THE AQUA VELVETS – Liquid Dreams [Surfadelic Collection]

Liquid Dreams1

Hey surfers! here’s another custom made Surfadelic Collection this time dedicated to SF surfin’ cats THE AQUA VELVETS. It’s a real cool selection of instro surf tunes thoughtfully chosen from their classic 90’s slabs The Aqua Velvets, Surfmania, Nomad, Guitar Noir, and from their 2008. album Backflip Louie and the Pool Party Pagans. I know that many of you are already familiar with ‘VELVETS’ but anyways check this out. Enjoy the Liquid Dreams!

“Aqua Velvets are an American surf rock revival band from San Francisco, California, formed in the 1980s by guitarist Miles Corbin. Rather than simply recreate the vintage 1963 surf sound, Corbin set out to add depth and dimension with original songs that included strings, horns, keyboards, and exotic instruments. The result was a cinematic sound more akin to film composers like Ennio Morricone and John Barry. The group released their debut album in 1992, recorded over a period of several years. This album was recorded in the auto repair shop where bassist Michael Lindner worked. They signed to Atlantic Records in 1995 to release Surfmania; subsequent releases appeared on BMG subsidiary Milan Records.” [wiki]

“A Fascinating Blend of spaghetti western, shimmering psychedelia, pristine surf, latin rhythms, mysterious faraway places, and a tongue-in-cheek dash of lounge.”

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THE AQUA VELVETS – Nomad [1996]

“While the Aqua Velvets have been at the forefront of the surf revival, their music is no slavish rehash of the genre’s past glories. Instead the group offers an intriguing mix of surf stylings alongside a more complex menu of echo-laden Ennio Morricone-style spaghetti-Western soundtrack music, Latin rhythms, shimmering psychedelia, and ultrahip lounge lizardry. Nomad is their third and most accomplished effort, thanks to the sensual sway of the title track opener, the gradually building intensity of “Surf Nouveau,” the evocative (and wonderfully titled) “Smoking Panatelas on the Blue Mediterranean Sea,” and the roiling “Holly Tiki.” And that’s just the first four tracks. Overall, Nomad offers the perfect accompaniment for your next surfin’ safari or even a quiet evening on the couch.” [Daniel Durchholz]
This is 3rd release for this SF instro-surf group and along with “Surfmania“, probably their best to date.  Take a ride with cool sophisticated surfin’ tunes as Surf Nouveau, Holly Tiki, Return to Paia, Summer at Dreampoint, Nomad… Psychedelic-cinematic sounds in lush Aqua Velvets style. Dig!