60’s GARAGE comps

Garage Punk Unknowns 1
Garage Punk Unknowns 2
Garage Punk Unknowns 3
Garage Punk Unknowns 4
Garage Punk Unknowns 5
Garage Punk Unknowns 6
Garage Punk Unknowns 7
Garage Punk Unknowns 8

Back From The Grave 1
Back From The Grave 2
Back From The Grave 3
Back From The Grave 4
Back From The Grave 5
Back From The Grave 6
Back From The Grave 7
Back From The Grave 8

Sixties Archives Vol. 1 The Sound Of The Sixties
Sixties Archives Vol. 2 Texas Punk
Sixties Archives Vol. 3 Louisiana Punk
Sixties Archives Vol. 4 Florida & New Mexico Punk
Sixties Archives Vol. 5 U.S. Punk From The 60’s
Sixties Archives Vol. 6 Texas & Michigan Psychedelia
Sixties Archives Vol. 7 Michigan Punk
Sixties Archives Vol. 8 Acid Trip & Heavy Sound For Psychic Minds

TexasFlashbacks 1
TexasFlashbacks 2
TexasFlashbacks 3
TexasFlashbacks 4
TexasFlashbacks 5
TexasFlashbacks 6

Northwest Killers Vol.1
Northwest Killers Vol.2
Northwest Killers Vol.3

Acid Visions 1
Acid Visions 2
Acid Visions 3
Bent, Batty And ‘Bnoxious!

Sixties Rebellion Vol.4 The Go-Go
Sixties Rebellion Vol.6 The Biker
Sixties Rebellion Vol.8 Mondo Mutinu [Love covers]

Pebbles 2
Pebbles 10
Pebbles 21

Teen Blast Usa Vol.1
Teen Blast Usa Vol.2

Beat It Vol.1
Beat It Vol.2
Beat It Vol.3

Electrick Loosers 1 [Kraut 60’s Frekbeat/Psych]
Electrick Loosers 2 [Kraut 60’s Frekbeat/Psych]
Electrick Loosers 3 [Kraut 60’s Frekbeat/Psych]
Hen’s Teeth 1 [60’s UK Freakbeat/Psych]
Hen’s Teeth 2 [60’s UK Freakbeat/Psych]
Hen’s Teeth 3 [60’s UK Freakbeat/Psych]

Trans-World Punk rave up! Vol.1
Trans-World Punk rave up! Vol.2

Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol.7 Northwest
Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol.3 L.A.’67
Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol.9 Ohio

2131 South Michigan 1
2131 South Michigan 2

Big Beat Cellar Scene (Australian 60’s garage scene)

Hot Generation! 1960’s Punk From Down Under

Revenge 66

Psychotic Reactions

Required Etiquette

Maximum Freakbeat

Exquisite Harvest

At The Club (16 Killer Beat – Punkers From Europe)
Searching In The Wilderness
Swinging At The Go Go Club!
Boulders Vol.1
I’m A Wild Angel
Mondo Frat Dance Bash A Go Go
Friday At The Hideout (Boss Detroit Garage 1964-67)
Friday At Cage
Best Of IGL Garage Rock
Delaware Garage
60’s Garage [ep’s]

The V-Lips [Dutch 60’s Freakbeat]
What A Way To Die
Ugly Things Vol.1
Ear-Piercing Punk
Drink Beer! Yell! Dance!
Ho-Dad Hootenanny!
Frat Shack Stomp!
Too Much Going On
Down Under Nuggets

Blue-Eyed Garage
A History Of Garage & Frat Bands In Memphis 1960-1975 Vol.1
A History Of Garage & Frat Bands In Memphis 1960-1975 Vol.2
Austin Landing 1&2
The Houston Post-Nowsounds Groove-In
Houston Hallucinations
Punk Classics
The Chosen Few 1&2

An Overdose Of Heavy Psych

The Magic Carpet Ride

Leaving It All Behind
Here Ain’t The Chesterfield Kings

Mind Blowers
Psychotic Moose & the Soul Searchers (Wild 60’s Punk Classcs)
Victims Of Circumstances vol.1&2
Oz Beat Frenzy
Australian Music Beat Scene (1965-67)



15 thoughts on “60’s GARAGE comps

  1. Christmas came early! I do a radio show in Massachusetts, you’ve helped me a lot in keeping it weird and obscure. Thanks so much for this goldmine of killer tunes.


  2. hello looking for any of these help if you can thanks
    bigcellar beat volume 2 /seeds 50th anniversary vinyl 2xlp edition/ buried alive part 7/upside down vol 6/reekers meet the reekers cd/knight riders 1965 autumn sessions lp/gonn time travel lp
    any help is much appreciated thank you for your time.


  3. What an AWESOME site! THANK-YOU!

    Looking for the group Lost & Found only release ” Forever Lasting Plastic Words”, released by International Artist (IA) in 1968.

    Thanks again for all the work.

    Regards from Cheeseland,


    Liked by 1 person

  4. !!! THANK-YOU !!! !!! THANK-YOU !!! !!! THANK-YOU !!!

    What an AMAZING album.

    Just a suggestion, but putting on a decent set of headphones and playing it in VLC with the full bass & treble equalizer setting is a *revelation*. Switch the equalizer on and off during a song and you’ll hear what I mean (for me at least).

    I can’t thank you enough.

    Warmest regards,


    Liked by 1 person

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