THE REG GUEST SYNDICATE – Underworld (1966)

Reg Guest Syndicate - Underworld


Welcome to the underworld a go-go! Here’s sole ’66 lp by this UK band lead by British pianist, arranger and music director Reg Guest, also known as Earl Guest. The album feature cool covers of well known 60’s spy & crime movie themes from James Bond, Man From U.N.C.L.E, The Avengers, The Saint… Great tunes as Underworld [stylish “Green Onions” ripoff] and Guys, Guns, Girls & Danger can be heard on instro lounge comps as “Instro Hipsters A Go-Go” or “Get Smarter”. Well, as this is a real fine stuff, here you got Stereo & Mono version [mono has more trax! and interesting bonus stuff of Earl Guest and Nashville Five], so ya gotta dig both alright! Dig!!!



CRIME – Exalted Masters [2007]

“Crime were pioneers in San Francisco—playing the lowest-fucking-fi rock’n’roll the West Coast ever heard; a sound so sordid only the Electric Eels could compare. Crime were nefarious, witless bastards too, playing the infamous San Quentin prison in cop uniforms (Jesus!). Needless to say, these actions do not represent an algorithm for longevity, and, after only a handful of singles, Crime was dissolved. After their breakup in the early ‘80s, Crime’s cult grew. Crime’s influence on bands past and present is immeasurable—simply put, anyone name checking The Oblivians or the Wipers needs to go back to Crime for the source. Exalted Masters is the new LP by Crime. It’s mainly a collection of unrecorded Crime songs from the late ‘70s, finally recorded in 2007.”

“As different from other punk reunions as CRIME was from other punk bands, most of the songs on this album are never-before-recorded songs from the band’s 1970s set list. Original members Johnny Strike and Hank Rank are on board for this totally rippin’ LP-only release.”

Legendary 70’s stoogesoid proto-punk SF cop-gang comeback slab. If you dig punk stuff like The Wipers, Pagans or Electric Eels this is for you. 

It’s a CRIME-Time on Surfadelic, Dig!!!