THE LOVED ONES – Magic Box [1967] Vinyl Rip!!!

Already have posted cd version of this kick ass Australian garage group, but now here’s rip roarin’ original vinyl rip of their sole 67′ slab in Surfadelic 5D ultra-blast stereo!
Ranged as one of the best OZ 60’s punkers next to THE MISSING LINKS and THE MASTER’S APPRENTICES, the major influence on “Saint” Nick [from the] Cave as well. The “LOVE” word is used in most of their titles [More Than LOVE,  Ever LOVIN’ Man, LOVE Song, The LOVE Like Ours, The LOVED One…], so you have to LOVE ’em back. No knownconnections to Arthur Lee’s LOVE [He! He!] but there are lotsa influences from Eric Burdon & THE ANIMALS. 
With one of the wildest [Gerry Humphreys] vocals in Garage Rock genre THE LOVED ONES sure deserve your rockin’ attention! Don’t you dare miss this. Diggg!!!