WADADLI RIDERS – Made In Antigua [2009]

Wadadli Riders1

This is the first full album of Wadadli Riders. A recording proudly done and mixed in Antigua. It is actually the very first surf music recording done in the Caribbean. The sound is mostly traditional, lots of reverb and in some cases a harder drum sound: all fans of classic surf music will like this album!
The guitar sound of Wadadli Riders takes inspiration from bands like Astronauts, giving particular accent to the reverb and the dwell from the Fender tank, but it pushes in some cases stronger vibrations, due to the heavy gauge of the strings used with the Fender Jaguar. The first song “Dwell At 10” comes out very strongly and it is missing of a rhythm guitar, and gives a good idea of the live sound of the band. It introduces the album with a great impact. Going through the song list you can enjoy ballads like “Going My Wave” and faster and more aggressive surf music tunes, like “JBL D-130F” (named after the famous guitar speaker, used in the recording), “Kawaramachi” or “Hurricane Season”. It is much fun to listen to Caribbean inspired melodies like “Caribbean Vibes”.


What the hell is “Wadadli”? Well, it is the ancient name of the Caribbean island of Antigua where the band was actually formed in 2005.
Since then the band was very active with concerts worldwide, participating to important festivals like the Surfer Joe Summer Festival in Italy and the Surf Guitar 101 Convention in California. They have also been touring with Daddy-O Grande of Los Straitjackets and shared the stage with many surf bands from everywhere.
As the musicians did split in early 2011, the band finished its career with just this album out and an EP together with Rev Hank of the Canadian band Urban Surf Kings called “Rev Hank Meets Wadadli Riders”. [Album Notes]

Wadadli Riders2