SCRATCH MY BACK – New Rubble Vol.5 [UK 60’s Girls Garage/Mod/Beat]



UK 60’s girls in garage-mod-beat action! This is for my money the best volume in the New Rubble series. Loadsa cool stuff like fuzzed-out ”Scratch My Back” by Jan Panter, The Martells ”Time To Say Goodbye”, Glenda Collins ”Thou Shalt Not Steal”, cover of Hollies tune ”You Know He Did” by Mary Mccarthy, cool take on The Sorrows ”Baby” by Tracy Rogers… Girls 60’s FUN FUZZ & HAMMOND, Check some favs down there ‘n’ dig!!!







THE GIRLS ARE AT IT AGAIN [Uk Beat Girls 1964-1969]

the girls are at it again a


“The Brit girl emerged at the tail end of America’s Pop renaissance and on the brink of a British beat boom. Come 1964, Girl Pop was reproduced at a frightening rate and it is the driven and dedicated girl pop collectors who slaughtered the Brit girl inferiority myth and prompted reissue labels to revisit the vaults for the rare masters. This 2009. collection includes overlooked artifacts from Tracy Rogers, Claire Francis, Diane Lancaster, The Carolines, The Carrolls and others.”

Pretty solid collection of some obscure UK 60’s girl mod/pop sounds. If ya dig US girl groups sounds you gonna like this too. Check some favs ‘n’ dig!


the girls are at it again b




GIRLS TAKE OVER ! [60’s Garage Girls]


Two vinyl collections of some rare 60’s girl groups garage, R&B & pop tunes in style of ”Girls With Guitars”, ”The Rebel Kind”, ”Destroy That Boy!” or ”Girls in the Garage” comps. Lotsa fine covers of classics as ”High Heel Sneakers”, ” Little Latin Lupe Lu”, ”Wake Me, Shake Me”, ”Louie, Louie”, ”How Do You Do It”, ”I Idolize You”

”…Take Over!” has ”hard edge” female garage rockers with stuff as “Like A Snake” by The Hairem, “Gonna Have A Good Time” by The Clingers, “Last Train To Liverpool” by The Plommons, “Wake Me Shake Me” by The Wrongh Black Bag, “Little Latin Lupe Lu” by The Debutantes, “I Got A Guy” by Kathy Lynn & The Playboys, “I’d Rather Fight Than Switch” by The Tomboys, “How Do You Do It” by The Lady Bugs, “Lies” by The Delmonas [80’s all-girl garage band], “He’s Not There Anymore” by The Chymes, and “You Just Gotta Know My Mind” by Karen Verros.

”Girl Zone!” are more R&B/Pop oriented collection with few garage tunes include “I Idolize You” by The Charmaines, “Louie Louie” by The Angels, “Here Comes Loneliness” by The Teardrops, “Here She Comes” by The Darlettes, “It’s All In The Way You Look At It Baby” by Mousie & The Traps, “Smoke From Your Cigarette” by The Drake Sisters, “Camel Walk” by The Ikettes, “I’ve Got A Story To Tell You” by The Kavetts, “Together Forever” by Pat Powdrill & The Powerdrills, “Panic” by Reparata & The Delrons, and “Losin Control” by The Fashionettes.

This is not original vinyl rip, trax have been gathered from various sources. Anyways… Girls are coming!




The Best Of The GIRL GROUPS [Vinyl Rip!]


“Is she really going out with him?
“Well, there she is, Let’s ask her”
“Betty, is that Jimmy’s ring you’re wearing?”
“Gee, it must be great riding with him”
“Is he picking you up after school today?”
“By the way, where did you meet him?…”

[The Shangri-Las ”Leader Of The Pack”]

This Rhino ’87 vinyl collection is one of my favs ’cause it’s a great introduction in 60’s girl groups sounds and has such ace stuff as Shangri-Las ”Leader Of The Pack”, ”Remember (Walkin’ In The Sand)” & ”Give Him A Great Big Kiss”, Dixie Cups ”Chapel Of Love” & ”People Say”, Chiffons ”One Fine Day”, Shirelles ”Will You Love Me Tomorrow”, ”Baby It’s You”… You could hear many of these classic tunes in some fine movies as ”Goodfellas”, ”Full Metal Jacket”, ”True Romance”, The Wanderers, ”Quadrophenia” etc. Well, if you’re in romantic mood and wanna feel the real 60’s atmosphere don’t go no further… Vinyl rip by Surfadelic. ”When I say I’m in love, you best believe I’m in love, L-U-V!” Dig!!!

”Well, what color are his eyes?
I don’t know, he’s always wearing shades
Is he tall?
Well, I’ve got to look up
Yeah? well I hear he’s bad
Hmm, he’s good-bad, but he’s not evil
Tell me more, tell me more”





60’s Surfin’ Chicks

Beach Girls

It wasn’t just guys singing about surfboards and hot rods during the surf and drag boom in the early ’60s; the girls were doing it, too, as this delightful 25-track compilation from Ace Records shows. Although nothing here was really ever more than a regional hit, these female singers and groups add a refreshing spin to a genre that puts a premium on motion and speed and expands love to include the sun, endless waves, and high-performance car engines. It adds up to a wonderful batch of rarities including Brian Wilson’s production of “Pray for Surf” by the Honeys (who included Marilyn Rovell, Wilson’s soon-to-be wife), “(Dance with The) Surfin’ Band” by Hal Blaine & the Young Cougars (drum legend Hal Blaine with the Blossoms on vocals), “Will You Love Me (Like You Did Last Summer)” by the Westwoods (Gracia Nitzsche singing an arrangement composed by her husband, Jack Nitzsche), a stomping “Drag Race Johnny” by Australia’s endearing Little Pattie, and the first ever effort by the great songwriting team of Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry, “Red Corvette,” which was billed to Ellie Gee & the Jets. Each of these sides is at least historically interesting, and if some, like a rare surf song from Motown Records, “Surfer Boy” by the Supremes, are conceptually improbable, each conjures up the sound and feel of an endless summer where it isn’t just the guys in motion. [ Steve Leggett]



“Attracted to the British music scene of the time, Fabienne moved to London in 1996, almost immediately joining the Bristols, a then studio project consisting of Liam Watson and Ed Deegan, two producer-engineers at Toerag Studios.

Fabienne had never really sung before but after Liam’s proposition for an audition and knowing that his taste in music was so perfectly matching hers, she was determined to give it a go. The first single ‘Questions I Can’t Answer’ was recorded in a couple of hours, the first vocal take being used on the record that came out the same year on a Damaged Goods 7”. The Bristols were by then willing to make the most of it and in order to play live and tour decided to form a full line up, including members of the Headcoats, Kaisers and Cee Bee Beaumont.

After two albums, a few singles and several tours of Europe, the Bristols came to an end when Fabienne was unable to find a suitable new bass player to replace the original one. Eager to carry on singing, Fabienne went solo, getting backing from various musicians but with no fixed line up.”

Whoa! Whatta post! More girl voiced rockin’ sounds in this REAL COOL 60’s influenced Garage-Pop project, Fabienne Delsol & Liam Watson’s garage supergroup featuring amongst it’s ranks Bruce Brand (Milkshakes/Headcoats) Owen Thomas (Graham Coxon Band/Cee Bee Beaumont) Parsley (The Adventures of Parsley/Dutronc/Dee Rangers).
Influenced by 60’s Garage/Freakbeat as well as Girl Groups, French Ye Ye Pop and stuff, THE BRISTOLS made perfect retro beat sounds for 21st century.
If you dig stuff like Delmonas ,April March or Ludella Black, well crafted 60’s garage pop rock with a bit of psychedelia, you mustn’t miss this ’cause… it’s even better. This is the best stuff I discovered lately. THIS IS A MUST!!!


“Daughter Told Her Mommy, I Wanna Be A Headcoat Girl”
“Formed in 1991, in Kent, as a backing band for Billy Childish’s band The Headcoats, The Headcoatees soon began releasing material of their own. Featuring Holly Golightly, Ludella Black, Kyra LaRubia and Debbie Green, the all girl outfit were active throughout the 90’s, industriously releasing a plethora of albums and singles.”
Straight from [whose else but] the Billy Childish kitchen came thee best girl garage punk band in the world. Surfadelic is pleased to finaly give a treat to Thee Headcoatees LP discography. From their ’91. debut slab “Girlsville” to the real cool ’99 singles collection “The Sisters Of Suave”, you gotta dance, dance, dance to the raw beat of these legendary ”Headcoat” PUNK GIRLS!!!
Their sexy & funny treat of classic Headcoats tunes as well as covers of Bo Diddley, Jimmy Reed, 60’s garage/freakbeat, Sonics, Shadows Of Knight, Troggs, Beatles, Ramones, Undertones, Plastic Bertrand and stuff gonna have you on yer knees.
With one of the most ridiculous 45’s titles ”We Got 7 Inches, But We Wanted Twelve!” and cover of Billy’s tune turned into all-out, full blown fellatio anthem ”Cum Into My Mouth” you know, they’re more than just another girl group. Welcome to the Girlsville!
“Treat Yourself With Respect Be A Headcoat Girl”


“Adam and Eve, sittin’ in the woods Eve said, Man I got somethin’ real good It’s in that tree, you’ll get smart fast! Adam said ‘sure, Satan my ass I don’t see no snakes but all women are bad”
“Half the tracks here are by genuine guitar-wielding all-girl bands, including the Debutantes from Detroit, Los Angeles quartet the Girls, Goldie & the Gingerbreads from New York, Pinky Chicks from Japan, the Honeybeats from Italy and San Francisco’s Ace Of Cups. It might seem somewhat unlikely, but the Chantels are the featured musicians on the instrumental Peruvian Wedding Song. Thanks to acknowledged classics such as He’s Gone and Maybe, it’s beyond all doubt that the girls could really sing. Who knew they could also play? It’s rather ironic that some of the most striking records to emerge from mid-60s Britain were the work of an American producer. Beat combo Colette & the Bandits’ riff-driven A Ladies Man is up there with the 45s Shel Talmy produced at the time of the Kinks and the Who. Talmy also produced Goldie & the Gingerbreads’ Please, Please, another prime example of British beat, but one recorded by an American group. Brenda Lee’s wild update of What’d I Say and Jackie DeShannon’s folk rock nugget Dream Boy were also recorded in the UK, in each case with the young Jimmy Page on guitar. He also plays on Dana Gillespie’s cult favourite You Just Gotta Know My Mind.
Some other noteworthy guys help out elsewhere: Kiwi duo the Chicks’ great version of Lee Hazlewood’s The Rebel Kind features the Mike Perjanik Group with Doug Jerebine on guitar; the Turtles back-up teenage trio the Chymes on their jangly He’s Not There Anymore; chart band the Mob play on Mousie & the Traps’ How About You; Gail Harris’ live recording of I Idolize You features the Wailers; and the Milkshakes provide the instrumentation on the Delmonas’ Peter Gunn Locomotion (the only non-60s track here, not that you’d notice). Other highlights include Jean & the Statesides’ Putty In Your Hands, which knocks spots off the Shirelles’ original and the Yardbirds’ cover, Lydia Marcelle’s new-to-CD rocker The Girl He Needs, and International Girl by the Beas, who sound like the Bangles 20 years ahead of their time.”
 “Hey I’m on my way on a journey out of this world Swirling through the vortex to the center of a girl”


“J-league” Garage/Mod Revival four-piece all-girl rockers, fronted by the extravagant Marianne Shinonome, known for her sometimes crazy onstage antics, such as throwing condoms in to the audience, swinging a whip, and climbing atop the keyboard. Formed in Tokyo 2007, they recorded several albums of Hammond driven fuzzed-out Mod/Pop rockers. Banzai!!!

Girls In Thee Garage

 Girls, Girls, Girls… and even more Girls!!!
I think it’s cool to start the new year with Chicks all around & everywhere. So here’s a fine comp with some “Girl Garage”, Pop and classic 60’s Girl Group sounds [’64-’67]. Some of these tunes previously have landed on classic comp series “Girls in the Garage” but who cares. The cover pic reminds me on girly version of The Music Machine, so it should be a good sign.
Anyways, if you are a lesbian or simply really dig the chicks with guits & sticks, this stuff’s fer ya. Dig!!!