JOHNNY ZORRO – Twist Guitars [60’s Surfin’/Twist Instros]



Guitarist Johnny Zorro was born in Boston, Massachusetts, as David Porrazzo. At the age of 16, he moved to California where he started his musician career. In 1960. he made his first solo recordings. He has also worked as a session and backing guitarist for Nat “King” Cole, Herb Alpert and the Page Cavanaugh Trio. This here is collection of rare ’60/’61 singles recorded for Infinity, Warner Bros. and Jocko Records. Surfin’n’Twistin’ ”Las Vegas Grind” style. Dig!!!

Le Boom Boom!, Vol.1,2,3

Self-made 3 volumes collection with a total of 90 tunes ripped from the original sixties 7″ers. It’s an overdose of French 60’s rock, twist, ye-ye, surf, lounge, instro stuff cheap & groovie. Ripped & compiled by Whoops. Gotta Dig Dig – Le Boom Boom!

Le Boom 1

Le Boom 2

Le Boom 3