LYLE SHERATON And THE DAYLIGHT LOVERS [2000. Killer Garage Punk Roll !!!]

Lyle Sheraton And The Daylight Lovers 1


Straight out of the garage and into the rowdiest frat party in the free world come Detroit’s Lyle Sheraton & the Daylight Lovers. Taking the catchy power of the Devil Dogs and spicing it up with the soulful fuzz of the Oblivians, this irresistible album plays like the soundtrack to a lost classic B movie. Lyle Sheraton’s thoughtful twists on everyday lyrics and heartfelt, off-the-cuff vocal deliveries give an earnest feel to the songs, greatly assisted by some crunchy guitar production from none other than Jack Oblivian himself. Fifteen adrenaline-fueled songs (plus one slower, Motown-style gem, entitled “Now You’re Lonely”) grace this debut, mostly dealing with the single-man’s world. Songs such as “Cooking in the Kitchen” and the dating prowess of “That’s How Many Girls” are a perfect compliment to the record’s rowdy closer, “One Man Gang.” “Midnight Woman” is a welcome change-up, driven by a heavy Southern blues groove and reverb-drenched harmonica. The highlight has to be an up-tempo, playful number, in which Sheraton proudly exclaims that he doesn’t drink for any of the numerous reasons stated in the song, but instead drinks because he’s the “King of Useless Drinking.” Well-recorded by Jim Diamond, whose name has been involved in some of the finest underground rock from Detroit, this is an uplifting album from an uncompromisingly fun band. [Ian Trumbull]

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