TINA PEEL – Pajama Party! [Rudi’s pre-Fuzztones new wave/punk band]

Tina Peel 1

”Bubblegum-Punk band, formed in 1976. Rudi says, that this band was heavily influenced by The Monkees, Cryan’ Shames, 1910 Fruitgum Company and Dave Clark 5.[1] It is also Rudi’s first band, where he performed as frontman. Rudi wrote or co-wrote the majority of the original material recorded by Tina Peel with then members Deb O’Nair, Jim Nastix and Jackson Plugs. Dave U. Hall (ex-bassist from Birdland with Lester Bangs) replaced Jim Nastix after his tenure with the band. Dave went under the name Rick O’Shea. Soon, they became a popular NYC attraction, often headlining the major clubs of the time (Hurrah, Irving Plaza, Ritz, CBGB), as well as appearing on several television shows, including the cult favorite, The Uncle Floyd Show. Even though the band was courted by major labels, and enjoyed frequent press, Tina Peel broke up when members Rudi Protrudi and Deb O’Nair went on to form The Fuzztones in 1980.”

Tina Peel x300

Rudi’s pre-Fuzztones, Garage/New Wave band that reminds pretty much on UK’s The Revillos, 60’s influenced trash-punk rockers, which is pretty cool. Anyways interesting stuff for Rudi’s fans. Dig!

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THE METROS – st [1999] + 7″s

The Metros

”A uni-rhythmic blast of treble, the Metros’ sole album release personifies teenage garage punk. Although the album is slightly more produced than the rest of the Rip Off catalog, it still qualifies as lo-fi. Lead singer Dave Zonca’s masculine howl rages over a consistent rhythm and amped-up guitar wankery. This album’s topical relevance is aimed at the drunken and the horny mostly, but it is slightly intelligent. The opening track, “Black Leather,” is a convoluted cry for help, and a rockin’ punk number at the same time. Other standout tracks include the glammy “Lay It on Me”, the desperate “No More”, “Stop My Heart”, “Venus In Her Eyes” and “White Boy/ Black Love” which is reminiscent of the Dead Boys. Overall, a great album for garage punk fans, and a standout in the Rip Off catalog.”

Killer garage punk slab for Dead Boys fans… and others. Dig!!!

the metros-2

Evan Foster – Instrumentals [2004]

EVAN FOSTER-Instrumentals

“A side project from his full-time job as singer/guitarist/songwriter for garage punk revivalists the Boss Martians, Evan Foster’s debut solo release is a textbook example of instrumental roots rock & roll six-string slinging. Heavily influenced by surf in general and Dick Dale in particular — especially on the raging “Glass Packed & Fully Stacked” — there are also more atmospheric moments to offset the rockers that dominate this set. “Venice, Late Night” is a dusky, low-key piece that incorporates elements of jazz and Spaghetti Western-style reverb, as does the lazy, windswept “Embrujada.” As their titles indicate, both “Mouthbreather” and “Meanstreak” are more directly rock-oriented. The latter is a tribute to Rory Gallagher, whose terse, tensile style also influenced Foster’s frills-free approach. No instrumental guitar album would be complete without a Venture tribute, and “Slidin'” fills the bill. EVAN FOSTER“Spy on Me” adds cheap keyboards to the mix and sounds like the soundtrack to a grade B, 1960’s James Bond rip-off flick. Foster also handles bass overdubs, but some tracks don’t even utilize the instrument, and with all the frantic riffing it isn’t missed. Dave Davies’ “All Day and All of the Night” lick gets a workout on the opening to “Where Do I Stand” but the tune then transforms into a raging rocker. Foster blasts off into sci-fi territory on the spacey “Sequence Array” and “I.D. Crisis,” two of three four-track demos that sound only slightly more raw than the rest of the disc. There is even one (negligible) vocal as Foster repeatedly shouts out the title line to “I Want Some Sex” between Link Wray-styled power chords. A minor complaint is that although Foster is a remarkable stylist, he doesn’t have a sound of his own, preferring to raid the technique books of those guitarists who have walked before him. Regardless, this is a terrific and wonderfully played album, that shows Foster to be a talented, even electrifying musician, with more than one trick up his sleeve.” [Hal Horowitz]

Boss Martians guitar-man with drummer Dusty Watson by his side.

I’ve reposted this 1000 times cause…

This is A MUST! Dig!!!

EVAN FOSTER-Instrumentals2


Mad Fabricators vol.1&2 [Hot Rod/Surfin’/Garage Punk]

mad fabricators society vol. 01 front1mad fabricators society vol. 02 front1

”Mad Fabricators Society is an honest tribute to the hard-working, everyday “Joe’s” who get in the garage and bleed for their machine”

Motorvatin’, Headbangin’, hot-rod compilation featuring some modern days surfin’ garage punk loosers as Knuckel Drager, Bleed, Lords Of Altamont, The Dynotones, Sleazy Surfers, The Mysterious Keytones, Hellbound Hayride… Kick ass soundtrack for a burnin’ rubber action!


THE DEVIL DOGS – Live At The Revolver Club [1991]


Hey kiddos! Are you for some REAL punk rock action? Well, this is the real deal: “The Greatest Rock’n’Roll Album You’ll Never Hear!”. The Devil Dogs totally destroyed The Revolver Club in ’91 at the peak of their wyld garage punk career. Take no prisoners ”raw power” punk rock rumble on this limited edition Spain only Imposible Records lp. Maximum sound optimization by Mr.Eliminator himself! Dig dirty doggy!!!


MESSERSCHMITT – Shake That Thing [1993]

Messerschmitt - Shake That Thing1

Great follow up to their 1990. killer debut slab. Opening with high-octane [maybe a definitive] cover of Stones classic “Jumpin Jack Flash”, MESSERSCHMITT takes you for one hell of a ride through Flamin’ Groovies, NY Dolls, Motorhead style highway rockers. With turbo jet originals as She Gives To Me Free, Floating In The Air, Jim Beam Boogie Stomp, Snowflake and cool covers of blues classics of Muddy Waters – I Just Want To Make Love To You , Howlin’ Wolf – Little Red Rooster and J.Lee Hooker – Big Legs, Tight Skirt, gonna have you on yer knees beggin’ for more. Maximum garage-blues-punk highway rock!!!

Messerschmitt - Shake That Thing2