Booze Party [Live! New York,1989.]

Trash-A-Rama [Live! Paradiso,1991.]

Live At Fryshuset [Stockholm, Sweeden,1991]

All Tore Up [1979.Demos]

Trash Is Neat [Demo/Unreleased]

Secret Life Of The Cramps [B-sides]

Live At Club 57 [1979]

The Cramps – Live At Clutch Cargo’s (1982)

Blind Vision [Boot 7”]


Off The Bone

A Date With Elvis

Stay Sick!

Look Mom No Head


Big Beat From Badsville


12 thoughts on “THE CRAMPS !!!

  1. Wow… Found a couple of things I didn’t have and thought I had EVERYTHING Cramps .. HIGHLY recommend the live 1986 bootleg “ReelinAndRockinInAucklandNewZealandXXX.-Sure sounds like it’s off the soundboard and Ivy on The Hot Pearl Snatch still has me shaking my head when I play it…Be MORE than happy 2 share but have no clue how to get it 2 u. ANYWAY…off 2 pillage more from here. !!!! THANK-YOU!!!…and yes…I DIG IT!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Indeed. Thanks for the info! Honestly appreciate it. For some strange reason (likely youthful drug induced brain damage) I thought Smell of Female was their only live release. Also did not know there was a 2016 re-press.


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