60’s GARAGE comps

Garage Punk Unknowns 1
Garage Punk Unknowns 2
Garage Punk Unknowns 3
Garage Punk Unknowns 4
Garage Punk Unknowns 5
Garage Punk Unknowns 6
Garage Punk Unknowns 7
Garage Punk Unknowns 8

Back From The Grave 1
Back From The Grave 2
Back From The Grave 3
Back From The Grave 4
Back From The Grave 5
Back From The Grave 6
Back From The Grave 7
Back From The Grave 8

Sixties Archives Vol. 1 The Sound Of The Sixties
Sixties Archives Vol. 2 Texas Punk
Sixties Archives Vol. 3 Louisiana Punk
Sixties Archives Vol. 4 Florida & New Mexico Punk
Sixties Archives Vol. 5 U.S. Punk From The 60’s
Sixties Archives Vol. 6 Texas & Michigan Psychedelia
Sixties Archives Vol. 7 Michigan Punk
Sixties Archives Vol. 8 Acid Trip & Heavy Sound For Psychic Minds

TexasFlashbacks 1
TexasFlashbacks 2
TexasFlashbacks 3
TexasFlashbacks 4
TexasFlashbacks 5
TexasFlashbacks 6

Northwest Killers Vol.1
Northwest Killers Vol.2
Northwest Killers Vol.3

Acid Visions 1
Acid Visions 2
Acid Visions 3
Bent, Batty And ‘Bnoxious!

Sixties Rebellion Vol.4 The Go-Go
Sixties Rebellion Vol.6 The Biker
Sixties Rebellion Vol.8 Mondo Mutinu [Love covers]

Pebbles 2
Pebbles 10
Pebbles 21

Teen Blast Usa Vol.1
Teen Blast Usa Vol.2

Beat It Vol.1
Beat It Vol.2
Beat It Vol.3

Trans-World Punk rave up! Vol.1
Trans-World Punk rave up! Vol.2

Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol.7 Northwest
Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol.3 L.A.’67
Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol.9 Ohio

2131 South Michigan 1
2131 South Michigan 2

Big Beat Cellar Scene (Australian 60’s garage scene)

Hot Generation! 1960’s Punk From Down Under

Revenge 66

Psychotic Reactions

Required Etiquette

Maximum Freakbeat

At The Club (16 Killer Beat – Punkers From Europe)
Searching In The Wilderness
Swinging At The Go Go Club!
Boulders Vol.1
I’m A Wild Angel
Mondo Frat Dance Bash A Go Go
Friday At The Hideout (Boss Detroit Garage 1964-67)
Friday At Cage
Best Of IGL Garage Rock
Delaware Garage
60’s Garage [ep’s]

The V-Lips [Dutch 60’s Freakbeat]
What A Way To Die
Ugly Things Vol.1
Ear-Piercing Punk
Drink Beer! Yell! Dance!
Ho-Dad Hootenanny!
Frat Shack Stomp!
Too Much Going On
Down Under Nuggets



6 thoughts on “60’s GARAGE comps

  1. Christmas came early! I do a radio show in Massachusetts, you’ve helped me a lot in keeping it weird and obscure. Thanks so much for this goldmine of killer tunes.


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