <STEREO>, Dig!!!

“Next time you hear a loud boom and your windows rattle, it’s probably a sonic boom alright, but on the other hand, it might just be “THE SONICS BOOM”.


Sonics 3