SYLVAIN SYLVAIN – … In Teenage News [1977/78]

sylvain Sylvain - In Teenage News front

”Ex-New York Doll Sylvain Sylvain attempted to launch a new band during the late ’70s, the Criminals, for which the guitarist cooked up quite a few rockers in the same mold as his former band. While the material went unnoticed by many at the time, by the early 2000s these tunes were popping up on compilations left and right — including 2000’s …In Teenage News. Featuring much of the same material as Sylvain’s Bowery Butterflies set, there are quite a few standouts here, including the title track, which was performed live by the Dolls just before their 1975 split, as well as the Stonesy album-opening “Kids Are Back,” the upbeat “14th Street,” and the low-key “Deeper and Deeper.” While he never topped his former band, Sylvain did pen subsequent tunes that would have fit right at home in the Dolls’ repertoire.” [Greg Prato]

Rockabilly-punk-glam NY Dolls style. Say… Dig!!!

sylvain Sylvain - In Teenage News tray