Rare CD compilation of mostly lesser known 60’s surf & hot rod songs and some sunshine pop. Many real cool tunes previously uncomped as The Dolphins “Surfing-East Coast”, The Casuals “Mustang 2+2”, The Four Wheels “Sneaky Little Sleeper”, Tony Harris With The Woodys “Go Go Little Scrambler”, The Four Wheels “Sneaky Little Sleeper”, The Four Wheels “Sneaky Little Sleeper”, Good Vibrations “Mary Anne”, The Racers “Skateboard”, The Excels “California On My Mind” Girls, cars, sun, fun, … Enjoy!!!

*Track missing: Gary & The Wombats “Summer’s Over”

  1. Good Vibrations – Weekend
  2. The Dolphins – Surfing-East Coast
  3. The Quads – Surfin’ Hearse
  4. Gary Usher – Jody
  5. The Rip Chords – Wah-Wahini
  6. Bob Sled & The Toboggans – Here We Go (The Surfer Boys Are Going Skiing)
  7. The Sidewalk Surfers – Fun Last Summer
  8. Good Vibrations – Mary Anne
  9. California Suns – Little Bit Of Heaven
  10. The Racers – Skateboard
  11. The Excels – California On My Mind
  12. Gary & The Wombats – Summer’s Over
  13. The G.T.O.’s – She Rides With Me
  14. The Reveres – Big T
  15. The Pyramids – Custom Caravan
  16. The Upsetters – Draggin’ The Main
  17. The Four Wheels – Sneaky Little Sleeper
  18. The Hondells – Little Sidewalk Surfer Girl
  19. Tony Harris With The Woodys – Go Go Little Scrambler
  20. Jan Berry – Skateboard Surfin’
  21. The Tigers – Geeto Tiger
  22. The Zip-Codes – Run, Little Mustang!
  23. The Casuals – Mustang 2+2
  24. Paul Revere & The Raiders – SS 396
  25. The Cyrkle – Camaro



Loud Pipes & Long Boards [60’s Surf/Hot Rod Instros!]


Oh yeah! And this one really kicks ass. Brand new limited edition vinyl only compilation of rare 60’s surfin’, draggin’ and rockin’ instro action. Pretty ace stuff indeed. Say… Dig!!!




HAVOC FROM HOLLAND (15 boss beat trax from the sixties!!!)

Havoc From Holland a


One of those cool oldschool garage comps from 80’s. This Lp was issued in US in ’89 on Cryptovision record. oh yeah! It’s a great collection of dutch mid 60’s freakbeat/garage with some well known acts as The Outsiders, The Motions or The Scorpions but mostly with lesser known bands. Check some favs down below ‘n’ dig!!!


Havoc From Holland bHavoc From Holland c










Buzz Buzz Buzzzzzz vol. 1 & 2 [60’s Garage/Psych Instros]

“The High Art of Groovy ’60s Psychedelic Instrumental”

“Packed to the hilt with go-go and acid trip freak-outs, a combination of session men and garage bands perform fuzzy-guitar mantras and shimmering soundscapes. Mellow 12-strings, jazzy electric piano, and Arabic-sounding Farfisas keep up the tunes as Moogs squeak and bongos pummel away creating the kind of incidental music to be heard during the trip scene of drug-ploitation flicks and no-budget sci-fi. It is a more than an adequate soundtrack for wacky home movies or parties.” [allmusic]

Real cool comps of rare mid 60’s garage & acid instro grooves. Say… Buzz Buzz Buzzzzzzz !!!


More psych-out 60’s instros in Everything You Always Wanted To Know…





Surfadelic Presents – USE ME ! (Original songs covered by Grace Jones)

Use Me 1


This Surfadelic comp. is kinda like “Songs we taught…” collection, this time with tunes and songs covered & abused by Miss Grace Jones, my favorite 80’s dance pop glam queen. Well, some of the songs really surprise me ’cause I thought it’s hers originals like Warm Leatherette, Walking In The Rain, Use Me… but I was wrong, dead wrong baby. Check out some favs down there, mostly 70’s new wave songs and some other classic tunes. Use the dig!


Use Me 2b2




Surfadelic Presents: SHOTGUN ROCK’N’ROLL !!!

Surfadelic - Shotgun Rock'n'Roll a1b2


Yeah you’re right, here comes a brand new Surfadelic collection and it’s a hot one believe you me. This time it’s a killer mix of 60’s rockabilly rockers, garage, hot rod and even some r&b stompers. You gotta deal with high-octane rockin’ acts as Bobby Comstock, The Druids, The Sonics, Dean Carter, Gene Vincent, The Wailers, Link Wray, The Trashmen, Dick Dale, Del Shannon and others… There’s Ted Taylor with original version of classic “Rambling Rose” (later covered by MC5),  hilariously sweet favavorite “Little Gun, Little Me” by Diana Darrin and yeah Michael Caine on cover art. Check some favs down below and…ya know… You better dig, allright!!!


Surfadelic - Shotgun Rock'n'Roll 2