LORD ROCKINGHAM’s XI [UK 50’s Lounge Instro Hoot]


Lord Rockingham’s XI was a group of British session musicians, led by Harry Robinson, who had a No. 1 hit on the UK Singles Chart in 1958 with “Hoots Mon”.
The group was put together to play as the resident band on the pop TV programme Oh Boy!, which was produced by Jack Good, and shown nationally on ITV in the UK in 1958/59. They were fronted by Harry Robinson and also included jazz baritone saxophonist and later writer Benny Green, and organist Cherry Wainer.
In addition to backing singers such as Marty Wilde and Cuddly Dudley, they recorded several novelty rock instrumentals for Decca Records, the first being “Fried Onions”, which failed to chart in the UK but did slip into the US Billboard charts for a week at No. 96. The second single, Robinson’s “Hoots Mon”, a rocked-up version of the traditional Scottish song “A Hundred Pipers”, featuring Scotticisms like “Hoots mon, there’s a moose loose aboot this hoose!”, rose up the charts supported by weekly TV exposure, and stayed at number one for three weeks. They played “Long John” amongst others.
Following a legal case brought by descendants of the real Lord Rockingham, which was settled out of court, the group toured and made several less successful follow-ups, including “Wee Tom” (#16, 1959). They disbanded with the end of the TV show in 1959. “Fried Onions” was used in a television advertisement for Options indulgence chocolate drink, first shown on UK TV in December 2011. [wiki]


… And now for somethin’ completely different

”Frolic Diner”/”Las Vegas Grind” kinda Sax & Sex instro lounge R&B/Roll.

Do The Squelch, Dig!!!

Rare Surf, Vol.6 – The Capitol Masters 2


Pretty interesting collection of rare Capitol stuff from 50’s & 60’s, mostly Hot Rod, Girl Groups pop and some surf here & there. COOL STUFF: Shutdown Douglas & Hot Rod Rog [Hot Rod instros & songs from 60’s lp ”Hot Rod Rally”], Richie Allen, Susan Lynne ”Don’t Drag No More” & Sharon Marie [produced by Brian Wilson], Don Hinson ”Monster Surf Stomp”, Glen Campbell and the last track on cd which is actually Davie Allan & The Arrows version of ”Stranger From Durango”. Don’t Drag No More… Dig!!!

back of booklet


Bang Bang Rock And Roll !!!


Cool lp comp. of rare 50’s R-Billy/R’n’R in style of Sin Alley series. Bang!!!

01 – Lee Mcbride – Confusion
02 – Torquays – Rompin’
03 – Jan & The Torquays – Bonie Moronie
04 – Don Jobe & The Ghosters – Going To Have A Party
05 – Tommy Moreland – Bang Band
06 – Morris Brothers – Rockin’ Country Fever
07 – Denny Noie & The Catalinas – It Ain’t A Big Thing
08 – Herold White & His Country Masters – You’re Not Mine
09 – Willie Ward & The Warblers – Oo-Wee Baby
10 – Johnny & The Roccas – Rough Cut
11 – Larry Terry – Hep Cat
12 – Ralph – I’ve Got It
13 – Big Daddy G. – Big Berry (Boss Man Guitar)
14 – Bobby Hodge & The Rainbow Rangers – Gonna Take My Guitar
15 – Buddy Starr & The Starliners – Hold It
16 – Dee Rogers & The Nitehawks – Cut That Out
17 – Buddy Starr & The Starliners – Blues Around My Head
18 – Eddy Clermont – Love My Numbers


Sleazerama! 15 Tassle Twizzlin’ Titty Shakers!!!


More 50′ & 60s Titty Twisters! Sax driven R&B instros for eye poppin’ burlesque action.

01. Jesse Price – Pizza Beat
02. The Fifty Milers – The Grunt
03. The Starlighters – Creepin’
04. The Nobelman – Dragon Walk
05. Dick D’Agostin – Night Walk
06. The Nobles – Black Widow
07. The Rockin’ R’s – The Mix
08. Dave Hamilton and His Peppers – Cooter Bug
09. J.C. Davis – The Splib, Pt. I
10. Porky Harris and His Fantabulous 5 – Pig Pen
11. Jake Porter – Way Out East
12. Tony March and Bill David’s Roomates – Show Down
13. Dick Dixon and The Roomates – The Catrepillar Crawl
14. The Lincolns – Night Drag
15. The Escapades – Tomcat



teen-age riot!a

Repost of this classic R-Billy/Trash comp. with 50’s B-movie trailers in-between the juvenile delinquent themed rock’n’roll songs. Lotsa fav tunes here as Barry Weaver – Street Fight, Betty Dickson – Shanty Tramp, Kip Tyler – Rumble Rock, Phil Johns – Ballad Of A Juvenile Delinquent, Chuck Daniels – Glass Pak, Reggie Perkins – High School Caesar, Billy Ledbetter – Stealing Hupcaps… You can’t be wrong, gotta dig dig Dig!!!

teen-age riot!b

Spoonful R&B/Exotica vol.1-8

Enjoy amazing and danceable tunes from the late 50s and early 60s – a handful of popcorn dancefloor smashes, a few grinding tittyshakers, awesome rhythm & blues – most of them with an exotic twist! 12 trax on each volume. Only on Surfadelic, Dig!

[Warning! : Katanga LP volume is different than CD version I’ve posted before]

Chop Chop Gibble Gobble1 Kan-Gu-Wa Katanga! SadabaAhbe Casabe Boom-A-LayChug-A-Lug



Ohhhh baby!!! With Katanga! Another potent mixture of sweet Popcorn, wild Tittyshakers, hip Exotica (non-Muzak-style )and Rhythm & Blues Mambo-style! This is finger snappin’, toe tappin’, hip jigglin’, booty shakin’ madness of the highest order! This is one greasy, sweat soaked, sexy dance party! Move to the groove, baby!!!

01. Lecuona Cuban Boys – Tabu 
02. The Altecs – Gorilla Hunt 
03. Johnny McBee – Nothing But Love 
04. The Finger Cymbals – Prowl 
05. Eddie Baxter – Fortune Cookie Pt. 1 
06. Artie Barsamin & His Orchestra – Nene Aman 
07. Bill Haley & The Comets – Hawk
08. Billy Ball – African Surprise 
09. The Nomads – Icky Poo 
10. The Dootones – Ay Si Si (Mambo) 
11. Lord Creator – Big Bamboo
12. Kai Winding – Comin’ Home Baby 
13. George Allan – Come On Home
14. Otis Blackwell – Let The Daddy Hold You 
15. The Sheiks – Bagdad Rock 
16. Ray Smith – Makes Me Feel Good
17. The Valiants – Serpents & Spiders
18. Vernon Green & The Medaillions – A Lover’s Prayer
19. Johnny Wells – Lonely Moon
20. Jerry Reed – Rockin’ In Bagdad 
21. Little Willie John – Katanga 
22. Bob Ridgeley – She Was A Mau Mau 
23. Sil Austin – Hey Eula 
24. The Calvanes – Anna Macora 
25. Gene Summers – Taboo
26. Big Maybelle – Going Home Baby
27. Buddy Ace – True Love Money Can’t Buy
28. Ronnie Hawkins – Hey Boba Lu 
29. The Invictas – Samoa 
30. Piney Brown – Cream In My Coffee (Sugar In My Tea) 
31. Gabriel And The Angels – Hey 
32. Sounds Incorporated – Taboo 



100% Bona-Fide Rhythm & Blues!

Collection of hot 50’s/60’s R&B rockers in these two volumes issued in 1986. Here you gotta dance to the beat of Hank Ballard & The Midnighters, H-Bomb Ferguson, Kid Thomas, J.J. Jackson, Dr.Ross, Jerry McCain, Andre Williams, Rosco Gordon, The 5 Royales, Cal Green and others. Wyld bunch of real fine black Rock’n’Roll/R&B stompers! Dig!

Vol.1                                      Vol.2

Hot Rod & Drag Music By Jack Lapole

hot rod & drag music by jack lapole

”Custom made” collection of hot rod themed 50’s/60’s [and some modern] rockin’ tunes gathered by Jack Lapole. Here you got acts like Jan And Dean, Gene Moles, The Collins Kids, Howlin’ Wolf, Robert Mitchum, Paul Revere, The Sonics, Dick Dale, The Pyramids, The Trashmen, Ronny And The Daytonas… singing about cars, highways, burnin’ rubber, drag racing, gto’s and stuff. A real cool choice of trax with some Mr.Eliminator favs added on for a good measure. Go Go Gto!