Surfadelic Presents: ANGEL WITH A DEVIL’S HEART

Surfadelic - Angel With A Devil's Hear 1a


This one is dedicated to Davie Allan “King of Fuzz” and his 60’s soundtracks vocal sides. As you know, Davie and his crew were wery busy during sixties as a studio musicians on many American International exploatation movies soundtracks as Born Losers, Teenage Rebellion, The Glory Stompers, Devils Angels, The Wild Angels, Thunder Alley, Riot On Sunset Strip, The Golden Breed and others. You’re already familiar with Davie’s fuzzed-out instro stuff but this Surfadelic comp especially concentrate on vocal tunes from his numerous collaborations with other acts as instro back-up and appearances under different monikers like Max Frost & The Troopers, The Back-Wash Rhythm Band, The Sidewalk Sounds, Jerry And The Portraits, Hands Of Time, Glass Family… 20 trax of real cool soundtracks stuff + one rare single side “Granny Goose”. Don’t miss this, dig!!!


Surfadelic - Angel With A Devil's Hear 2b









Surfadelic Presents: Black Lightening Light! (US 60’s Garage/Psych)

Black Lightening Light 1b


This is collection of some of my favorite underground USA 60’s garage/psych tunes. By the late 60’s many garage rock bands went psychedelic, developing their raw primitive sound with fuzz/wah wah pedal and acid effects. This ain’t hippy trippy West Coast folk psych, but fuzzed-out, harder rockin’ and sometimes heavy psychedelics like killer “Silence Of The Morning” by Glass Sun. Most of these tracks are from ’67/’68/’69 with couple of tunes from early 70’s. Here you gotta deal with ace stuff by Crystal Rain, First Crew To The Moon, Max Frost And The Troopers, The Raves, Nobody’s Children, The Music Machine, The Spontaneous Generation, The Twilighters, The Shy Guys, Glass Sun… Check some favs down below and dig!


Black Lightening Light 2





Surfadelic Presents: SHOTGUN ROCK’N’ROLL !!!

Surfadelic - Shotgun Rock'n'Roll a1b2


Yeah you’re right, here comes a brand new Surfadelic collection and it’s a hot one believe you me. This time it’s a killer mix of 60’s rockabilly rockers, garage, hot rod and even some r&b stompers. You gotta deal with high-octane rockin’ acts as Bobby Comstock, The Druids, The Sonics, Dean Carter, Gene Vincent, The Wailers, Link Wray, The Trashmen, Dick Dale, Del Shannon and others… There’s Ted Taylor with original version of classic “Rambling Rose” (later covered by MC5),  hilariously sweet favavorite “Little Gun, Little Me” by Diana Darrin and yeah Michael Caine on cover art. Check some favs down below and…ya know… You better dig, allright!!!


Surfadelic - Shotgun Rock'n'Roll 2




THEE HEADCOATS – Heavens To Murgatroyd, Even! It’s Thee Headcoats! (Already)

BenQ DC S1410


Billy Childish & The Headcoats 5th or 6th album from 1990.[there are so many ya know] and probably their best, one of those classic garage revival lps, my favorite. First time when I heard this stuff I thought it’s from 60’s or some other dimension. Raw garage rock action in The Kinks, Sonics, Downliners Sect style with “Mantrap”, “No Way Out”, “Reindeer Are Wild”, “Headcoat Man”, hit tune “Girl Of Matches”, “Pokerhuntus Was Her Name” [with Thee Headcoatees!], “We’re Gone”… Cover art by Daniel Claws. It’s 30th anniversary already! And remember, Don’t play with matches, dig!!!


“Burn… I’m gonna burn you… you don’t live long child… you gotta learn!”


BenQ DC S1410




THE HOCTOR BAND – Jazz On The Road, 12 Arrangements For Modern Jazz Dancing [1974. Funky/Lounge]

Jazz On The Road-83.jpeg


This ain’t no jazz but a real nice funky instro lounge lp on Hoctor Records [known for library music, dance instruction records for instructors, professionals, and students].  12 trax instro covers played by the Hoctor Band, treatment of classics originaly by Curtis Mayfield, Barry White, Steely Dan, Carole King, D. Boone… Rare stuff, dig!!!


Jazz On The Road-91.jpeg





THE PROFESSIONALS – The Complete Professionals [3xCD 1979/81 Punk Rock!!! ]



The Professionals were formed in 1979 by guitarist Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook, both formerly of the Sex Pistols. In the previous year, Johnny Rotten had left the Sex Pistols, and both Cook and Jones had sung lead for the late Sex Pistols recordings “Silly Thing” and “Lonely Boy”. For these recordings, Lightning Raiders bassist Andy Allan was employed as a session musician. After the Sex Pistols officially split and broke ties with manager Malcolm McLaren, this line-up was resurrected as the Professionals, and signed to Virgin Records, the same label as the Sex Pistols.
In July 1980, the Professionals released their first single, “Just Another Dream”,which also included a video promo. This was followed by a second single “1-2-3” in October, which reached No. 43 in the UK Singles Charts.
The Professionals were first managed by Dave Hill, who had managed Johnny Thunders and was managing the Pretenders.They recorded radio sessions for John Peel’s Radio 1, which aired on 10 November 1980, as means to promote the release of “Join the Professionals” that same month.


Professionals complete_cd_book_07


The group brought in producer Nigel Gray to help record their full-length album; the result was I Didn’t See It Coming, released in November 1981. The album was supported by UK and U.S. tour dates, and the release of a single for the song “The Magnificent”. But the band’s American tour was cut short when Cook, Myers, and McVeigh were injured in a car accident. The Professionals returned to America in the spring of 1982 after a hiatus for recovery, but Jones’ and Myers’ drug problems further hampered the band’s prospects.


Professionals complete_cd_book_08


This 3 disc set pretty much covers just about everything The Professionals recorded between 1979 and 1981, you get b sides, single mixes and some great demos stuff as well as the 2 classic records. This was a very overlooked band at the time and they sure where a fantastic punk band of note in the uk BUT by the time these guys got on the scene by 1979 the nwobhm was coming in hard and post punk and new wave where lighting up the charts so the huge punk explosion of 1977 was dying out already. what helped the professionals was of coarse having 2 ex members of the sex pistols running the show. This outfit only lasted a couple of years and they where gone almost as soon as they got started but this may have been one of the best post Sex Pistols bands out there at this time, they sure where a lot better then PIL!!!!  [Edward J. McCarthy Jr.]







THE INVADERS – Spacing Out (1970) Vinyl Rip!

The Invaders - Spacing Out 1


The Invaders was started by Ralph Richardson in Bermuda in 1968. In 1969, the band produced its first hit 45, “Spacing Out”, written by Richardson, which made it to the top of the Bermuda charts and remained there for several weeks. Within a few months, the band produced its first album with the same title. Both 45 and album were underwritten by Eddie De Mello.
By late 1969, Phillips Recording Studios in the UK offered the band a six-month tour of Europe and a recording contract. By 1970, the band, whose members where then part time musicians, decided to call it quits. [wiki]
Rare Latin-Funk-Instro Lp in the similar style as The Meters jams, includes versions of “Look A Py Py”and The Isley Brothers “It’s Your Thing”. In Surfadelic DeepFunk Vinyl Rip! Dig!!!

The Invaders - Spacing Out 2


!!! EDDIE BO !!!


A mover and shaker behind the New Orleans music scene, Eddie Bo had regional success in the late ’50s with piano stroll-era novelties like “Check Mr. Popeye,” but hit his stride a decade later with a brand of funk and soul that could only have originated in his hometown. “The Hook & Sling” was an R&B hit in 1969, propelled by Bo’s good-natured exhortations and the undeniable groove from drummer James Black. The follow-up single, “(If It’s Good to You) It’s Good for You,” did not achieve the same kind of chart success but is just as tough. The Hook and Sling collects Bo’s output for a number of small New Orleans labels, as well as tracks previously unreleased. Primarily heavy funk instrumentals, with plenty of wah wah guitars and drum breaks, there are connections to Bo’s musical past, including “Love Has Been Good” and “Come to Me”,” two blues-based ballads that lean hard on Bo’s piano. Despite the contrasting styles, Hook & Sling’s material is impressively strong throughout, including good advice on love (“Check Your Bucket” and dance crazes “The Thang”). [AllMusic Review by Kurt Edwards]

Eddie Bo’s Funky Funky New Orleans brings more rare & unreleased New Orleans funk action from 1968-1971.


In the Pocket with Eddie Bo!, Vampi Soul collection is arguably the most representative audio portrait of the New Orleans songwriting and performing kingpin, Edwin Bocage. Covering 60 years of music making, its whopping 28 tracks highlight his songs, singles, and productions for other artists. Like all of the best New Orleans music, this baby is sweaty, raw, greasy, and super funky. Some of the classics here include Bo’s stellar bit of proto-soul-funk in “I Found a Little Girl” (while it may borrow from Ray Charles’ gospel-soul inspiration, it gives back in its prefiguring of the bridge style James Brown used to great success later on), “We Like Mambo” (the Afro-Caribbean style welded hard to NOLA second line), and the great break-driven duet “Lover & Friend” with Inez Cheatham. There are an equal number of highlights in his productions and arrangements including — but not limited to — “Horse with a Freeze, Pt. 1” by Roy Ward, the Explosions’ “Garden of Our Trees,” with its burning bassline and tight horn charts, and Curley Moore & Cool Ones’ “Funky Yeah” (which is just damn nasty in the way it uses Bo Diddley’s “Who Do You Love” rhythm). Then there’s the elastic wah-wah guitar and keys in “The Rubber Band” by Bo with the Soul Finders and the straight-up employment of a Motown-style string chart on his 2007 single “Chained.” Anyway you want to listen to this slab, chronologically, on shuffle, or one track played over and over until you gotta move to the next, is just fine because In the Pocket with Eddie Bo is the bomb. [AllMusic Review by Thom Jurek]


eddie bo

If funk is your thing, ya gotta dig!!!