THE DAVE BRIDGE TRIO – Surfin’ Down Under [1963]



“The Dave Bridge Trio were an Australian group that got their start when the lead guitarist of the Joy Boys quit to form his own band. This is their only album.

‘Surfin’ Down Under’ is a moody track that features an unidentified pipe-like percussion instrument that starts the album out in a drowsy low-fi vibe. ‘Bondi Stomp’ picks the tempo up quite a bit and is a great little rocker full of guitar slides. ‘Cat Bay’ is another fast rocker with tremendous amounts of reverb while ‘Gold Coast stomp’ boasts some excellent low string picking. ‘Cottesloe Stomp’ has some interesting banter between guitars and ‘Rainbow Bay’ again falls into low-fi mood music. One of the best more interesting tracks on the album, ‘Ridin’ the Bower’ falls into Les Paul territory. ‘Boomer Beach’ features the drummer. ‘The Tide’ has some ghostly backing female vocals though doesn’t exactly fall comfortably into the surf umbrella. The oddly-titled ‘Winkiepop’ has a nice bass line while Bridge’s guitar twangs up high on the fret board. Years before the Disney film, ‘Moana’ feels more like a jam session than an actual song. A bass heavy ‘Gallows’ closes the album on a strong note.

Extremely chill, extremely relaxed; the Dave Bridge Trio’s Surfin’ Down Under is a breath of fresh air from the continent in the Pacific ocean. Never re-released on CD r cassette, original copies often fetch upwards of $300 so if you are able locate a copy, grab it quick!” [Surfroute101]

Sydney based 60’s Instrumental band sole LP + singles trax and live. Rare stuff indeed. Just fer ya surfin’ cats! don’t miss it, Dig!!!