THE KUSTOM KINGS – Kustom City U.S.A [1964]

The Kustom Kings 1a1


”A high-octane mix of and charging hot rod instrumentals, this album laps the competition! Led By Bruce Johnston, The Kustom Kings include The Wrecking Crew’s finest, including Steve Douglas, Glen Campbell, Tommy Tedesco, and Hal Blaine!”

VROOOM!!! After a short break here we go again with a hot rod rumble at Surfadelic. This here is one of the finest slabs in genre [from my point of view], with songs and instros mostly penned by Bruce Johnston/Steve Douglas tandem, graced by cool production with buzzing fuzz sound. Fav tunes: [instros] Fireball, Tuck And Roll, Asphalt Eater, [Vocals] Super Fine 39, Stick Six, In My 40 Ford, cool cover of Rip Chords’ Hey Little Cobra. But there’s a catch, I have two different vinyl rips, one is probably from original 60’s vinyl while other is from reissue. You gotta choose brothers & sistas or dig ’em both. ”Go fast, don’t be last, win the race first place, remember you’re a fastest car around…”

[special thanx to my friend Juan for vinyl rip 2]