DAVIE ALLAN [king of fuzz] !!!


[1965] Apache 65
[1965] Skaterdater
[1966] The Wild Angels
[1966] The Wild Angels Vol.II
[1967] Blues Theme
[1967] The Glory Stompers
[1968] Cycle-Delic Sounds Of
[1968] Devils Angels
[1968] The Golden Breed
[1987] From Paradise To Hell
[1994] Loud, Loose, & Savage
[1996] Fuzz Fest
[1998] Skaterhater
[1999] The Arrow Dynamic Sounds Of
[2003] Restless In L.A.
[2004] Fuzz For The Holidays

[2004] Devils Rumble

[2006] Cycle Breed
[2007] Fuzz For The Holidays 2
[2008] Moving Right Along
[2009] Retrophonic


16 thoughts on “DAVIE ALLAN [king of fuzz] !!!

  1. Hello, Mr Eliminator. It seems like the link to Skaterhater is no longer valid. “Sorry, the file you requested is not available”. Would you be so kind as to fix it? Thanks in advance.

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