Originally released as LPs back in 1982/83., these two comps gather some real cool 60’s US garage-punk/psych tunes by The Hangmen, Bram Rigg Set, Invasion, Royal Aircoach, The Falcons [influenced by The Seeds “Tripmaker”], The Bluethings, H.M. Subjects, Ed Wool & The Nomads, ‘early’ The Doors, The Undecided, The Liverpool Set [killer ” Seventeen Tears To The End”], The Tropics [ace ”As Time’s Gone”],  The Olivers, The Id, The Bump, The Guilloteens, great garage folk-rock ”Days Of My Years” by The Traveling Salesmen, The Spikedrivers, 49th Paralell … Some of these song were over-comped over the years  so you could be very familiar with them but some ain’t, so you gotta dig anyways. Check some fuzzed-out favs below ‘n’ gid!!!






13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS – Fire in My Bones / Elevator Tracks



These two unofficial vinyl collections issued in ’85/’87 on Texas Archive rec. were the first sources for unissued early recordings by Roky and crew. Both records have one studio side with early 1966 recordings [later known as ”The Contact Sessions”] and the other live side from ‘The Sump N’ Else Tv Show’ and ‘La Maison Ballroom’. You can hear great unissued stuff as ”I Don’t Ever Want To Come Down”, ”Make That Girl Your Own”, ”You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore”, ‘Fire In My Bones”, alternate versions of tunes from their legendary debut, live rumble and Intereview with Tommy Hal by Ron Chapman [“Who is it that is doing the ‘doo ga doo ga doo’ Is that you?”]. I know you know but… once again the 13th Floor Elevators!!!

[Special thanx to JPstooges for vinyl rip]

13th floor elevators_fire in my bones_cover2elevator tracks - 13th floor elevators, the [1987] [back]




TEEN TRASH FROM PSYCHEDELIC TOKYO 66-69 Vol.1-3 [Monster A Go-Go!/Big Lizard Stomp!/Slitherama!]


”Under the influence of The Beatles, the Group Sounds movement swept Japan in the mid-1960s. This esteemed compilation exceedingly difficult to find since its original release in 1990, gathers the wildest tracks in the genre, spanning surf rock, fuzzed-up R&B, and even psychedelia. It’s sure to thrill fans of the further reaches of garage rock.”

Don’t know what could it be, effects of radiations or somethin’ but Japanese rockers really know how to took things to the extreme. If I tell you that these three ‘Godzilla’ volumes of 60’s ‘banzai garage’ contain more fuzz than you ate hot meals or noodles in yer whole life then ya know what I’m talkin’ bout. Here you got the most savage ‘Brit invasion’ influenced sound with acts like The Golden Cups [check out Surfadelic collection!], The Mops, The Beavers, The Spiders, The Carnabeats, D’Swooners, The Jaguars… predecessors to modern Jap garage punk bands as The Teengenerate or Guitar Wolf. Most stuff are fuzzed-out covers of classics by Bo Doddley, C. Berry, Wilson Pickett, Hendrix, Yardbirds, Animals… Yo kiddos! Check out some favs below and 掘る !!!



OZ BEAT FRENZY! (Rare & Unknown ’60s Garage) / THE AUSTRALIAN MUSIC BEAT SCENE (1965-67)


Two Australian 60’s garage beat comp with mostly rare but pretty solid ‘Down under’ fuzzed-out rumble. There are some well known acts like The Elois, Purle Hearts, Missing Links, Throb, Barrington Davis, Johnny Rebb & The Atlantics… ”Oz Beat Frenzy!” is more on raw garage side while ”Australian Music Beat Scene” is more beat oriented. Anyways, check some favs down under, Stop, Look And Listen ‘n’ Dig!!!


OZ BEAT FRENZY! BR-9036809-1473843281-7884.jpeg






It’s never enough of 60’s punk , ain’t it? These are real cool garage rock comps from the late 80’s but there’s a catch as volume 2 cd version gathers all vol.2 Lp trax plus 7 vol.1 trax and 3 bonus cuts . So I have to add 10 more trax from vol.1 Lp to make collection complete with 34 trax! It’s kinda like compicated huh?!…  but don’t worry, everything’s here.

Some of the songs like Larry And The Loafers ”Lets Go To The Beach”, Teddy And His Patches ”From Day To Day”, The Humane Society ”Knock, Knock”, The Romancers ”She Took My Oldsmobil” or The Lyrics ”Mr. Man” you could hear on ”famous” garage comps as Nuggets, Pebbles,  What A Way To Die, Sixties Rebellion, Mayhem & Psychosis, Hang It Out To Dry!…  But most trax are not so well known as wacky opener by Animal Jack ”Gotta Hear The Beat (Part1)”, biker outlaws The Charles ”Motorcycle”, fuzz drenched ”Turning To Stone” by The Gladiators,  The Reverbs ”Lie In The Shade Of The Sun”, The Teardrops ”Sweet, Sweet Sadie”, punker Joe Frank & The Knights ”Can’t Find A Way”, fuzzed-out ”I’ll Give You More” by Erik And The Smoke Ponies and The Decades ”I’m Gonna Dance”, organ driven ”Stay In My Life” by The Pied Pipers or cool stuff as Fever Tree ”I Can Beat Your Drum” and The Pilmigrage ”Bad Apple” you could hear on Garage Beat ’66 and Teenage Shutdown! comps. Sound optimization by Mr.Eliminator himself.  Loads of ace 60’s fuzzed-out garage rock action ”Until the devil starts to sweat!” Dig!!!


victims tray




THE LEMON DROPS – Crystal Pure! [60’s Garage/Psych]

The Lemon Drops Crystal Pure! a


”Anyone who likes the Leaves, the Seeds et al will love the early cuts by this band, a hard-luck Chicago outfit who couldn’t turn a local wave of popular enthusiasm into something bigger, despite some good songs. Their later stuff was more self-consciously psychedelic, but it’s still very well done, with superb playing and harmonies. The Lemon Drops were Jeff Brand (bass), Bobby Lunack (rhythm guitar), Gary Weiss (drums), Eddie Weiss (rhythm guitar), and Danny Smola (vocals), who began rehearsing in the Weiss home when they were between 14 and 17 years old. With lead guitarist Ricky Erickson in tow and later an official member, they cut their first record, “I Live In the Springtime,” for Rembrandt, a local label co-owned by one of the Weisses’ elder siblings. “I Live in the Springtime” got an enthusiastic reception locally, and was played as far away as New York. The bandmembers became celebrities among the local kids when they were thrown out of school for their long hair. By that time, they were on their second single, the angry anti-Vietnam rocker “It Happens Everyday,” and soon after had a new lead singer, Dick Sidman. The band slipped easily into the psychedelic blossoming of the Summer of Love, adding more overt flower-power references to their mix of sounds. It looked as though RCA was interested in the group, but a mix-up prevented the tapes for their third single, “Sometime Ago”/”Theatre of Your Eyes,” from getting to the company in New York on time. A potential contract with Uni Records came to nothing, and their third single, as well as a dozen tracks cut live in the Weiss home in January of 1968, went unheard. A few more songs were cut on behalf of Buena Vista Records, but the death of the label head scotched the deal, and a potential contract with Alden Records fell apart, along with the group, following an acid party at the owner’s Los Angeles mansion in the summer of 1969.” [Bruce Eder]

Chicago 60’s teen garage band ‘famed’ for their sole ’67 single “I Live in the Springtime”  you could hear on Pebbles and Nuggets comps. Aside from that, the other stuff on this collection are unissued 60’s recordings + some bonus cuts. Their music could be best described as fuzzed-out flower power psych this side of The Seeds or The Electric Prunes. All in all 17 trax with upgraded sound quality. It’s Crustal Pure! allright. Don’t miss it!









More 60’s garage/psych from Texas. ”Houston Hallucinations” is a fuzzed-out collection of ’66-’68 unreleased stuff by Houston bands as Euphoria [known for their ’69 lp ”A Gift From Euphoria”], Pastels, Coastliners, Countdown 5, Ninth Street Bridge, Iguanas… It’s more psych-garage than ”Nowsounds Groove-In” comp. that also features cuts by The Countdown 5 and The Coastliners too and same Fever Tree ”Radio Commercial”. Also there are tunes by other popular rock bands in the Houston area at that time as A-440 [famed for Torture” from Acid Visions and Mindrocker comps], Thursday’s Children, The Surf Knights, The Moving Sidewalks, The Six Pents, The Dimensions… Iggy would say – Houston Is Hot Tonight, alright! Dig!!!


Houston Hallucinations bNOWSOUNDS GROOVE - IN 2


LINK WRAY – Bullshot [1979] Vinyl Rip!

BenQ DC S1410


Aloha from hell!!! Here we go again with another Surfadelic vinyl rip. This time it’s a 79′ comeback lp for ”The King of GROWLING guitar”. After his successful collaboration with R-billy hero Robert Gordon, Link is more than eager to put his solo album, a R’n’R revival slab with mostly vocal numbers and few instro cuts, re-recordings of his 60’s tunes ”Snag” and ”Rawhide”, and one new, super cool ”Peter Gun” rip off called ”Switchblade”. There are fine rockin’ covers of ”Fever” and Dylan’s ”It’s All Over Now Baby Blue” and rumblin’ originals ”Good Good Lovin”’, ” Just That Kind” and ”Wild Party”. Produced by Richard Gottehrer [Blondie, Richard Hell, Go-Go’s…], mastered by Greg Calbi [Ramones, DMZ, Television, Iggy Pop…]. And… ya know… Vinyl Rip by Mr.Eliminator. Dig!!!


BenQ DC S1410BenQ DC S1410



THE CHOSEN FEW 1&2 [60’s Garage Punk]

The Chosen Few 1&2


”Both volumes of the original vinyl on one fantastic cd. An absolutely stunning selection of original US garage punk from the golden age. All rough-edged teen snarl. No crappy hippie-isms, no noodling guitar solos, no saxophones and no bare-chested macho hollering… just primo teen fuzz and scuzz. This is the cd to get if you can’t afford the original vinyl albums. Yes – the cd sleeve is a bit boring looking – but the best things in life are often hidden away like this. You do get good sleeve notes in the booklet and the sound quality is great.”

From the first wave of US garage/psych comps of early 80’s these two are among the best, full of top-notch killer 60’s punkers. Many of these tunes gained a cult status among garage fans and you could heard some on other comps and reissues as Teenage Shutdown, Back From The Grave, PEBBLES, Highs In The Mid Sixties…  And remember, fuzz is a way of life. Sound check by Mr. Eliminator. Dig!!!


The Chosen Few 1&2 a