LOS JAGUARS – De Fiesta Con… + Singles [Peruvian 60’s Surf Instros]

Los Jaguars

Hola muchachos! Are you for some South American surfin’ sounds? This here is one of the best Peruvian 60’s groups you could hear on Back To Peru or  The International Vicious Society compilations. They started somewhere in ’65/’66 with single ”Melodia Apache” on Sono Radio label where they recorded a bunch of real cool 45’s and an Lp ”De Fieste Con Los Jaguars” [On Holiday with The Jaguars]. They played some kind of psychedelic surf instros sometimes using a fuzz [Tormenta En El Mar, ‘Leyenda India], wah wah pedal [Selena] and cool organ sounds, somehow reminds me on Davie Allan & The Arrows on few trax. Here are two different vinyl rips of their rare slab plus 20 single trax for your surfin’ pleasure. Let’s go on holiday with Los Jaguars. Dig !!!