Ultimate Bonehead! vol.3&4

Ultimate Bonehead3 Ultimate Bonehead4

Yeah right, you’re not hallucinate, your wildest, wettest dream is commin’ true. Here are more Boneheads for yer ever hungry hard rockin’ soul. They just keep gettin’ better and better. Brutalising heavy garage proto-punk fever across USA ’69-76. Ripped from very limited [only 300] vinyl just fer ya. It’s Ultimate, Dig!!!

70's biker chick1



Ultimate Bonehead vol.1&2 [USA Biker Hard-Rock Garage 1969-76]

Ultimate Bonehead1a Ultimate Bonehead2a

Hot Damn! Here are more REAL COOL garage-biker-hard-rockin’ boogie fuzzed-up loosers, in the same vein as ”Bonehead Crunchers”. Prepare yourself for more rare late 60’s/mid 70’s fuzz-munchin’, teeth-gnashing workouts from USA. If you dig stuff like Ron Asheton’s New Order, MC 5 or Blue Cheer, this is fer ya. Ripped from very limited vinyl elpees. Hard & Heavy, get down ‘n’ Dig!!!


Bonehead Crunchers Vol.1-5 [Garage, Proto-Punk, Glam Obscurities 1969-75]

bonehead-crunchers-1 bonehead-crunchers-2a bonehead-crunchers-3 bonehead-crunchers-4 bonehead-crunchers-5

Fuzzed-out proto-punk madness across US, UK, Eu & Australia from late 60’s to mid 70’s. Here you gotta deal with some real obcure acts doin’ kinda anarcho-hard rock, mindless boogie, glam, proto-metal & garage shit you maybe don’t wanna know but you will. Lotsa interesting & rare stuff for you to dig. It’s a ”Big Boobs Boogie” goin’ on !

Bonehead Crunchers Vol.1 (USA)
Bonehead Crunchers Vol.2 (USA)
Bonehead Crunchers Vol.3 (UK)
Bonehead Crunchers Vol.4 (Euro)
Bonehead Crunchers Vol.5 (Aus)

BLUE CHEER – Blitzkrieg Over Nüremberg [Live in Germany 1988]

Blitzkrieg Front

Look folks, I don’t dig heavy metal no way, no no [except Motorhead when I’m in a “Killer” mode] but BLUE CHEER proto-metal is my weakness. Their first two ’68 slabs are hard rock/garage-psych jewels standing shoulder to shoulder with MC5 & Stooges power stuff. This here is pretty fine live ’88 recordings with new line-up: Duck MacDonald lead guitar/vocals, Dave Salce on drums and only original member Dickie Peterson on bass guitar & vocals. They ”surf” through some Blue Cheer’s classic stuff as Just A Little Bit, Out Of Focus, Babylon, Doctor Please & Summertime Blues and couple of solid 80’s tunes. There are some great guitar fireworks worthy of an Leigh Stephens. Say… Blitz!