Hey You! Here’s another battle of the bands at Surfadelic.

The Road Runners were a garage band from Fresno, California who released seven songs on four singles in a short period between August of 1965 and April of 1966. Their best known tunes are “I’ll Make It Up To You” [covered by Lyres] and “Goodbye” you could hear on comps as Highs In The Mid Sixties, Garage Beat ’66, Garage Beat ’66, Moxie Punk E.P. Box Set, Prisoners Of The Beat… Other cool trax are unissued “Night Time Love”, fuzz ridden “Little Miss Love”, folk rock single b-side “Tell Her You Love Her” and garage stomper “Pretty Me”. This here is a collection of all of their studio recording + live stuff.

The Guilloteens hailed from Memphis, TN and had connections with Elvis [who brough ’em to L.A.] and Phil Spector [who started working on producing their original debut single]. They are most-known for their regional hit “I Don’t Believe” and “Hey You”. Other strong tunes are “For My Own” their 2nd single on Hanna-Barbera Records, “I Sit And Cry”, “Crying All Over My Time” and Paul Revere and the Raiders influenced “Wild Child”. This here is their Complete Singles Collection LP on Misty Lane Records. Check some favs down below ‘n’ Dig!!!


Road Runners 2The GUILLOTEENS 2