PETE TERRACE – King Of The Boogaloo [1967]

King Of The Boogaloo1


”Boogaloo is a Latin American Music style that emerged in New York City in the early 1960s, before reaching the height of its popularity later on in the decade. It fuses American Rhythm & Blues and Jazz with Son Cubano and frequent African American culture terminology to create an upbeat crossover style that appealed to both Latin American and African American communities. Boogaloo emulates the sounds of a party, with funky rhythms, handclaps and excited voices. Common instruments include piano, trumpet, saxophone, double bass, congas, bongos, güiro and timbales.”

Hey Carlito! How are you man? Used to run smack with Rolando. Right?” “Little bit. Yeah.” “Little bit? Little bit! That’s a good one. I hear you guys used to be fucking kings man!!”

Lately I’m in the mood for some party music. Pedro Terrace [aka Pedro Gutierrez] also known as “The King Of Latin Jazz” is NY Latin 60’s musician and this is his best lp, live set recorded at Chez Jose in New York! This latin stuff remind me on cool flicks like ”Scarface” or ”Carlito’s Way”, so c’mon Bang Bang, Do The Boogaloo!

The World Is Yours!


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