GENERATION X – The Best Of [Glam Punk 1977-1981]


”I’m not in love with television
I’m not in love with the radio
I’m not in love with the Kings Road
Because I’m in love with Cathy McGowan,
she said
Ready steady go, all things she said
Ready steady go, wasn’t it fabulous”


Do you remember Generation X ? Ya know late 70’s Top Of The Pops gigs with young [pre ‘Rebel Yell’ days] Billy Idol and songs like King Rocker, Wild Youth, Ready Steady Go and stuff. Well, those were the days you could meet The Strangles, The Jam, Buzzcock, Undertones, The Clash, The Rezillos and others new wave/punk groups performing their new singles and hits on TV . Cool days indeed. ”Generation X ain’t in the same league as the Clash or the Pistols but the group nevertheless kicked up a fair amount of dust and recorded some memorable singles and a classy debut album. They were, after all, the first of the punk bands to truly embrace the rock industry and all its trappings.” Here is a ’85 collection of these glam punksters best trax from their three LPs & singles + some bonus cuts. Running With The Boss Sound! Dig!!!