The GOLDEN BREED [1968] soundtrack


Repost of this REAL COOL soundtrack featuring guitar hero Davie Allan along with members of the Riptides [as The Back-Wash Rhythm Band] and other West Coast studio vets as Harley Hatcher, Jerry Styner, Guy Hemric and Mike Curb. Fav tunes: What Turns You On, Coral Below, High Rise, Over The Falls, Waimea Bay, Surfers Paridise. Don’t miss this wave. Dig!

”This film marked the end of the longboard era.”



DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS – Surfadelic Collection

Surfadelic “FUZZ” Collection of DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS later stuff [1985-2009]. As you know, the 60’s were the heydays for DAVIE ALLAN fuzz guitar rumble, but from the late 80’s “King Of Fuzz” re-emerged with the brand new garage punk sound. 90’s albums as “Loud, Loose And Savage”, “Fuzz Fest”, “The Arrow Dynamic Sounds Of” and ”Skaterhater” [with The Phantom Surfers] are the top instro slabs for new garage/surf revival generation. With ”Restless In L.A.”, ”Moving Right Along” and ”Retrophonic” Davie proved he still running fuzz-strong in 21st century. This is ”Fast & Loose” Surfadelic Collection for FUZZ-hungry “Cycle Paths”. Feedback/Distortion napalm attack! Dig!!!

DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS – Fuzz For Holidays 1 & 2

“This stuff is not for your traditional Bing Crosby crowd who enjoy lame Christmas music, this is for the people who like a lot of FUZZ and rock added to their holiday spirit.”
Double dose of FUZZ-drenched Christmas classics forged from the fuzztasmagorical guitar of Davie Allan and The Arrows! 
Hey Santa, Dig The FUZZ!
Fuzz 1                                Fuzz 2

DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS – Moving Right Along [2008]

Davie Allan move (1)

DAVIE ALLAN, a true Surfadelic heroe is moving right along the paths of killer fuzz one more time. On this ’08 slab among great instro hoot, new versions of some 60’s stuff like Slip-Stream, Shape Of Things To Come, Bongo Party and Ghost Riders In The Sky, there are also five REAL COOL vocal tunes sung by Lisa Mychols and DAVIE himself. C’mon, Listen To The Guitar Man, ”THE KING OF FUZZ”!

Davie Allan move

dig it2