GHETTO WAYS – Wicked Singles Collection [2009]

ghetto ways - singles collection


More of these NY cats wyld garage punk stuff in this killer collection of singles issued on Wicked Singles Records in 2006/7, Party Down, Winks & Blue Eyeshadow, Free Love and The Party Bag. ”It’a soul trash rock’n’roll deathbeam full of nitty-gritty dirty soul and proto-punk rock”. As my friend Garner said, they have that Detroit vibe alongside NY back alley feel. They’re dangerous, sexy and yeah… wicked !!! 13 furious trax all under 2 minutes. Dig!!!





GHETTO WAYS – st [2004]

Ghetto Ways1


Garage punk band from Brooklyn, NY, influenced by The Sonics, Stooges, MC5, New York Dolls, delivers frantic soulful rock’n’roll in the vein of The Gories, Oblivians, BellRays or The Dirtbombs. This is their debut slab. Taste the Ghetto Luv, Dig !!!

”For the dirty boys in the parking lot! This is no new sympathy records girlie cover music, this is pure ghetto trash! Wrecked rock ‘n’ roll that will win your cheap scenester soul in no time.”

”More mean rhythm, backbeat and style than a whole motorcycle gang, it’s been described as a kind of “DIRTBOMBS gone wild“ or “beer soaked inspired australian rock blasts inflected with dirty Detroit soul.“

“The three-piece half woman/half devil falls over the fourth dimension, like an English band from the 70s messing around with the Blues Explosion and MC5.” —ROLLING STONE (FRANCE)



“This band is a veritable army of rock’n roll ninja-drinking brown lickah, telling you the whole time that you don’t party nearly enough.” —HORIZONTAL ACTION (USA)

“CRAZY! Most-wild, mighty-swingin’ fuxx-guit-driven 3-piece blastin’ out a Crime-meets-Oblivians scree!” —Tim Warren, CRYPT RECORDS (USA)

“If the Bellrays are the female-fronted answer to the MC5, then think of the GHETTO WAYS as the Stooges. Jenna delivers the perfect mix of sex and soul…” —CARBON 14 (USA)”

“60s soul-encrusted Stoogeisms.” —RAZORCAKE (USA)”





THE BLACK AND WHITES – st [2008. Power Pop/Punk]



The Black And Whites were created as a home recording project by Talbot Adams in New Orleans, LA in the late 1990’s. The project flourished as a band in Oxford, MS in the Mid 2000’s. They play Ramones/Devil Dogs, 70s/90s influenced garage-pop-punk with passion and energy. After three excellent 45s they released their sole Lp on Douchemaster Records. Fun tunes ’bout good girls, bad girls, multiple girls, bad expectations, broken hearts… Some said it was one of the best record to come out in 2008. Here you got it + 4 bonus singles trax. In Black & White, Dig!!!



The Black and Whites 2



THUNDERCRACK – Own Shit Home [1998. Garage/Punk/Blues]

thundercrack - own shit home1


”Raw, emotional and catchy as hell, these guys have one foot in the past and, well, one stuck in a gutter in a dingy alley somewhere in France. They mix 60’s garage-pop with 70’s punk very well. There’s cheesy keyboards, snarling, yelping vocals and more trashy guitars you can shake a go-go girl at!” [amazon rewiew]

French garage rock band born from the ashes of The Squares. More raw garage-punk-blues in the vein of Oblivians, Gories, ’68 Comeback or early Blues Explosion! Come & See My Friends,  Dig!

[Special thanx for inspiration to Garner from HiOctane Revival]


thundercrack - own shit home2a




SCAT RAG BOOSTERS [2004. Garage/Blues/Punk]

Scat Rag Boosters1


”The Scat Rag Boosters are Montreal, Canada raunch trio without the bass but with a sound in the vicinity of the Gories, Oblivians and ’68 Comeback. Their lo-fi grind can’t conceal the raw punk energy and rock ‘n’ roll roots of their sound. Gritty growly guitars, moody harmonica, and Lightning Hopkins-style drums — finally, blues punk done right!”

Play the blues, Punk!!!



THE CRIPPLERS – One More For The Bad Guys [2001. Garage Punk]

The Cripplers-1


”From the first track on, the Cripplers put forth honest, uncompromising, punked-out rock & roll. Imagine the New York Dolls doing street punk, if you would. Raucous, punchy, energetic, and muscular rock is here, with plenty of attitude for anyone, yet not overwhelming the record. Crank rock increased in popularity during the first few years after its popularization — as it were — by the New Bomb Turks and the Candy Snatchers. The Cripplers add to that legacy, with a stomping heartiness that would motivate any audience to bounce along.” [Jeremy Salmon]

Midwest garage punk gang formed in Columbia, Missouri, somehow similar in style with Devil Dogs but more trashy ‘n’ dirty. Check ’em out!

[Special thanx for inspiration to Garner from HiOctane Revival]


The Cripplers-2



THE VIBES – What’s Inside [1985] + EPs (Psychobilly/Garage Revival )

The Vibes


Formed in Essex, UK, this garage-billy John Peel favs managed to realese several singles and an lp in ’84/’85. This is not ”slap bass boring dickhead boom boom billy” as some of you could expect, but pretty interesting kick ass 60’s garage influenced rockabilly with it’s own kink. You can hear cool covers of some of you favorite Pebbles/Nuggets etc. garage tunes as ”No Friend Of Mine”, ”Ain’t It Hard”, ”Judgement Day”, ”Double Decker Bus”, ”Mini Skirt Blues”, ”Im In Pittsburgh (And It’s Rain’in)”… as well as fine originals with touch of early The Cramps as ”Hasil Adkins In My Head”, ”The Underestimated Man”, Footsteps” [xerox of ”Don’t eat the stuff off the sidewalk”] or great rockers as ”Inside Out (See All)”, ”Ballad Of J.D.” and garage psychedelics ”Hear Noises”, ”Loosing My Mind, ”Something Ain’t”. By 1986 they evolved into The Purple Things but that’s another chapter. Now dig this!!!

The Vibes (2)The Vibes (1)



LYLE SHERATON And THE DAYLIGHT LOVERS [2000. Killer Garage Punk Roll !!!]

Lyle Sheraton And The Daylight Lovers 1


Straight out of the garage and into the rowdiest frat party in the free world come Detroit’s Lyle Sheraton & the Daylight Lovers. Taking the catchy power of the Devil Dogs and spicing it up with the soulful fuzz of the Oblivians, this irresistible album plays like the soundtrack to a lost classic B movie. Lyle Sheraton’s thoughtful twists on everyday lyrics and heartfelt, off-the-cuff vocal deliveries give an earnest feel to the songs, greatly assisted by some crunchy guitar production from none other than Jack Oblivian himself. Fifteen adrenaline-fueled songs (plus one slower, Motown-style gem, entitled “Now You’re Lonely”) grace this debut, mostly dealing with the single-man’s world. Songs such as “Cooking in the Kitchen” and the dating prowess of “That’s How Many Girls” are a perfect compliment to the record’s rowdy closer, “One Man Gang.” “Midnight Woman” is a welcome change-up, driven by a heavy Southern blues groove and reverb-drenched harmonica. The highlight has to be an up-tempo, playful number, in which Sheraton proudly exclaims that he doesn’t drink for any of the numerous reasons stated in the song, but instead drinks because he’s the “King of Useless Drinking.” Well-recorded by Jim Diamond, whose name has been involved in some of the finest underground rock from Detroit, this is an uplifting album from an uncompromisingly fun band. [Ian Trumbull]

Listen LOUDEST !!!

[Special thanx for inspiration to Garner from HiOctane Revival]


Lyle Sheraton b





The Musicians Of The British Empire

“Presents will be given!/They will be given/be given/be given/be given

This must be 3075th album by Billy C. and Christmass of 1979 must’ve been a cool one who knows, but this is great Christmas party slab with 12+1 Crash-Boom-Bang garage punk tunes typical for Billy Childish and The Musicians of the British Empire [with wife Julie and Wolf Howard]. Here you got real cool versions of The Sonics ”Santa Claus”, Tamrons “Wild-Man” [as Knick Knack, Paddy Wack], The Who (Pete Townsend’s Christmas), Link Wray, Christmas Lights, A Poundland Christmas, Mistletoe and other Xmass garage goodies. Dig!!!



”I want a brand new car, a twangy guitar
A cute little honey and lots of money
Santa Claus, won’t you tell me please?
Whatcha gonna put under my Christmas tree?”


The Musicians Of The British Empire b