COUNT FIVE – Psychotic Reaction, The Complete Count Five [Vinyl Rip!]

BenQ DC S1410

“I feel depressed, I feel so bad
‘Cause you’re the best girl that I ever had
I can’t get your love, I can’t get a fraction
Uh-oh, little girl, psychotic reaction
And it feels like this!…”


…It feels like a top 10 garage rock tune of all time. You’re already familiar with Count Five, famous 60’s punk band from San Jose, California, and their psych-punk hit “Psychotic Reaction” that reached the US Top 5 in 1966. This here is vinyl rip of 1994. compilation consist of Count’s entire ’66 LP + ’67/’68 singles. Cool 60’s garage stuff all the way and all around. Double-Decker Bus, Pretty Big Mouth, Peace Of Mind, The Morning After, Teeny Bopper, Can’t Get Your Loving, Revelation In Slow Motion… This is A MUST!!!


BenQ DC S1410




THE UGLY DUCKLINGS – Somewhere Outside (1966)


“That fuzz guitar is so lethal, it would be banned in at least 20 US states, and 4 Canadian proviences! 2 thumbs up!”


Probably the best Canuck 60’s garage band. The Ugly Ducklings were a five piece garage rock group based in Toronto, Ontario. You could hear their fuzzed-out single B-side “Just In Case You’re Wondering” on Pebbles vol. 10 and now here’s their sole ’66 Lp + bonus stuff. Imagine mid 60’s garage rock cross between Stones & Yardbirds and you got the picture.







BenQ DC S1410


The Rockin’ Ramrods, a garage rock band from Boston, Massachusetts, were active in the 1960s and early 1970s. and along with The Barbarians, the Remains and the Lost, they were one of the most popular acts in the Boston area. While they did not achieve national success, their work is today well-regarded by garage rock collectors and enthusiasts. They are perhaps best remembered for the 1964 protopunk anthem “She Lied” you could hear on Pebbles 8. Other fine tunes are “Mr. Wind” and “Bright Lit Blue Skies”, cool slices of garage-pop [covered by The Rising Storm on “Calm Before… ” LP] and slightly psychedelic “Flowers In My Mind”. This compilation of singles was issued by Eva records in 1984. and some trax are not in best fidelity so I have to fix it from best sources. Check it out!


BenQ DC S1410BenQ DC S1410




PEBBLES VOL. 11 & 13 (revisited !!!)


Milan “The Leather Boy”, is a star of Pebbles vol.11, with three outstanding garage/psych trax “I’m a Leather Boy”, “Shadows” and “You Gotta Have Soul” from his 1967. singles. He was also an excellent songwriter and producer who has credits on many other records released throughout the decade [I’ve alredy posted his collection on this site]. Other strong tunes are unusual psychedelizied cover of a Rolling Stones song, “The Spider and the Fly” by Von Ruden and the superb psych “Visions” by The Looking Glasses. Demented garage punkers by Modds and Barking Spyders are among the sparest garage rock tracks available; the former features only a guitar and tambourine plus growling vocals about a relationship breaking up, while the melody of the latter song — three notes up, three notes down — could scarcely be simpler. Then there are Aardvarks “I’m Higher Than I’m Down”, cool cover off the Pretty Things “LSD” named “E.S.P.” by The Beaver Patrol and classic 60’s frat/garage “Gone Gone Gone” by Third Evolution.
This LP would be even better if The Galaxies IV ‘Don’t Lose Your Mind’ was actually on the thing as advertised. In fact, if you look at the record label it says ‘Piccadilly Circus’ which is the correct track – an instrumental in a R Stones 2120 S Michigan Ave vein (and the original b-side of the 45). Anyways I’ve included it as a bonus track!


Pebbles Vol. 11bPebbles Vol. 11c

Volume 13 of this series shows some decline in quality of material but still has some strong garage stuff on side A, Rock Garden “Super Stuff”, The Apollos “Target Love”, Les Sinners “Nice Try”, on side B primitive garage of Knight Riders “I”, Cole & The Embers “Hey Girl”, again The Apollos with classic “That’s The Breaks” and Canuck teenage rebels Les Lutins “Laissez-Nous Vivre”. Well, that’s about it folks! Now check out the HQ garage sound, Dig!!!


Pebbles - Volume 13b

Pebbles - Volume 13c

PEBBLES VOL. 2 (revisited)


Pebbles - Volume 2-4176901987_3291b11069_k

This is legendary intro to this classic 60’s punk comp by a fictive rock critic “famed critic -at-large A. SELTZER”. I’ve bought this Pebbles volume sometimes in the early 90’s from an fat bearded Hell’s Angels looking guy who told me that it’s a crap sounding music and who wander why I want to buy it. Anyways, this collection was my entrance to the world of 60’s punk and it’s my no.1 favorite garage rock compilation of all time.

Next, check some more writings by Mr. A.Seltzer…

Pebbles - Volume 2

“Flower power/acid rock/garage rock/psychedelic etc you’ve heard all these now cliche and irritating tags. but have you heard what it really was? Pebbles will take you there.”

“The Moving Sidewalks’ “99th Floor” and The Choir’s “It’s Cold Outside” are stone-cold classics, it’s no surprise that members of either band would find success later in ZZ Top and The Raspberries, respectively.  Tracks from The Litter, The Dovers and Zakary Thaks are up to the high standards connoisseurs of 60s garage would expect, but even the lesser known bands are great here: The Road’s “You Rub Me the Wrong Way” is a fun little tune, The Squires’ “Go Ahead” is a great vocal number and The Little Boy Blues’ “I Can Only Give You Everything” is a head-nodding rocker.  And I’ve not even mentioned the bluesy “So What!” by the The Lyrics, which might be the funnest track here.  One of the better 60s garage comps out there.”


Even know there’s a 1992. reissue of Pebbles 2 with pretty decent sound, again I did some revisitation to make it even better. All trax are mastered by Mr. Eliminator from best possible sources just for your listening pleasure, ’cause ya know … this is A MUST!!!




PEBBLES VOL.4 (revisited !!!)

pebbles vol 4


Alright kiddies, this ain’t another 60’s garage rock volume but fun collection of surf pop tunes dominated by Gary Usher/Brian Wilson style productions, kinda like a black sheep in Pebbles series.

“Simply put: This is a collection of vocal surf music, including some singers and players in the Beach Boys/Jan & Dean orbit. This set is not for those looking to get their feet wet (pun intended) in surf music, but for FANATICS, this is a treasure trove. The track by Dave Edmunds is alone worth owning this set for — it’s his version of The Tradewinds’ “NY is a Lonely Town” with the lyrics changed to London and the plight of a surfer boy that moved to England. Not every song is a gem — some stuff is obscure for a reason — but most of it is dandy, silly, enthusiastic surfin’ fun!”

“As its title implies, the fourth Pebbles volume is a bit of a departure from other volumes in the series. It serves up 18 tracks of ultra obscure surf rock from the 60s (except for Dave Edmunds’ “London’s A Lonely Town,” which was recorded in 1973). The songs are mostly from the poppier end of the spectrum, with vocal harmonies, symplistic lyrics, and peppy instrumentation that shows a clear Beach Boys/Jan & Dean influence. Severeal of these songs are really good- The Dantes’ “Top Down Time” is an infectious rush, and the Knights’ “Hot Rod High” offers the kind of simplistic joy that its title promises. The Wheel Men and The Super Stocks provide two excellent versions of the same song (with slighty different titles, however. The former group calls their tune “School Is A Gas,” while the latter provides “School Is A Drag”). Lloyd Thaxton’s “Image Of A Surfer” can almost be described as the surf-pop counterpart to Kim Fowley’s “The Trip.”

Listen up surfers! This is a DEFINITIVE version of now a classic 1979. Pebbles surfin’ LP collection, with perfect HQ sound mastered from best possible sources. In visual sound Surfadelic! Dig!!!


pebbles vol 4bpebbles vol 4c


PEBBLES VOL.7 & 8 (revisited !!!)


“Pebbles 7 & 8 are connected as they are sharing pt.1 & pt.2 of the liner notes written by The Rev. & Ms. Tommy Parasite. Both comps are offering the typical wide range of rare and obscure 60s Garage-punk and early Psych as it was manifested on Pebbles 1 & 2. Volume 8 includes “You must be a witch” (with later “Dead Moon” singer “Fred Cole”), the nasty depressing “I never loved her” by “The Starfires” and “I can`t stand this love, goodbye” and “She Lied”, both original Punkrock smashers. Other favs are raw garage/psych of Faine Jade “It Ain’t True”, The Caravelles “Lovin’ Just My Style”, Question Mark & The Mysterians “Make You Mine”,  and killer fun of “Don’t Do It Some More” by The Cindermen. Pebbles Vol. 8 closes with the wonderful “I Live in the springtime” by The Lemon Drops. One of the best Pebbles compilations and my all-time favorite.”

Pebbles Vol.7 is pretty solid too, outstanding are the starter “Trippin`Out” which is just devastating and “White Ship”, which owns a similar vibe than the great “Five years ahead” of “Third Bardo” of Pebbles Vol. 3. Side A ends with “Sweet Young Thing” by “The Chocolate Watchband” which is an all time classic Garage anthem. Side B is somehow stronger with great “When I Arrive” by We The People, The Soul Survivors “Shakin’ With Linda”, two cool garage folk rockers by The Four Fifths & The Dovers. Then, there are two moody organ driven gems “A Pindaric Ode” by The Sunday Funnies and “Frustration” by Painted Ship. This volume closes with searing guitar driven “Love” b The Live Wires.

These two classic Pebbles comps deserve to be heard in much better sound, so here are REVISITED versions with blazing aural quality. All trax are mastered by Mr. Eliminator from best possible sources just for your listening pleasure. As ya know already… this is A MUST! Dig!!!

PEBBLES VOL.10 + B-sides (revisited !!!)

BenQ DC S1410


Here we go with another volume in Pebbles series, one of my favorites. I’ve already posted “revisited” version of this slab before but now it’s even better + it comes with B-sides and some bonus cuts added for a good measure. Now this “garage monster” is a piece of hard work and has 36 trax alright! As you know, you gotta deal with mix of garage folk rock, beat, pop and classic fuzzed-out 60’s punkers. Real cool action starts with The Ides Of March ”Roller Coaster” and goes to the very end with killer fuzz driven ”Don’t Shoot Me Down” by The Brogues. Along the way you got some kick ass legendary stuff & garage anthems like The Ugly Ducklings – Just In Case You Wonder, The Foggy Notions – Need A Little Lovin’, Raga And The Talas – My Group & Me, Leo & The Prophets – Tilt-A-Whirl, Human Expression – Love At Psychedelic Velocity, The Wig-Wags – I’m On My Way Down The Road, Steve Walker & The Bold – Train Kept A Rollin, 13. The Things To Come – I’m Not Talkin’, Five Americans – Slippin’ And Slidin’, The Groupies – Primitive. Watcha say ha? This is A MUST for 60’s punk fans and others. Audio mastering by Mr.Eliminator at Surfadelic ”Planet of sound” studios! Check some favs down below and… do the dig!!!


Pebbles vol.10 [1980] bPebbles vol.10 [1980] c



PEBBLES VOL.12 (revisited)

PEBBLES VOL.12 (revisited) a


Here’s another sound revisitation, this time it’s Pebbles vol.12 from 1983. Again, it’s a cool mix of 60’s garage, bubblegum, pop and folk rock pulled out from various rare 45’s. On original lp the sound is often muffled or some trax are running faster than originals but that’s a charm of that early garage comps. Anyways, I’ve found best possible sources for these recording and the aural quality is much impoved just for your listening pleasure. Check some favs down there and Feel The Music !


PEBBLES VOL.12backpebbles-vol-12-2-ab



THE GODFATHERS – Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Live ’89) vinyl rip!

Godfathers Texas Chainsaw 1

“I been high and I been low
And I don’t know where to go…”

Attention all ya rockin’ kids!!! This is killer promo live LP issued in 1989. on Epic records. The Godfathers were at full speed on US tour promoting their 3rd album, so they came to Austin, Texas for a show where this live recordings were made. Don’t know how I missed this slab before but here it is now – GREAT sounding 9 trax vinyl rip of Godfathers killer live action. It’s short baby but it’s sweet. Say… Dig!!!

“I cut myself but I don’t bleed
‘Cause I don’t get what I need
Doesn’t matter what I say
Tomorrow’s still another day.”

Godfathers Texas Chainsaw 2